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Developing into a "Neo-Post-Contemporary Human"?

A Neo-Post-Contemporary Human is someone fully capable of, but also capable of going beyond, both conventional ("standard operating procedure") and unconventional (known "outside the box") limitations of intelligence and ability -- capable of going beyond the constraints of memory ("agape") in actions of "eros" (imagination or the emergence of new-ness).

Why bother? 

People's sense of being stuck or limited in life has to do with the limitations of being a contemporary human.  As Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, "You can't solve a problem from within the state of mind that created it," -- and that state of mind is the contemporary one. A neo-post-contemporary mind is one that is beyond the contemporary state of mind -- and even beyond the next ("post-contemporary") one developing, now.

How do you get to be like that?

First, uncover, discover and transform those limitations, in yourself. That frees you to find what's beyond them; prior to that, you're contained within them and can't reach beyond them. Clear the way, first.

Then, you put your newly freed intelligence-potential into action. This is not a mental action involving the difficult effort of figuring things out with your memory of what's been done and predictions of what's possible: it's an unreasoned, intentional action to bring into existence something new, out of the unknown unknown.  It feels like inspired action, "good ideas coming to you."

The term I use is, "Intelligent Empowerment".

Our free, pre-course session, on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015, was a total success.  Our first step was learn about and clarify our experience of The TetraSeed, which is a name I have given to the underpinnings of our sense of existence, which underpinnings exist as a set of four faculties without all of which we can neither experience anything nor act.

Those four faculties, which constitute The TetraSeed, are attention, imagination (or emergence of newness), intention, and memory.  I call the procedure we use to clarify our experience and knowledge of The TetraSeed's components, which procedure is surprisingly brief and potent, The Set-Up.  The Set-Up is a way to sharpen your own intelligence (in a way that's obvious and self-validating or self-authenticating).

In that same, pre-course session, I took people through The Gold Key Release, which is based upon The TetraSeed, and then taught a simplified version of The Spell-Maker, a procedure that enables you to create an intentional focus that leads to whichever kind of experience you intend, at the time that you are doing The Spell-Maker.  

Results are telling. If you were present for our free, pre-course session, if you did  The Spell-Maker sufficiently well, you felt a shift in yourself in which you felt the quality of your desired experience as if it were presently happening.  If you did The Spell-Maker for a particular kind of experience and then it later happened or an uncharacteristic change occurred -- and you remembered that you ran The Spell-Maker on that item, you'll have suddenly recognized the causal relationship between The Spell-Maker and the experience and be tempted to test The Spell-Maker some more, with continued experimentation.

The TetraSeed Transformation Procedures seem to fall into three major clusters.

1. Basic learning of the TetraSeed, The Gold Key Release, and The Set-Up Procedures.
2. Cleaning up lifelong Traumas with The Trauma Dissolution Procedure and supporting procedures learned in cluster #1.
3. Bringing better and better balance to life with The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual, a wisdom practice that dissolves the dilemma of the chronic alternatives of pairs of different motivations, leading to a deeper equanimity and, yes, spontaneous wisdom-intelligence.

Intelligent Empowerment 101

Our first course, Intelligent Empowerment 101, consists of seven twice-weekly sessions of about one hour, scheduled to start the third week of July (date to be announced - "TBA").  One session will be to learn and practice each exercise and one session three days later, for feedback and Q&A.

In the first session, I will teach and you will practice The Set-Up, a potent awakening-and-transformation procedure in its own right. In The Set-Up, we will focus on each of the faculties of The TetraSeed, awakening and clarifying them. The felt-meanings (not just "word-meanings") of the those faculties' names -- attention, imagination (or emergence of newness), intention, and memory -- will become experientially obvious, to you.

Then, in subsequent sessions, I will teach and you will learn The Gold Key Release, a much more powerful procedure than The Set-Up (powerful in its own right).  I will work one-on-one with one or more individuals in the Google Hangout environment; others present will be able to run the procedure in their private settings.

In subsequent sessions of Intelligent Empowerment 101, we will apply The Gold Key Release to:
  1. attention
  2. imagination (newness or emergence)
  3. intention
  4. memory
  5. desire
  6. resistance
I call applying The Gold Key Release to the underpinnings of The Gold Key Release,  "forging the basic tool."

In our seventh session, everyone will work on an issue of their own choosing:  some area of life in which each feels stuck and wants to get unstuck. The Gold Key Release will "unstick" you.

That will get you started on working on and transforming stuck patterns in your own life and prepared for Intelligent Empowerment 102, the more free-form version of Intelligent Empowerment 101.

Intelligent Empowerment 102
Expanding Your Power Using The Gold Key Release

This eight-week "luminar" exists for you to apply The Gold Key Release to items or issues of your own choosing in a group setting similar to that of Intelligent Empowerment 101, with access to me for coaching and Q&A, live.

We will be choosing increasingly large-scale items to clear up.  The items you choose to address will fall into four categories:
  1. egocentric: having to do with your own personal wants and needs
  2. ethnocentric: having to do with the wants and needs of any specific group of which you are a part
  3. world-centric: having to do with issues affecting the whole world, at large
  4. kosmo-centric: having to do with the larger issues of life and the underpinnings of your existence
These sessions will get you used to addressing larger-scope issues on your own.  You'll practice on two items or issues at each level, for experience. Each larger-scope level is more potent than the last in producing changes in you that you feel, then and there. The larger-scope levels require basic familiarity and at least beginning proficiency in the Gold Key Release 101, and so the pre-requisite.

I will provide a number of working suggestions which, as you implement The Gold Key Release at increasingly larger-scale levels, will enable to you to put The Gold Key Release to increasingly good use to clean up your own life and do world-service -- and prepare you for the next module of training.

