The AQAL Matrix and The TetraSeed

Integral (Theory)( Practice) recognizes deep structures of psycho-physical adaptation that underlie "surface activities". The deeper the underpinnings located in a way of life, the more similar that way of life seems to others existing in parallel. There's a convergence from "difference at the superficial level" to "similarity:identicality" at the deep levels.

The AQAL Matrix identifies four fundamental perspectives:

Upper Left: simpler subjective holons
Lower Left: more complex,higher integration intersubjective, resonant holons arising the the interaction of personal:subjective holons
Upper Right: simpler objective holons
Lower Right: systems of higher-integration holons made of simpler objective holons

As the graphic shows, there's another deep-structure-of-fourness: The TetraSeed (tetrahedral diagram).

The TetraSeed operates in every quadrant of the AQAL Matrix, in every line, at every level. It comprises a subjective fourness (central figure) and two objective fournesses ('sunburst' figure: one:process; the other:product).

It is the deep structure of all experience. the deep structure of all holons, whether subjective or objective, Left Quadrant or Right Quadrant, Upper Quadrant or Lower Quadrant.

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