The Do-er and The Shoe

The sense of self (ego) commonly believes that it is the do-er of actions. That belief goes along with the notions of free-will, guilt and self-blame. It's a lot of confusion.

The egoic sense is merely a signal, like our name. In fact, it is closely associated with our name. The egoic sense appears when somebody calls our name, along with whatever response we make to our name being called.

But the ego isn't the do-er of actions; it's merely a signal of the location of "a remembered self". The do-er of action is the action, itself.

Actions always occur spontaneously, even if pre-meditated. We can never predict the precise way we will act; we can predict only approximately. Said another way, "the do-er" doesn't know precisely how it will do what it is about to do or how what it is doing will turn out. It just acts and then experiences the action and the result (after the fact) and owns it as its own (memory).

But action started before the egoic sense noticed it, happened, and then got noticed (remembered), moments afterward. There's always a time lag between doing and noticing; we call that time lag, "reaction time"; a time lag is built into our senses and responses. In a sense, we live as (and in) a time-warp.

So, we're always experiencing the past. The present is forever unknown. Said another way, "Now" is forever unknown.

Efforts to know, "Now", always involve memory -- if only because they start with remembering to stay, "Now". It's all memory-based.

The egoic sense is always behind, using short-term and long-term memory to catch up with an ever-changing sense of, "Now".  "Now" always happens before we know it; we are always behind. "Nowness" is always around the bend, forever unknown, just as, beyond a certain limited point, we are unknown to ourselves.

Only the Signal of a Do-er

The egoic self-sense is not the do-er, but only a signal of the do-er's location and state of readiness. Action starts spontaneously; guidance of action always occurs after the fact as a correction -- and only approximately, as the existence of errors suggests.

Observe any action and notice that there's a moment of incomprehension before there is recognition of it. Then come memory formation and recognition of the action. Try focusing on something and notice that it's out of focus for about half-a second before you can focus. Everything is like that -- even your thoughts.

It's already in your shoe, before your next step.

Recognition of Dilemma is a Sign of The Awakening | The Dilemma Buster

The sense of dilemma,
of being in a bind or a quandary,
arises when memory and imagination

When our sense of expectation (imagination)
conflicts with our memory of what has gone before
we come to a halt:
one foot on the accelerator,
one foot on the brake.

That friction is the sense of dilemma.
Dilemma is a kind of overheating.

Dilemma always involves two conflicting motifs (motive themes):
intention and refusal.
Intention and refusal, happening simultaneously, are dilemma.

Feel familiar?

The sense of dilemma is often triggered by the appearance of, Opportunity.

Again, feel familiar?

A TetraSeed Procedure now exists to dissolve dilemma.
It's called, The Dilemma Buster; a second name may be on the way.

Whereas the standard, basic TetraSeed consists of

and The Set-Up uses

The Dilemma Buster uses
in that order
using the sequence of The Set-Up TetraSeed Procedures
(Spell-Maker and Spell-Breaker).

The Dilemma Buster is the same as The Set-Up, except for the substitution of REFUSAL for ATTENTION.

The Dilemma Buster, as a set of actions done in its specific order, pits REMEMERING and IMAGINING against INTENDING and REFUSING, hence the term, "buster".

It seems to me that the appearance of this kind of dilemma doesn't become pronounced until the sufficient appearance of individualism. Individualism and heightened imagination come together. The problem arises when what is imagined comes into conflict with what is remembered. Then,

El Dilemma.

At that moment, place the felt sense of dilemma into the framework of The Dilemma Buster and do the procedure.


Do a session of The Gold Key Release to a good result.

The Likenesses of Well-Known Transformational Teachings and The Gold Key Release (and Other TetraSeed Transformational Procedures)

The Gold Key Release

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The Tongue Mudra | Learning Occasion 2016-1-21 Lawrence Gold

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Total Life Transformation Foundation Procedures | supporting all other disciplines

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The Gold Key Release

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The Gold Key Release, Going Deeper | Bonus Session: The Tongue Mudra 2016-1-14 Lawrence Gold

Intelligent Self-Empowerment The Gold Key Release, Going Deeper | Bonus Session: The Tongue Mudra 2016-1-14 Lawrence Gold

The Gold Key Release

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Repost on Social Security: a Letter from an Irate Citizen

I rarely do this, but I'm doing it, now because it says things well: I'm reposting Patty Myers' entry on Facebook.

Here goes:

If you are over 50, you need to read this. If not, don't bother, you are already screwed.
Alan Simpson, the Senator from Wyoming calls senior citizens the Greediest Generation as he compared "Social Security " to a Milk Cow with 310 million teats. Here's a response in a letter from PATTY MYERS in Montana ... I think she is a little ticked off! She also tells it like it is!

"Hey Alan, let's get a few things straight!!!
1. As a career politician, you have been on the public dole (tit) for FIFTY YEARS.
2. I have been paying Social Security taxes for 48 YEARS (since I was 15 years old. I am now 63).
3. My Social Security payments, and those of millions of other Americans, were safely tucked away in an interest bearing account for decades until you political pukes decided to raid the account and give OUR money to a bunch of zero losers in return for votes, thus bankrupting the system and turning Social Security into a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud.
4. Recently, just like Lucy & Charlie Brown, you and "your ilk" pulled the proverbial football away from millions of American seniors nearing retirement and moved the goalposts for full retirement from age 65 to age, 67. NOW, you and your "shill commission" are proposing to move the goalposts YET AGAIN.
5. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying into Medicare from Day One, and now "you morons" propose to change the rules of the game. Why? Because "you idiots" mismanaged other parts of the economy to such an extent that you need to steal our money from Medicare to pay the bills.
6. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying income taxes our entire lives, and now you propose to increase our taxes yet again. Why? Because you "incompetent bastards" spent our money so profligately that you just kept on spending even after you ran out of money. Now, you come to the American taxpayers and say you need more to pay off YOUR debt.