I will provide a number of techniques (including The Tongue Mudra) that, as you implement them, further enable to you to put The Gold Key Release to increasingly good use -- and will prepare you for the next module of training, Intelligent Empowerment 1A, The Wish-Fulfilling Gem.

You need to be proficient in The Gold Key Release to do The Wish-Fulfilling Gem, so Intelligent Empowerment 101 is a pre-requisite for Intelligent Empowerment 1A.

Whereas The Gold-Key Release is a "liberation" procedure that provides relief and subliminally sets you up for spontaneous new behaviors in previously stuck situations, The Wish-Fulfilling Gem is a "transformative wisdom" procedure that reveals and removes multiple hidden interferences and puts you into a more balanced relationship to your desired outcome; it opens the way for more possibilities for fulfillment or satisfaction than you may have anticipated.  You'll surprise yourself (from personal experience).

Intelligent Empowerment 1A

In Intelligent Empowerment 1A, I will teach and guide you through The Wish-Fulfilling Gem, a "transformative wisdom" procedure that does what the name implies -- tempers wishes with self-validating wisdom, so that you are informed by wisdom, rather than merely being compelled by desire or need.  Read more about The Wish-Fulfilling Gem, here.

Intelligent Empowerment 1A consists of seven weeks of twice-weekly sessions of about one hour, scheduled to start two weeks after the end of Intelligent Empowerment 102.

In the first session, I will guide you through "forging your basic tool" -- the four faculties of The TetraSeed.  There is increasing depth available in those faculties, as you will discover, so it's worth revisiting The Set-Up and getting accustomed to using it, particularly before addressing difficult or more deeply entrenched issues.  Although not required, it is "helpful."

Then, I will teach and you will practice The Wish-Fulfilling Gem.

You will apply The Wish-Fulfilling Gem to egocentric, ethnocentric, world-centric, and kosmo-centric scales of experience.

Those sessions will establish you in the ground of being of wisdom that will inform your application of The Wish-Fulfilling Gem for the future -- not by limiting you, but by arming you with intuitive wisdom-understanding, freeing you from hidden limitations and biases that put a twist into your manifestation abilities.

In the later sessions, everyone will work on issues of their own choosing, areas of life in which each would like to open the way to certain experiences.

This part of the course will be an experiment to learn what may be the larger, unanticipated effects of introducing changes into the collectively-shared morphogenetic ("morphic" or "probability") field in which we are all embedded and which forms the collective atmosphere for thought, emotion, and possibility.

Intelligent Empowerment 1B

In Intelligent Empowerment 1B, I will teach and guide you through The Spell-Maker ("The Phaser") and The Spell-Breaker ("The Neutralizer") -- (together, nicknamed, The Cyclotron because they cycle in opposite directions, relative to each other).

Intelligent Empowerment 1B consists of seven weeks of twice-weekly sessions (teaching/practice, feedback/Q&A) of one hour, scheduled to start two weeks after the end of Intelligent Empowerment 1A.

The Spell-Maker -- in the ripened or more developed form taught here -- is a very potent procedure for bringing us to a perception of how an experience would feel, if it happened and for setting the stage for it to happen.  In the process, we pass through everything that's in the way (including unreadiness) and bring into maturity undeveloped intentions needed for the manifestation.

The Spell-Breaker is a potent procedure for dismantling or dissolving a "spell" activated in The Spell-Maker, should you decide it's in your interest to do so.  It's also useful for dissolving the effects of apparently "outside" influences upon you (e.g., people or emotions like shame).

In the first session, I will guide you through "forging your basic tool" -- the four faculties of The TetraSeed.

Then, I will teach and you will practice The Spell-Breaker.

You will apply The Spell-Breaker to egocentric, ethnocentric, world-centric, and kosmo-centric scales of experience.

After some practice, to the point of having the experience of this procedure that I have described, I will teach and you will learn The Spell-Maker.

In the later sessions, everyone will work on issues of their own choosing, areas of life in which each would like to open the way to -- or abort and dissolve -- certain experiences.

This part of the course will be also an experiment to learn what larger effects we can introduce into the world-process through the collectively-shared morphogenetic ("morphic" or "probability") field in which we are all embedded and which forms the "non-local", collective atmosphere for thought, emotion, and possibility.

Intelligent Self-Empowerment
Level 2

As you get increasingly proficient, your next desire will probably be to simplify. Would you like to know some very brief, intuitive procedures for creating and dissolving experiences at a moment's notice?

Those would be, The Thunderclap and The Lightning Bolt, short, short procedures for dissolving and for creating the TetraSeeds of experiences.

The same seven-week format applies as before.

As these procedures are very simple and brief, they require a degree of mastery to perform.  You will likely find them very handy, when you encounter sticky or difficult moments in the previous procedures, to keep things moving.  I use them for that purpose.

Intelligent Self-Empowerment
Level 3

In this seven-week module, I teach the "King Kong" of TetraSeed Modulations, The Middle-Way Memory-Matrix Ritual, which incorporates most of the preceding procedures, every time, and allows you to insert others into the procedure at your skillful discretion, as you see the need.

Larger scale, deeply entrenched, "story of my life" conditioning, or conditioning that just refuses to yield to the earlier procedures, typically has both a visible and an invisible component,  We identify with one side of the situation but have no clue how the other side applies to us.  You've got to handle both.

The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual (or "The Memory-Matrix Ritual") is a self-revelatory, self-liberating procedure that discloses the invisible, deeply-entrenched, and crusty components that may have been implanted in us by trauma, bad upbringing, or the general social insanity characteristic of this world, Earth. It allows you to re-write (or "edit") "The Book of You".

You want to transform major themes and far-reaching happenings of your life?  This is your tool.

We'll be doing individual coaching and group coaching.

If you desire it, we can schedule private, one-on-one sessions.

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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