To add insult to injury, you label us "greedy" for calling "bullshit" to your incompetence.
Well, Captain Bullshit, I have a few questions for YOU:
1. How much money have you earned from the American taxpayers during your pathetic 50-year political career?
2. At what age did you retire from your pathetic political career, and how much are you receiving in annual retirement benefits from the American taxpayers?
3. How much do you pay for YOUR government provided health insurance?
4. What cuts in YOUR retirement and healthcare benefits are you proposing in your disgusting deficit reduction proposal, or as usual, have you exempted yourself and your political cronies?

It is you, Captain Bullshit, and your political co-conspirators called Congress who are the "greedy" ones. It is you and your fellow nutcase thieves who have bankrupted America and stolen the American dream from millions of loyal, patriotic taxpayers.

And for what? Votes and your job and retirement security at our expense, you lunk-headed, leech. That's right, sir. You and yours have bankrupted America for the sole purpose of advancing your pathetic, political careers. You know it, we know it, and you know that we know it. And you can take that to the bank, you miserable son of a bitch.

P.S. And stop calling Social Security benefits "entitlements". WHAT AN INSULT!!!!

I have been paying in to the SS system for 45 years “It's my money”-give it back to me the way the system was designed and stop patting yourself on the back like you are being generous by doling out these monthly checks .

EVERYONE!! If you agree with what Patty Myers says, please PASS IT ON!!!!

The Gold Key Release, to Free Yourself from Forever Limitation
This entry may have stirred things up, in you. To settle those feelings after you've read it and "seen the writing on the wall", use The Gold Key Release. You'll feel better and think better.

Click the image, below, and do The Gold Key Release on the "stirred up" feelings, as instructed on the page at which you land.

Click the image.

The Gold Key Release:
to Release You from 
into the Space of Open Possibility

Sue God for Mischief

At the risk of incorrectly making a wildly incorrect assumption, I'm about to make a proposition about (at least) human existence.

It is every human being's desire, or at least every man's desire (it may be a male thing),
to rebuke God --

-- to rebuke God for human suffering -- at least for ones own.

For, at some times, at least, life has seemed guided by the hand of injustice -- which is to say, a sense of insult, of unnecessary insult, even.

Who among us hasn't felt the sense of injustice at things gone wrong which should have, by all sense of things, gone right?

Now, even if it is so that we, ourselves, are at least partially responsible for things that have gone wrong that should have gone right, it is not our fault that the fault exists in ourselves -- or in our stars -- but it is, seemingly, our responsibility. We have inherited our faults from who-knows-where and who-knows-when, and they may have led to the formation of other faults and a cascade of consequences -- sometimes without our recognizing our own fault. We're caught flatfooted, nude in the subway. We may feel "we're in the right about it all and we're the wronged party" and we're actually at fault and responsible for it. We're in for it.

And our outrage at unfair existence is that our faults are not our fault -- and yet we are responsible for them -- for handling the consequences, for handling ourselves.

Thus, we are oppressed by our own faults . . .  through no fault of our own.

It's so unfair. It's so absurd.

God sure has a sense of humor.

And so who wouldn't wish to shake our fist at God for setting up an existence of such absurdity. "GOD! What were you thinking???"

The mice-like, submissive, obedient, God-fearing meek may disapprove and cluck and speak of divine plans as we rail against God.  They speak of the patience of Job.  Those who speak too quickly are glib and naive.

Some, who have felt the insults of existence, do not speak so quickly, and either might secretly wish, underneath all that idealistic self-repression, to do as we do, or might understand why we might wish to rebuke God -- or both.

Indeed, they may understand.

But a moment. That unfair inheritance of conditioning, as dysfunctional as it may be or seem, is the raw material for a valuable inheritance -- the inheritance into which we come as we transform the liabilities of our conditional inheritance into assets.

Some of us may be really rich, that way. Really rich. The redemption process may go on, and on, and on. What an inheritance! but Work!! Some might indeed feel like shaking a fist, or even a spear.

and speaking of Shakespeare, here's a little quote from Hamlet:
Life is a tale
told by an idiot --
full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing.

Maybe we, who have begrudged the sound and fury, have begrudged it because so much of it has seemed for nothing . . . . . perhaps because we do not value or recognize our transformation, or perhaps because life's passage is still rough.

Maybe we have begrudged all the sound and fury because, from time to time, we have seen this world of life seem to conspire to prevent great ideals from coming to fruition. Dunderheads prevail, for a time -- seemingly an unnecessary injustice.

It has indeed seemed to me that the world has conspired to be that way:  a tale told by an idiot (or dunderhead), full of sound and fury, signifying something unpleasant.

So, many may have reason to rebuke God.

But, a word. Our inheritance is there for us to redeem -- but we must contribute "sweat equity" -- labor -- to redeem it.  Our reasons to rebuke God are the insults we inherit as part of our inheritance; those insults are demands for more from us than we may feel we can or want to give, the "sweat equity" to redeem our inheritance.

We may or may not remember bargaining for that part. I suspect that few do. Maybe we should all sue God Almighty for breach of faith.

Or maybe we should just settle for rebuking God for all our hardships and then get down, again, to the business of redeeming our inheritance.

The alternative is just to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and to shake our fist at the heavens -- and God ain't there, in the stratosphere or the ionosphere or outer space.

I think to rebuke God may do a lot for people's backbone. It would certainly take integrity to do it and the power behind it would be the power of authenticity, even if only angst.

I think it would be very revealing and, up to a point, empowering.

And, of course, there's always The Gold Key Release to clean-up any aftermath.

Heard of it?

The Gold Key Release | a More Detailed Look

A T T E N T I O N:

Finding Yourself Out -- and the Way Out

Don't just think it; imagine it:

Intentionally imagining something 
causes remembering.

As you trance-end/transcend (awaken as and beyond) more and more of your sense of existence and unique perspective, locks (unopenable grippings) of attention/intention in yourself open; the seeming substantiality of things diminishes, the grip of memory dissipates . . . . . until you have difficulty remembering what your were working on -- can't remember, at all, even while doing a Gold Key Release on something or other (that you keep losing track of).

You awaken . . . . . to no-agenda, no defined self, "original face", no-face. 

You'll recognize The Big Divine Kosmic Kiss when you feel it -- without a doubt. If there's doubt, you haven't experienced it, yet. Do a few more cycles.

Let the Transcendent "Kisses"

of The Gold Key Release

fulfill themselves

again and again and again.

On The Eyepieces of Perspective
In certain instructions for The Gold Key Release, the symbol, "!" appears. I call those instructions, The Eyepieces of Perspective.

The steps with, "| ! |", seen together as one, reveal our entrancement from an unentranced perspective, as like a dream or as a mental fabrication. Let experience of The Gold Key Release reveal what I mean by "entrancement" and by "trance-ending".

If you can't distinguish both "remembering" and "imagining", regard the intensity of the memory and alternate between regarding it as remembering and regarding it as imagining. Compare remembering to imagining until you awaken a perception -- or the perception dissolves. Next time, spend more time in the preparatory step of distinguishing imagining from remembering.

If it all seems like remembering and no imagining, know that the seeming truth of remembering is imagined. We imagine that it is an actual memory with a life of its own; we imagine that it is not something we are imagining.

Put your attention on the feelings of "true" and "untrue" and deliberately imagine them. Do not analyze; do not filter for correctness. Feel. Take and work with whatever you get. Next time, do the "It's True!", "It's Untrue!" step, better.

As an aid, you may vividly remember memories that make it seem,
"It's True!"and "It's, Untrue!" Make "It's True!" and "It's Untrue!" counterbalance each other; alternate between them, if necessary.

Each step focuses your perspective better.  You keep your attention on the result of the previous step and apply the next step to it, throughout, step by step. Hold your attention at each step until your attention steadies more and the experience gets more vivid.

(Got any?)
Trying to unlock the grip of an item without all the teeth sliding into position is a little like trying to gum it to death.

Unlocking of an identity crystallization (that's what you're working with) may start at any point of The Gold Key Release.  Follow through to the end. 

The process feels like inhabiting a field of sensation, firming it up, then telescoping perception into its core by stages.  After the "imagining" stage, the field of sensation dissolves and dissipates, leaving an absence, or decrease, of the original item.

If there is some charge or substance left of the item, alternate between, "remembering imagining" and "imagining remembering" ("jiggling the key") until you get perceptions of each.  If you cease to make progress, repeat from the beginning.

Some "locks" may be very dense, slow to change, and indistinct.  They may take a number of practice cycles before they come into focus and dissolve or their deeper underpinnings show up and dissolve.

The Process is Complete, When . . . . .

The feeling of completion is a lack of charge, of insubstantiality, even of having difficulty remembering what one was working on.  Attention falls into a formless condition:  undefined "Hereness", the natural state of self.

During the "unlock", physical tensions are "likely" to let go, with changes of postural set and a spontaneous deep breath.

If you're stuck in an emotion, apply this procedure on the thing that the emotion is about AND on the emotion about it -- run The Gold Key Release on each. You may need to alternate in repetitions.

Now, you know.

Here's a recording of my coaching someone in an earlier version of The Gold Key Release. The issue she is working with is inability or unwillingness to receive (anything of value) from others.

Play with it.

The Gold Key Release and Quantum Physics

Contemplation of the equation on attention, intention, and imagination causing memory, shown above, yields an understanding of why time is unidirectional (despite the reversibility of equations, according to certain prominent astrophysicists): Memory is unidirectional. 

When memory disappears (as in time reversal, since the observer is part of the space-time continuum), there is no way to perceive the disappearance of memory. "Time's Arrow" goes one way because of the nature of memory. 

As The Gold Key Release dissolves or lightens the masses of memories, our experience of reality and self changes.

With a good outcome, you directly intuit formless "conscious Origin" -- the ground of being, your "present" self-nature. When you intuit Origin, release that intuition with "Thor's Hammer" / "The Lightening Bolt". Notice what happens.


  1. The "Zt-Dong" Gold Key Release
  2. The Wish-Fulfilling Gem
  3. The Spell-Maker/Breaker
  4. The "Vajra" Self-Rectifying Process  
  5. The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual
  6. The Gold Key Release

Esoteric Somatics and Tibetan Buddhism
on domains in and to which TetraSeed Modulations may be "interestingly" applied

"To study the self
is to know the self.
To know the self
is to forget the self.
To forget the self is to be awakened by the 10,000 dharmas."

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold
This writing may be reproduced only in its entirety
with accurate attribution of authorship.

The Likenesses of Well-Known Transformational Teachings and The Gold Key Release (and Other TetraSeed Awakening Procedures)

Effective self-transformational teachings have something fundamental in common with The TetraSeed Transformational Procedures. I briefly summarize what that is.

NOTE: What follows is not something for you to "know". Merely mental knowing will do nothing for you. What will do something for you is practice -- practice of the TetraSeed Awakening procedures, starting with The Gold Key Release.

This is my point:

When self-transformational processes are effective -- and I feature numerous teaching streams in this entry -- it is because they address one or more of the fundamental aspects or powers of intelligence:


explicitly, and the rest, implicitly (or unsaid, but there).

These four basic aspects or powers are the foundation of all intelligence. They are as basic to intelligence as the four nucleic acids are to DNA. They are the DNA of intelligence.

Everything we experience and everything we do involves that set of four, all at once.


Here, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev speaks of memory.
"Self" is the imagined/remembered "owner" of memory.
"Self" as "owner" IS a memory.

Mastery of the Four Powers of Intelligence

How to develop mastery of the Four Powers? 

First, let's understand poor mastery -- and in this case, we also mean poor self-mastery. Poor mastery is lack of facility with one or more of ATTENTION, INTENTION, MEMORY, and/or  IMAGINATION 

An "impractical" imaginative type is impractical because (s)he lacks the integrating effect of memory. Memory is how we put things together into a functional understanding; it's the basis of practical understanding. A person strong in imagination and weak in understanding has deficient attention in certain aspects of life. (S)he may not show up for appointments or remember commitments, may seem irresponsible or insensitive or misinformed about how things work -- but be really enthusiastic about his or her ideas! Basically, this one isn't playing with a full deck.

Connect memory with imagination, however, you get practicality and ingenuity. Imagination informed by memory shows how to put things together by highlighting where attention belongs and so informs intention; intentional attention is the powerhouse of creativity, and away we go.

Balance and integration among the four powers of intelligence tempers and normalizes things. A person whose imagination is unbalanced by the other powers of intelligence could regain sanity (get grounded)  or at least be more predisposed to that happening.

So, transformational teachings either implicitly or explicitly exercise these four faculties, some more than others, but with sufficient integrity among the four powers gets the person "firing on all cylinders".

Here is a preliminary list of transformational teachings with such a common foundation. Their surface structures -- techniques, language, operating beliefs -- differ. Their deep structure, they share.
  • Byron Katie's, "The Work"
  • Eckhard Tolle's "Power of Now"
  • Adi Da's "Way of Understanding" (Relational Enquiry, "Avoiding Relationship?")
  • The Sedona Method
  • The Avatar Course
  • Ramana Maharshi's "Self-Enquiry" ("Who am I?")
  • Werner Erhard's (est) "The Truth Process" (no longer taught in the successor to est, The Forum)
  • Tensegrity
  • Ken Wilber's "Integral Life Practice"
  • Thomas Hanna's, "Hanna Somatic Education"
As you can see, the list, although partial, is fairly extensive.

The deep structure of these teachings is The TetraSeed, the four basic faculties underlying all intelligences and abilities.  (I call the four powers or aspects of intelligence, The TetraSeed, because it's easier than saying ATTENTION, INTENTION, MEMORY, IMAGINATION all the time. Once understood, the name makes sense, I think.)

These four powers are not a fad to be hyped, along with coconut oil and garcinia cambogia, as the latest scientific discovery; the procedures developed on their basis are not a patchwork collected from the teachings cited, above. The TetraSeed Transformation procedures are new "emergents" coming from spontaneous recognition that there exist Four Powers of intelligence -- called the TetraSeed -- that work that work synergistically, as one.

Combining those Four Faculties in pairs produces different effects that duplicate familiar functions, for example, "imagining remembering" as the basis of learning.

That's why there are different procedures and courses for them. Those courses are education in our basic faculties of intelligence. Results come quickly and deepen for a long time. I have yet to exhaust their potential and I've been working with them for some years, now.

Someone familiar with the transformational teachings, below, and with The Gold Key Release, may recognize how The Gold Key Release supports the success of, and often accomplishes in its own right, some or all of the intentions of these transformational teachings. The TetraSeed Transformation procedures do accomplish all that these teachings accomplish and certainly support the successful use of all of these teachings, for those who follow them. That's the point of the descriptions that follow. 

Because this piece is about The Gold Key Release, we refer only to in the discussions that follow, but the same likenesses can be found in the other, more advanced TetraSeed Transformation procedures.

A Word in Advance

Someone without direct experience with The Gold Key Release (or other TetraSeed Transformation procedures) may think that I'm just trying to "horn in" on existing teachings. A remedy exists for that idea: experience The Gold Key Release in a fair test; I've provided freely available instructions, both written and spoken-and-recorded. (Coursework or coaching are for those who want my personal guidance.)

Likewise, my descriptions of the teachings I use as examples will be most meaningful if you have direct experience of them. I describe them only sparingly for "recognition value" for those familiar with them; to verify that my descriptions are accurate, refer to the proper sources for each teaching.

You may wish to experience or see the steps of The Gold Key Release before you read more of this entry, as I will not be showing The Gold Key Release, here, but only referring to certain of its steps.

When you're ready, let's get to it.

Byron Katie's "The Work"

Byron Katie's, "The Work", evolved out of her own transformation. Beset by self-loathing and self-punishment, she had a spontaneous awakening. That awakening was simultaneously an awakening from her awful state and a recognition of what that awakening entailed. From that, she developed the process of enquiry called, "The Work." Fair description?

One of the central premises of The Work is that our beliefs [intended rememberings] and our thoughts cause us to feel certain ways --  ways that are not appropriate to our actual experience.  We're crazy, in certain ways, and so life seems crazy. 

The Work proceeds by a series of questions ("Enquiry") posed to oneself (or to another, if coaching another). The central pivot points of that series of questions are:
  1. "Is it true?" or "Can you be absolutely sure that it's true?", in relation to our beliefs about a situation (memory) and 
  2. the perception that results when one asks, "Who would I be without that?" [  imagining 
This kind of Enquiry corrects our view and dissolves our sense of predicament.

"Are you sure that it's true?" addresses our "truth sense" (belief), the sense that a situation is simply true.  The question calls up a grain of doubt, the chink in the armor of unquestioned experience, that it may not be true. It opens the way for change.

"Who would I be, without that?" involves  imagining  a more desirable situation or identity in what NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) calls, "future pacing".

If you're doing "The Work", you're involved in a self-liberating process to restore you to right relation to your experience. You're involved in recognizing, releasing, and changing distorting beliefs and errant thought processes that make you crazy.

If you're doing "The Work", you also see how the world is full of craziness because you're cultivating the ability distinguish what is actually true, apart from your own memory-based colorations and distortions.

In "The Work", you disabuse yourself from the self-inflicted sense of predicament in life that results from nutty biases; you correct your  imaginings , you reform your intentions, and you experience relief. Your attention goes in new, more free directions as your memory comes free from binding and unpleasant limitations, so your experience changes and your sense of identity changes.

Likeness with TetraSeed Transformation Procedures

In "The Work," techniques of role reversal, "attitude reversal", and imagined situation reversal facilitate the process. Interestingly, reversals are one of the main acts of The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual, a TetraSeed Transformation wisdom practice.
In The Gold Key Release, the steps that correspond to, "Are you sure it's true?" are worded, "Think to yourself, 'It's true . . . It's untrue . . ."

"Who would I be without that?" shows reveals that the roots of identity are memories and imaginings.

In The Gold Key Release, the corresponding step occurs at, "Allow how memory involves imagining. Stop imagining. Let it dissolve and dissipate. Awaken."

The Gold Key Release supports The Work by awakening, balancing, and integrating the four faculties of intelligence that underlie belief and observation:

(~~ color coding used, below ~~)

The Work works better with faculties awake and balanced.

Now you know where we're heading.

Eckhard Tolle's "Power of Now"

Eckhard Tolle's personal story is very similar to that of Byron Katie's: beset by long-term dread and self-loathing, he awoke one morning to find those self-afflictions gone, birds were chirping, and the world was wonderful. That freedom from his own mind was his realization of, "The Power of Now". He spent the next few years sitting on a park bench. True.

The Power of Now is simply to be radically present to the content of experience, rather than to be absorbed in ones habitual ruminations, full of mental noise and nuttiness, confusing memory with the present.

Memory-based habitual ruminations and the stresses they trigger (see, The Work) constitute what Eckhard calls, "the pain body", our confusion of memory with the present.

The way out is to extricate attention from rumination and pain, to attend  -- simply and directly -- to the conditions, now -- or "Now". It involves directing attention to the content of experience, rather than merely to be absorbed in experience, and then leads to the dissolution of experience in native freedom of, Now.

Likeness with The Gold Key Release

The Gold Key Release implements The Power of Now. It dissolves the pain of resistance and the pain of unfulfilled insistence. It loosens the tortured grip of memory, the torment of crazed  imaginings  and corrects the misguided intentions that we may have inherited from parents and society, or created in life's woundings. Think, politics, relationships -- and formal education in the mental institutions we call, universities.

Dissolution begins by gathering all the forces of an experience so they may be regarded, together, as a single experience. That gathering occurs in the first half of The Gold Key Release. 

The Gold Key Release brings memory and  imagination  before the gaze of attention. Instead of merely being absorbed, we size things up at the feeling level. 

In the second half of The Gold Key Release, we dissolve the grip of memory, and so, at least momentarily, wake up from The World Dream. Upon dissolution of an item on which we're working, we are left with (non-sensory) intuition/apperception of formless, eternal Nowness. We are its very presence -- a fizzy field of no-thing that can now be recognized to underlie everything and to become and to be everything. You know, Brahman, the Ground of Being.

As we feel the grip of experience and of identity dissolve, we dissipate into our natural state of silent, imageless presence, Now, only. We awaken -- momentarily and progressively, cumulatively, so that two kinds of change occur:
  1. shorter-term state experiences
  2. a longer-term, progressive maturation of freedom

Adi Da's "Way of Understanding" (Relational Enquiry: "Avoiding Relationship")

Adi Da taught that every movement toward or away from experience -- even spiritual experience -- tends to be a form of seeking-in-dilemma, and that seeking-in-dilemma is a disturbance that prevents the very thing it seeks: consciousness free of disturbance -- even if it gets what it seeks.

He named two ways of looking at seeking in dilemma, two triads of activity:
  • ego
  • mind
  • desire
  • identification (chronic limitation)
  • differentiation (chronic alternatives)
  • desire (chronic activity)
These triads require some familiarity with his teaching and some contemplation to understand. (I said that I would be presenting these teachings in summary form, only.) I will comment more, shortly.

Adi Da taught a procedure for dissolving the binding qualities of these activities, which he named, Relational Enquiry (there's that word, again).

Relational Enquiry involves intentionally placing attention upon any sense of disturbance (or distraction of attention) and inquiring, "Avoiding Relationship?" The enquiry brings about recognition and release of habitual and chronic, unremitting seeking-in-dilemma (i.e., stress). 

The feeling of seeking-in-dilemma, itself, is mistaken as a sense of identity:

self-contraction as 

The Way of Relational Enquiry and The Wa
y of Recognition, two of Adi Da's original processes of awakening, are dissolution processes to serve the maturation of Satsang, the intuition of what always, and has always been, the case (free consciousness), but has been buried in the affliction of chronic egotism, mind, and desire ("Narcissus: the self-Involved One" of Greek myth.)

Relational Enquiry has an intended outcome -- "silent, imageless attention" and radical presence to the content of experience -- that sounds rather like The Power of Now, again. 

Likeness with The Gold Key Release

The Gold Key Release supports and commonly accomplishes the intention of Relational Enquiry, which is release from the chronic forms of mind that motivate seeking, that are themselves distressed seeking, to enjoy the (formless) "Form of Reality", the natural state "below and behind" everyone and everything. It is an awakening, as if from a dream (even a waking dream) -- an awakening from both seeking and from the attempt to stop seeking. Game over, with regard to the particular form of seeking addressed by that occasion of The Gold Key Release

The Gold Key Release "lays down a groove" of recognition and release, just as does Relational Enquiry, fostering the impulse of recognition and release as a natural inclination, moment to moment, in the direction of natural (or supernatural) freedom.

As to those two sets of three habitual activities of seeking, one may address them via The Gold Key Release, even without having an intellectual understanding of them.

The Sedona Method

The Sedona Method is another self-release process that pivots around the question, "Are you willing to let it go?" It involves intentionally placing attention on any sense of disturbance, experiencing it as fully as possible [intentional attention], and letting it go [intentional release].

Well, before you can let it go, willing or not, you have to be in touch with holding on to it [attention to intentional remembering and habitual  imagining ]. Otherwise, willingness to let it go may become suppression -- not the intention of The Sedona Method.

Likeness with The Gold Key Release

It's easy to be "willing" to let something go when you discover that you're imagining it, to begin with -- but you may not be able to let it go if you just jump to the notion that you're imagining it and try to stop imagining. The Gold Key Release helps to prepare you; then, it's so easy that it happens before you know it -- in minutes or, for "crusty" items, some portion of an hour, generally.

The Avatar Course

The Avatar Course is a belief-management course that features procedures for extricating oneself from (discreating) conditions and for creating preferred conditions.

It's central procedure for extrication is a way of dissolving the grip of experience to make it more possible to create a new experience. It involves placing feeling-attention into a condition and an internal act of intention that prompts its dissolution (discreation). 

Creation exercises exist, as do identity deconstruction and wisdom practices, which explicitly involve attention and intention, and implicitly, memory and  imagination . I've seen Buddhist monks at an Avatar Course en masse.

Likeness with The Gold Key Release

The Gold Key Release accomplishes the purpose of The Creation Handling Procedure and it has a preparation step analogous in function to certain preparatory exercises for the Creation Handling Procedure. 

Both procedures awaken recognition of how we are, in the moment, inadvertently creating, perpetuating, and enforcing the very thing we want to dissolve or change. It's the felt recognition, the discovery, of a state of subconscious effort -- not a mere intellectual proposition, analysis, "knowing about" or "correct official knowledge of what it must be" (diagnosis). 

Other TetraSeed Transformation procedures, such as The Middle Way Memory Matrix Ritual and The Lightening Bolt, are "cousins" of various "rundowns" of The Avatar Course and can be adapted to accomplish the same kind of results as different sections of The Avatar Course. That's because they're built on the same substructure: the TetraSeed.

Ramana Maharshi's "Self Enquiry"

The central intention of Self Enquiry is to free "self" (consciousness) from particular conditionings that we commonly mistake to be self -- mind, emotions, thoughts, bodily conditions. "Self" is inherently unconditional, though appearing as a conditional individual living life.  The unconditional self, Ramana referred to as, "I - I".

Self Enquiry involves the question, "Who am I?", intentionally applied in any moment of any distraction arising. Attention follows the question into and through the dissolution (of memory and  imagination ) of the conditional self-sense into the formless Heart-self.

The conditional self that we are, in this moment, exists as a living and growing complex of memory chronically involved in  imagining  -- the remembering and  imagining  of ourself as a center of experiencing, a center to which all experience seems to happen (me).  With recognition of the illusory nature of the "I-sense" as memory and the release of that "I-sense", the implications of remembered experience (predicament) fall away and one lands in a natural peace that blends perfectly into ordinary daily experience.

Likeness with The Gold Key Release

From the perspective of The Gold Key Release, "I" is the remembered/imagined owner of memory. The "owner" of memory (self) is imagined and remembered. By dissolving that remembered imagining, The Gold Key Release reveals the unconditional, but still living, existence of self as, "I - I" -- tacit freedom. Who knew?

All the conditionings of self -- memory, imagination, attention and intention -- are subject to dissolution by The Gold Key Release.  Even The Gold Key Release can be dissolved by The Gold Key Release, just as the "stick" of will that stirs the "fire" of self-enquiry burns up as enquiry proceeds (Ramana's metaphor).  The Gold Key Release can give greater traction to the practice of Self Enquiry and aid in the dissolution of "sticky", persistent or unrecognized patterns of self-identity, such as "the one doing the sadhana".

Werner Erhard's "The Truth Process" (est)

The central intention of The Truth Process is to free one from the grip of limiting beliefs: to develop direct observation of experience (including memory and  imagination ) with sufficient clarity that the sense of "barrier" dissolves and freedom from limitation (sense of space) is restored, able to create something new. It's an expanded sense of possibility (to use a term that Werner used).

One saying from the est training is, "If you experience it, it's the truth; the same thing, believed, is a lie." Shades of Byron Katie.

Another saying is, "Experience is empty and meaningless" -- not to be confused with ennui or despair, which fill experience with misery (misery isn't emptiness); emptiness, in this sense, is the open space in which to create something new without anything in the way -- pre-existing beliefs being "something in the way".

In The Truth Process, one senses experience directly, rather than think, analyze, or judge, merely senses (observes) it, even its different facets -- an intentional act that one remembers to maintain until the expected [remembered* imagined *intended] result occurs. 

The Truth Process is expected to result in dissolution of limiting experience, recovery of the sense of "space", and resurrection of the ability to create, where before we felt blocked. There is a nickname for process of dissolution in The Truth Process:  "disappearing things".

The Truth Process was present in the original est training, but has been dropped from The Forum, the "post-Werner" form of the training. Just so you know.

Likeness with The Gold Key Release

The Gold Key Release may be seen as a cousin of The Truth Process. One may see the similarity in the early steps of The Gold Key Release. The Gold Key Release specifically uses the four powers of intelligence to dissolve what's in the way, and in my experience, the sense of space is "spacier".

Rather than requiring one to make effort in a new direction, The Gold Key Release spontaneously leads to new actions that create new results more in line with our intentions -- and one may also act deliberately to bring things about.


This teaching of ancient Toltec seers, referred to in that lineage as, "The Warrior's Way" describes sorcery as the art of manipulating perception for the sake of freedom, developed through a life of impeccable action in a path with heart. It addresses the awake state, dreaming, and what is beyond those three in this teaching, referred to as the First, Second and Third Attentions.

In this teaching
  • Intent plays a key role, as does the link between sensory awareness, movement, and abstract intent.
  • Self-importance and self-pity are recognized as debilitating behaviors that impair practice.
Its practices involve:
  • "Dreaming" - the art of shifting the focus of attention out of habitual involvements into non-ordinary directions to expand the accessible range of possibility. It's an "entry port" on the continuum of  imagining .
  • "Stalking" - the art of fixating attention by means of intent, as in within or during Dreaming.
  • "Recapitulation" - the act of freeing attention and intention from the grip of memory,  through a process of exhaustive self-review of memory, to recapture and liberate our own energy from self-pity, self-importance, and habitual entanglements in life: freedom.
  • "Tensegrity" - a movement practice that serves and integrates the preceding three practices

Likeness with the TetraSeed Transformation Procedures

One may adapt TetraSeed Transformation procedures to support and enhance Dreaming, Stalking, and Recapitulation practices.  The four powers or aspects of intelligence --- ATTENTIONINTENTIONMEMORY and  IMAGINATION  -- are exactly in line with those practices. They also aid the reduction of self-importance and self-pity without the hazard of self-suppression in the name of, "practice of the Warrior's Way."

Ken Wilber's "Integral Life Practice"

The SuperHuman Operating System developed by Ken Wilber and others consists of a comprehensive approach to awakening, maturing, integrating and transcending different facets and stages of life in an evolutionary progression.  Using a model or map of experience called the four-quadrant AQAL Matrix or Map, it provides a way to compose and navigate what is, in that context, called an Integral Life Practice.

That teaching describes four "drives" that underlie the development of intelligence along various lines (emotional, cognitive, spiritual, etc.) and abilities in all of the areas the operating system addresses (e.g., willpower). Those drives are:
  • agency
  • communion
  • agape
  •  eros 
Those four drives correspond to the four powers or aspects of intelligence of The TetraSeed:
  • intention (agency)
  • attention (communion)
  • memory (agape, or enfoldment)
  •  imagination (eros, or the attraction to newness) 
The Superhuman Operating System covers three major areas:
  • Stages of Development (maturation -- awakening competencies involving our inner life and our outer life involvements, expanding from self-concerns to those of groups, the planet, and the kosmos)
  • States of Consciousness (development of consciousness throughout the spectrum of being -- waking, dreaming, deep sleep, non-dual -- gross, subtle, causal, and beyond)
  • Shadow (trauma and repressed self-programming)
Though the SuperHuman Operating System training provides recommendations and instruction in specific procedures that may be used in Integral Spiritual Practice, it's not a set of methods and practice. Rather, Integral Life Practice consists of a set of intentions of development that may be fulfilled by some different available methods and practices - or traditions and teaching streams.

So, one might artfully integrate any of the teaching streams described, here, to fulfill certain intentions of ones own integral life practice; some of the procedures taught in The SuperHuman Operating System course (such as The Microkosmic Orbit) appear in more than one of these teachings (Adi Da's "conductivity" practice, Tensegrity's "circular breath", and my "Tongue Mudra" version of that breath practice).

Likeness with The TetraSeed Transformation Procedures

TetraSeed Transformation Procedures (of which The Gold Key Release is one), when used artfully, can work for shadow integration, trauma dissolution, and Middle-Way Integration. Do you think that might clear the way for, focus and streamline Integral Life Practice? 

willpower = intention*memory* imagination 
Take the time to ponder it.

State Development, as a practice, includes awakening attention and the power of intention in the awake (gross) and  dreaming  (subtle) states. It involves awakening as what is beyond -- in many traditions, through meditative practices; in other traditions or lineages, in insight practices, and in other traditions, in integration practices.

One can apply TetraSeed Transformation procedures (The Crystal Crown Procedure, The Gold Key Release, and The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual) as wisdom practices specifically to generate subtle and formless-intuition state-experiences while in the waking state. 

One can cause to surface and transform Shadow Material by means of various TetraSeed Transformation Procedures:

  1. The Trauma Dissolution Procedure, which involves The Set-Up Procedure
  2. The Gold Key Release adapted to that purpose
  3. The Dilemma-Buster, a variation on The Set-Up Procedure

Thomas Hanna's, "Hanna Somatic Education"

Hanna Somatic Education is a clinical modality, a system of sensory development and movement education (accelerated sensory-motor integration) used to refresh mobility and to eliminate chronic pain from stress, injury, and the accumulated conditioning of aging.

Its underpinnings are identical to those of The Superhuman Operating System, The Avatar Course, and Toltec Shamanism, and others -- but don't be nervous, it's just ATTENTION, INTENTION, MEMORY, and  IMAGINATION  -- but Hanna Somatic Education uses clinical techniques built on principles of change not apparently taught everywhere else. The systems are complementary, in any case.

Chronic pain patterns (as in The Pain Body) that have outlasted the expected healing period after trauma exist physically as muscular tension and are felt emotionally as nervous tension. They are stored memories of injuries, stress and expectations [ imaginings  based on memory]  of pain (as in self-guarding) that, in this teaching, are called, "Sensory-Motor Amnesia" -- pointing to the role of memory in chronic pain patterns (again, similar to The Pain Body).  

"Mind"-"and"-"body" are not-two, but two perspectives the same process -- ourselves -- our inside (inner life) as we feel ourselves and our outside (outer experience), as others perceive us and as how we see and think of ourselves. (That may be why Thomas Hanna declared to us, his students, "This is not a course in bodywork! God forbid!!") Hanna Somatic Education eliminates pain by dissolving muscle/movement memories of trauma and replacing them with wholesome movement memories in a process that, because it uses ATTENTION, INTENTION, MEMORY, and  IMAGINATION  in an integrated, synergistic way, work uncannily quickly and produce durable improvements.

Correspondences exist between the terms used in somatic education and the terms used in TetraSeed Transformation procedures:
  • attention: sensation | attending to sensations
  • intention: movement | intending movement
  • memory: learned things | remembering learned things
  •  imagination: the act of learning | imagining what instructions mean and learning by following them

Likeness with The TetraSeed Transformation Procedures

In the language of Hanna Somatic Education used by practitioners, The Gold Key Release incorporates mental Kinetic Mirroring (known in the Feldenkrais tradition as "substituted effort" and elsewhere as, "strain-counterstrain") and Pandiculation (a movement-memory action related to yawning) -- methods of rapid muscle-movement memory training. In the TetraSeed Transformation procedures, instead of concerning ourselves with physical pain and quality of motion, we concern mind and states of consciousness.

The Gold Key Release fosters the ability of a Hanna somatic educator to operate more insightfully and creatively, as needed; aids perception of what a client is feeling; aids coaching with exactitude and patience, teaching the client to move in ways that liberate from trauma. The Gold Key Release, alone, causes subconsciously-held tension to release, so that sometimes, long-held chronic pains fade out, instantly.

The TetraSeed Transformation Procedures

The TetraSeed Transformation Procedures, of which The Gold Key Release is one, are self-liberating and self-shaping, holistic, feeling-based procedures that involve ATTENTIONINTENTIONMEMORY and  IMAGINATION . Those procedures use the Four Powers in a deliberate, rhythmic and integrated way to produce specific effects, as indicated by their names or titles.

In and by themselves, the TetraSeed Transformational procedures have considerable transformative power and lots of momentum; changes continue to develop after one has completed a TetraSeed Transformational procedure and the results surface in life. 

Used as self-preparation for self-transformational processes from other teaching streams, as above, The TetraSeed Transformation procedures prepare one to get best results with the least effort. Preparation does that, you know.

This link goes to The Gold Key Release page; the page contains full instructions for The Gold Key Release, access to coaching, and links to the other procedures named in the present entry. 

In a Nutshell, What You've Just Read

We've just gone through a brief overview in which I have summarized various transformative practices, shown how the Four Basic Powers of the TetraSeed function in them, and I've drawn correspondences between certain TetraSeed Transformation procedures (including The Gold Key Release) and the approaches of those various transformative practices. Have I been fair?

Though techniques may differ, they are all applications of ATTENTION, INTENTION, MEMORY and   IMAGINATION .

The TetraSeed Transformation procedures are 
structured, rhythmicly sequenced combinations of The Four Basic Powers or Aspects of Intelligence (you know what they are, now). Different structures, sequences, and rhythms make them applicable for different purposes -- including supporting the efficacy of other transformative teachings.

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold