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Intelligent Self-Empowerment 101
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The Gold Key Release

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Full-Spectrum Somatics

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Help! The Supreme Court is Sick! Call a Lawyer! Lawrence Gold

I created the above-shown video after doing a Middle-Way Memory-Matrix Ritual on The U.S. Supreme Court and “being the doer”. That ritual is an advanced procedure among six other mind-streamlining, TetraSeed Transformation Procedures.

Intelligence awakens from those procedures.

Full-Spectrum Somatics

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The Gold Key Release

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Help! The Supreme Court is Sick! Call a Lawyer!

It seems that I may have to state the obvious, here, but The United States Supreme Court seems to have been compromised.

The Supreme Court, as an institution, may seem to be an impervious citadel of wisdom and integrity, one that strikes awe into the hearts of citizens and preserves hope in the soul of American life, itself immune to partiality, composed of learned individuals dedicated to the integrity of the system of law, ruling fairly for the highest good of the greatest number -- but recent rulings might cast that characterization in doubt. See what I mean about stating the obvious? Am I understating my case, do you think?

Let's take an easy potshot at the Citizens United ruling.

Now, I know that much has already been said -- but not, I think, this:

The Citizens United ruling was based upon a pre-existing body of law, which holds that corporations are artificial persons -- not that they are artificial citizens.

What the Citizens United ruling did was to confuse personhood with citizenship.

Yes, a corporation may operate as an artificial person, owning assets, subject to claims of liability, borrowing money, and so forth. But nothing about those functions amounts to citizenship. Citizens, apart from being productive, make certain commitments and are expected to take on certain civil responsibilities -- responsibilities that corporations hire lawyers to evade.  Indeed, what the ruling did was confer citizenship to artificial-person-corporations without the "candidates for citizenship" fulfilling any of the responsibilities faced by living persons who wish to become citizens. Is a corporation subject to military draft? Can a corporation be called for jury duty? Does a corporation owe allegiance to its host country? Can a corporation commit treason? (History shows that a corporation may indeed commit treason, and not be held accountable for it.) If a corporation commits a felony, does the corporation go to jail?

See, there are serious problems with the notion of corporations being citizens.

Citizens have voting rights; persons who are not citizens do not have voting rights. Corporations do not have voting rights; corporations are not citizens. They are aliens -- aliens invading all parts of the Earth intent on taking over, artificial, unnaturalized. It's like The Invasion of the Body-Snatchers. Corporate environments are very often unhealthy for humans; in general, those who inhabit corporations are the last people who should be in control. Why, then, are they given the right of protected free speech -- meaning the right to financially interfere with elections, as if distribution of money is free speech -- when only speech is free speech?

It's a muddle-headed mess that The Supreme Court has given us.

What the "corporations are persons" ruling did was either

  1. raise corporations to the level of human personhood - or -
  2. reduce human persons to the level of mini or "micro"-corporations.

That ruling dehumanized human citizens. By so doing, it struck at the soul of American society. It was a betrayal of humanity.

The Supreme Court seems to have missed that little nuance.

Here's another one, glaringly blatant:
the name, "Citizens United".

The name is a lie. It should have been called, "Corporations United". However, its intent is clear: claiming the rights of citizenship for artificial-person-corporations -- outright.

That the Court somehow managed to miss this subterfuge and failed to discern the nefarious intention behind it suggests that, for all its learnedness, the majority of the Court (i.e., those who ruled in favor of Citizens United ) may be senile.

or worse

It may be that the Supreme Court is not the lofty citadel of high ideals we might have thought it is, but that members of the Court are either:

  1. pawns of moneyed interests -- co-opted, somehow
  2. infected by the unhealthy form of deviant Capitalism dominating the world-scene, these days -- and don't know it
  3. duped by the idea that the proper business of the United States Government is to promote the interests of business, wealth, and property.

1. and 2. are plausible.
3. is interesting.

It suggests that the Court doesn't have the mental capacity to weigh multiple considerations fairly because it has been compromised by the official religion of this age, Capitalism -- and not even healthy Capitalism (which is healthy because tempered by morality). Unhealthy Capitalism. Deviant Capitalism. Perhaps The Supreme Court has been compromised by the sick spirit of unhealthy Capitalism (which few people recognize is distinct from healthy Capitalism) and don't know it. They may think they are protecting the health of the American way of life (American Dream?), but they are infected with the Unhealthy Capitalism Virus.

The Citizens United ruling did not just open our political process to control by the Unhealthy Capitalism Virus; it infected the spirit of the American people with dispair and mistrust; how's that for a boost to the American economy? Everybody knows that Capitalism is sick. Now we have a diagnosis.

Unless, of course, some members of The Supreme Court are the dupes of moneyed interests.

In either case, an immune response is building to the virus in this country and abroad.

The Supreme Court would do well to recover from the virus before the immune response begins full-on.

Americans and The Rest of The World Need a ReAwakening of Conscience in Politics

The primary fault with the U.S. Congress and with The Supreme Court is the replacement of morality by legal theory. Why do I need to state the obvious?

When legal theory substitutes for morality, the law becomes the lowest common denominator for social behavior. Law is not the highest standard; it's the lowest acceptable standard. If it's not illegal, it's considered acceptable and defensible -- but it's not necessarily moral.

Law is a way of regulating from without; morality is a way of self-regulating from within.

Regulation from without is always inferior to self-regulation from within. It's inferior in enforcement, it's inferior in results, and it's inferior in its economic effects. The reach of the law always falls short of the reach of morality.

But the trend of American Politics has been away from morality, in part, because of a misunderstanding of the principle of the separation of Church and State. The original intention of the separation of Church and State arose from the existence of an official Church of State in revolutionary period England, which was the Anglican Church.  An official church of state imposed itself and interfered with freedom of religious choice. The separation of Church and State was never about removing morality as a regulating force in society.

However, those for whom morality is an inconvenience in their conduct of Capitalism, the official religion of American politics, have used the words, "separation of Church and State", as an excuse for selfishness, exploitation, and inhumanity, as seen in American politics, today. This exclusion and denial of morality as a principle of self-regulation, to be applied to all spheres of conduct, has led to the unhealthy version of Capitalism that dominates the world-scene, today. It is that denial of morality in Capitalism that Pope Francis crititized, recently, in his condemnation of the practice of Capitalism and its promotion of consumerism.

The failure of morality leads immediately to cut-throat corporate business practices and to the failure of trust in commerce, and the failure of trust in commerce leads to economic slowdown and to economic downturns, to the disappearance of the middle-class, to a litigious culture, to severely imbalanced distribution of wealth, to economic hardship, to high stress in the lower classes, to self-anaesthetization by use of drugs and alcohol. Amoral and immoral Capitalism leads directly to the failure of Capitalism. It's not the protection of the right to private property that is being protected by immoral legislation; it is the practice of unhealthy Capitalism by unsound and, as seen in our Congress, insane Capitalism, that is being protected.

The substitution of legality for morality adversely affects Capitalism. The abusers of Capitalism are bringing about its corruption and downfall. Capitalists should understand this.

In the U.S. Congress, the Republican Party, presently the dominating force, regards the Democratic Party in two ways:
1. as one would regard a housefly
2. as the source of its sense of power.

The first way is obvious. The second way may not be so obvious, so I will explain.

What keeps politics going is engagement, even opposition. It's what keeps politics visible, and visibility is essential to status. The sense of opposition is exactly the sense of power. The Republicans need the Democrats to continue the political game, to keep their sense of status, to feel their sense of power.  The Democrats are the source of the Republicans' self-gratification.

The Republican Party members regard the Democrats with the casual, self-serving disrespect of those who rule by force. There exists neither respect nor honor in the conduct of the Republicans toward the Democrats or to the public, in general. What they respect is power and money -- not morality and honor. They make politics about winning over the opposition by any means, rather than about getting done the business that brings the highest good to the greatest number.

The Democrats, on the other hand and in general, are half-inclined to agree with the Republicans' agenda. The way we may observe this fact is by the half-hearted and half-witted way the Democrats address and criticize the Republican agenda, which is by feeble protest and attempts at legislation. This statement, of course, is a generality; there are exceptions among the Democrats, just as there exist more centrist Republicans. But the Democrats' strategy is to "put out fires" started by the Republicans, rather than to criticize, publicly and fiercely, the immoral "fires" started by the Republicans. Putting out fires, rather than arresting the strategy of starting fires, to begin with, is highly inefficient and wasteful of time and economic resources. Little constructive can get done when one is occupied with putting out fires. But that is how the Democrats primarily occupy themselves.

The Democrats disrespect the Republicans from the position of the underdog and the Republicans disrespect the Democrats from the position of the top-dog. Even though they may maintain the appearance of politeness in their speech and occasional photo ops, their actions reveal otherwise. There is little honor or mutual respect in Congress.

Their weakness in Congress, again, has to do with putting legality before morality, regarding morality as the "weak suit", quaint and outdated. But legal procedures can put out only individual fires; only morality can prevent fires from being set in a wholesale way, one after the other. Re-establishing a moral foundation is the key to put American politics back on a sound, healthy course. In that case, the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans would be a matter how to get things done for the good of the public, not a matter of for whose sake good must be done, at the expense of the other. That's a matter of principle.

The disadvantage of a moral approach is that it cannot be codified; only behavior can be codified, as in laws. Moral self-regulation requires sensibility, a sense of fairness, a sense of compassion, a conscience -- and those are lacking in the unhealthy form of Capitalist values that has infiltrated American politics. Sensibility, fairness, compassion and conscience cannot be imposed from without; they must be engendered in individuals as part of their personal development -- and that is what is lacking in a secularized culture that disavows moral values because they have traditionally been associated with religion. (Some values called, "moral" by religious fundamentalists have nothing to do with morality, but arise from scriptural dogmas they selectively use to maintain their social visibility and status -- another form of corruption.) However, Congress and the Courts rely on legal theory to enforce morality, when they happen to do so, because that is what they have to work with -- but they make the mistake of thinking that legality adequately substitutes for morality, as if the letter of the law can substitute for the spirit of the law.

Sensibility, fairness, compassion, and conscience depend on the self-awareness of individuals and whether they feel at peace about a course of action. Instead of this kind of internal compass, however, amoral and immoral people use as the benchmark of social convention -- whether "everybody else does it" -- whether it's legal, and whether it conforms to standards of ethics put in place by those whom those ethics are supposed to regulate. The fox is setting the ethics in the henhouse.

Ethics is not morality; it's social consensus, only. The moral individual places his or her internal compass, conscience, above ethics -- but to do so, he or she must be sensitive to whether an action feels wholesome or whether it feels "excusable" or "justifiable". In the latter case, "excusable" or "justifiable", the individual rationalizing that way creates a schism in his or her own being, known as broken integrity, a schism that hardens one up, as in "hardened criminal". That schism, when enacted into law, creates hard times and hard feelings in the society.

That is what happens when people use money and power as the central organizing principles of their lives, instead of self-awareness, awareness of others, self-regulation, and conscience.

Morality involves the greatest good for the greatest number, not the greatest good for those with the greatest power.  We need Congress (and The Supreme Court) to reinstate honor and conscience as the central organizing principles of political life, and conscience is not swayed by legal theories or legal argument.

Psycho-Active TetraSeed Transformations | The Wish-Fulfilling Gem

A T T E N T I O N:
The Wish-Fulfilling Gem
(The 'Cheshire Cat' of Desire)

The TetraSeed of Every Experience

GUIDED AUDIO INSTRUCTION, group coaching 2015-4-6 (more recent)

The Wish-Fulfilling Gem has a secret nature: It instills or evokes spontaneous wisdom about the item for which you're using The Wish-Fulfilling Gem.

You use The Wish-Fulfilling Gem to redirect your life in a preferred direction, after having done "clean-up" in an item with one of the other procedures. You may also use it to prepare for The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual.

One aspect of The Wish-Fulfilling Gem is that it produces a full-range or full-spectrum result:  the full range of experience between existence and non- or virtual existence. It creates an internal experience that feels like the thing you want -- and then dissolves virtually all trace of density in it, so that it feels equivalent to smoke -- or an insubstantial but recognizable hologram image, virtually there, but somehow feelingly equivalent to its absence.  It is only a trace. But it's a clean trace. Clean traces are devoid of a problem-sense.

The Wish-Fulling Gem procedure results in either a very clean virtual perception of the item desired or the disappearance of any charge you may have had on it -- or both, in some degree of balance. Expect things disappearing and traces of new things appearing. Experience will make sense of these words.

So, every wish that the Wish-Fulfilling Gem grants brings a lesson -- an awakening, a clarification, a shift of intention, a growth process in an "unexpected" direction
(sound effect: the "knowing" laughter of personal experience).

The Wish-Fulfilling Gem procedure consists of two major sections:
    Attending, Remembering, and Imagining
    Imagining, Remembering, and Intending
alternating between them the number of repetitions suggested in the GUIDED AUDIO INSTRUCTION, below.

In the audio instruction, the term, "attend to" means "to put your attention on . . . . ." whatever feeling you have for the item about which you have a wish.

The term, "imagine" refers either to the item, itself, or to the feeling perceived in the "remember" step. Choose one and work with it; choose the other on another occasion. Learn how to apply them by experience. Choose, ahead of time.

You do the three stages of the Dissolving Sequence
forward and backward
(one complete forward-backward cycle)

followed by the three stages of the Intending Sequence
forward and backward
(one complete backward-forward cycle)

-- then --

two cycles of the Clarifying Sequence
followed by two cycles of the Intending Sequence.

You cycle until you get a clear feeling for the item intended.


You may follow use of The Gold Key Release with The Wish-Fulfilling Gem, on the same item.

You should follow use of The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual with The Wish-Fulfilling Gem, for each of the two items done in The Memory Matrix Ritual.


The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold
This writing may be reproduced only in its entirety
with accurate attribution of authorship.

The Psycho-Active TetraSeed Transformations | Enhancing Intelligence

Developing into a "Neo-Post-Contemporary Human"?

A Neo-Post-Contemporary Human is someone fully capable of, but also capable of going beyond, both conventional ("standard operating procedure") and unconventional (known "outside the box") limitations of intelligence and ability -- capable of going beyond the constraints of memory ("agape") in actions of "eros" (imagination or the emergence of new-ness).

Why bother? 

People's sense of being stuck or limited in life has to do with the limitations of being a contemporary human.  As Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, "You can't solve a problem from within the state of mind that created it," -- and that state of mind is the contemporary one. A neo-post-contemporary mind is one that is beyond the contemporary state of mind -- and even beyond the next ("post-contemporary") one developing, now.

How do you get to be like that?

First, uncover, discover and transform those limitations, in yourself. That frees you to find what's beyond them; prior to that, you're contained within them and can't reach beyond them. Clear the way, first.

Then, you put your newly freed intelligence-potential into action. This is not a mental action involving the difficult effort of figuring things out with your memory of what's been done and predictions of what's possible: it's an unreasoned, intentional action to bring into existence something new, out of the unknown unknown.  It feels like inspired action, "good ideas coming to you."

The term I use is, "Intelligent Empowerment".

Our free, pre-course session, on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015, was a total success.  Our first step was learn about and clarify our experience of The TetraSeed, which is a name I have given to the underpinnings of our sense of existence, which underpinnings exist as a set of four faculties without all of which we can neither experience anything nor act.

Those four faculties, which constitute The TetraSeed, are attention, imagination (or emergence of newness), intention, and memory.  I call the procedure we use to clarify our experience and knowledge of The TetraSeed's components, which procedure is surprisingly brief and potent, The Set-Up.  The Set-Up is a way to sharpen your own intelligence (in a way that's obvious and self-validating or self-authenticating).

In that same, pre-course session, I took people through The Gold Key Release, which is based upon The TetraSeed, and then taught a simplified version of The Spell-Maker, a procedure that enables you to create an intentional focus that leads to whichever kind of experience you intend, at the time that you are doing The Spell-Maker.  

Results are telling. If you were present for our free, pre-course session, if you did  The Spell-Maker sufficiently well, you felt a shift in yourself in which you felt the quality of your desired experience as if it were presently happening.  If you did The Spell-Maker for a particular kind of experience and then it later happened or an uncharacteristic change occurred -- and you remembered that you ran The Spell-Maker on that item, you'll have suddenly recognized the causal relationship between The Spell-Maker and the experience and be tempted to test The Spell-Maker some more, with continued experimentation.

The TetraSeed Transformation Procedures seem to fall into three major clusters.

1. Basic learning of the TetraSeed, The Gold Key Release, and The Set-Up Procedures.
2. Cleaning up lifelong Traumas with The Trauma Dissolution Procedure and supporting procedures learned in cluster #1.
3. Bringing better and better balance to life with The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual, a wisdom practice that dissolves the dilemma of the chronic alternatives of pairs of different motivations, leading to a deeper equanimity and, yes, spontaneous wisdom-intelligence.

Intelligent Empowerment 101

Our first course, Intelligent Empowerment 101, consists of seven twice-weekly sessions of about one hour, scheduled to start the third week of July (date to be announced - "TBA").  One session will be to learn and practice each exercise and one session three days later, for feedback and Q&A.

In the first session, I will teach and you will practice The Set-Up, a potent awakening-and-transformation procedure in its own right. In The Set-Up, we will focus on each of the faculties of The TetraSeed, awakening and clarifying them. The felt-meanings (not just "word-meanings") of the those faculties' names -- attention, imagination (or emergence of newness), intention, and memory -- will become experientially obvious, to you.

Then, in subsequent sessions, I will teach and you will learn The Gold Key Release, a much more powerful procedure than The Set-Up (powerful in its own right).  I will work one-on-one with one or more individuals in the Google Hangout environment; others present will be able to run the procedure in their private settings.

In subsequent sessions of Intelligent Empowerment 101, we will apply The Gold Key Release to:
  1. attention
  2. imagination (newness or emergence)
  3. intention
  4. memory
  5. desire
  6. resistance
I call applying The Gold Key Release to the underpinnings of The Gold Key Release,  "forging the basic tool."

In our seventh session, everyone will work on an issue of their own choosing:  some area of life in which each feels stuck and wants to get unstuck. The Gold Key Release will "unstick" you.

That will get you started on working on and transforming stuck patterns in your own life and prepared for Intelligent Empowerment 102, the more free-form version of Intelligent Empowerment 101.

Intelligent Empowerment 102
Expanding Your Power Using The Gold Key Release

This eight-week "luminar" exists for you to apply The Gold Key Release to items or issues of your own choosing in a group setting similar to that of Intelligent Empowerment 101, with access to me for coaching and Q&A, live.

We will be choosing increasingly large-scale items to clear up.  The items you choose to address will fall into four categories:
  1. egocentric: having to do with your own personal wants and needs
  2. ethnocentric: having to do with the wants and needs of any specific group of which you are a part
  3. world-centric: having to do with issues affecting the whole world, at large
  4. kosmo-centric: having to do with the larger issues of life and the underpinnings of your existence
These sessions will get you used to addressing larger-scope issues on your own.  You'll practice on two items or issues at each level, for experience. Each larger-scope level is more potent than the last in producing changes in you that you feel, then and there. The larger-scope levels require basic familiarity and at least beginning proficiency in the Gold Key Release 101, and so the pre-requisite.

I will provide a number of working suggestions which, as you implement The Gold Key Release at increasingly larger-scale levels, will enable to you to put The Gold Key Release to increasingly good use to clean up your own life and do world-service -- and prepare you for the next module of training.

I will provide a number of techniques (including The Tongue Mudra) that, as you implement them, further enable to you to put The Gold Key Release to increasingly good use -- and will prepare you for the next module of training, Intelligent Empowerment 1A, The Wish-Fulfilling Gem.

You need to be proficient in The Gold Key Release to do The Wish-Fulfilling Gem, so Intelligent Empowerment 101 is a pre-requisite for Intelligent Empowerment 1A.

Whereas The Gold-Key Release is a "liberation" procedure that provides relief and subliminally sets you up for spontaneous new behaviors in previously stuck situations, The Wish-Fulfilling Gem is a "transformative wisdom" procedure that reveals and removes multiple hidden interferences and puts you into a more balanced relationship to your desired outcome; it opens the way for more possibilities for fulfillment or satisfaction than you may have anticipated.  You'll surprise yourself (from personal experience).

Intelligent Empowerment 1A

In Intelligent Empowerment 1A, I will teach and guide you through The Wish-Fulfilling Gem, a "transformative wisdom" procedure that does what the name implies -- tempers wishes with self-validating wisdom, so that you are informed by wisdom, rather than merely being compelled by desire or need.  Read more about The Wish-Fulfilling Gem, here.

Intelligent Empowerment 1A consists of seven weeks of twice-weekly sessions of about one hour, scheduled to start two weeks after the end of Intelligent Empowerment 102.

In the first session, I will guide you through "forging your basic tool" -- the four faculties of The TetraSeed.  There is increasing depth available in those faculties, as you will discover, so it's worth revisiting The Set-Up and getting accustomed to using it, particularly before addressing difficult or more deeply entrenched issues.  Although not required, it is "helpful."

Then, I will teach and you will practice The Wish-Fulfilling Gem.

You will apply The Wish-Fulfilling Gem to egocentric, ethnocentric, world-centric, and kosmo-centric scales of experience.

Those sessions will establish you in the ground of being of wisdom that will inform your application of The Wish-Fulfilling Gem for the future -- not by limiting you, but by arming you with intuitive wisdom-understanding, freeing you from hidden limitations and biases that put a twist into your manifestation abilities.

In the later sessions, everyone will work on issues of their own choosing, areas of life in which each would like to open the way to certain experiences.

This part of the course will be an experiment to learn what may be the larger, unanticipated effects of introducing changes into the collectively-shared morphogenetic ("morphic" or "probability") field in which we are all embedded and which forms the collective atmosphere for thought, emotion, and possibility.

Intelligent Empowerment 1B

In Intelligent Empowerment 1B, I will teach and guide you through The Spell-Maker ("The Phaser") and The Spell-Breaker ("The Neutralizer") -- (together, nicknamed, The Cyclotron because they cycle in opposite directions, relative to each other).

Intelligent Empowerment 1B consists of seven weeks of twice-weekly sessions (teaching/practice, feedback/Q&A) of one hour, scheduled to start two weeks after the end of Intelligent Empowerment 1A.

The Spell-Maker -- in the ripened or more developed form taught here -- is a very potent procedure for bringing us to a perception of how an experience would feel, if it happened and for setting the stage for it to happen.  In the process, we pass through everything that's in the way (including unreadiness) and bring into maturity undeveloped intentions needed for the manifestation.

The Spell-Breaker is a potent procedure for dismantling or dissolving a "spell" activated in The Spell-Maker, should you decide it's in your interest to do so.  It's also useful for dissolving the effects of apparently "outside" influences upon you (e.g., people or emotions like shame).

In the first session, I will guide you through "forging your basic tool" -- the four faculties of The TetraSeed.

Then, I will teach and you will practice The Spell-Breaker.

You will apply The Spell-Breaker to egocentric, ethnocentric, world-centric, and kosmo-centric scales of experience.

After some practice, to the point of having the experience of this procedure that I have described, I will teach and you will learn The Spell-Maker.

In the later sessions, everyone will work on issues of their own choosing, areas of life in which each would like to open the way to -- or abort and dissolve -- certain experiences.

This part of the course will be also an experiment to learn what larger effects we can introduce into the world-process through the collectively-shared morphogenetic ("morphic" or "probability") field in which we are all embedded and which forms the "non-local", collective atmosphere for thought, emotion, and possibility.

Intelligent Self-Empowerment
Level 2

As you get increasingly proficient, your next desire will probably be to simplify. Would you like to know some very brief, intuitive procedures for creating and dissolving experiences at a moment's notice?

Those would be, The Thunderclap and The Lightning Bolt, short, short procedures for dissolving and for creating the TetraSeeds of experiences.

The same seven-week format applies as before.

As these procedures are very simple and brief, they require a degree of mastery to perform.  You will likely find them very handy, when you encounter sticky or difficult moments in the previous procedures, to keep things moving.  I use them for that purpose.

Intelligent Self-Empowerment
Level 3

In this seven-week module, I teach the "King Kong" of TetraSeed Modulations, The Middle-Way Memory-Matrix Ritual, which incorporates most of the preceding procedures, every time, and allows you to insert others into the procedure at your skillful discretion, as you see the need.

Larger scale, deeply entrenched, "story of my life" conditioning, or conditioning that just refuses to yield to the earlier procedures, typically has both a visible and an invisible component,  We identify with one side of the situation but have no clue how the other side applies to us.  You've got to handle both.

The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual (or "The Memory-Matrix Ritual") is a self-revelatory, self-liberating procedure that discloses the invisible, deeply-entrenched, and crusty components that may have been implanted in us by trauma, bad upbringing, or the general social insanity characteristic of this world, Earth. It allows you to re-write (or "edit") "The Book of You".

You want to transform major themes and far-reaching happenings of your life?  This is your tool.

We'll be doing individual coaching and group coaching.

If you desire it, we can schedule private, one-on-one sessions.

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

The Athletes’ Prayer for Loose Calves | from Comfort Your S-I Joints 2015-7-22 Lawrence Gold

The Athletes’ Prayer for Loose Calves | from Comfort Your S-I Joints 2015-7-22

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

http://feeds.wordpress.com/1.0/comments/lawrencegold.wordpress.com/384/ The Athletes’ Prayer for Loose Calves | from Comfort Your S-I Joints 2015-7-22 Lawrence Gold https://lawrencegold.wordpress.com/2015/07/22/the-athletes-prayer-for-loose-calves-from-comfort-your-s-i-joints-2015-7-22-lawrence-gold/

The Right, The Left, and the Competent (Able) Lawrence Gold

You've got your left and you've got your right.
If you take away your left, your right is left, right? 
~~ The Gold Brothers

Well, it turns out that the terms, The Right and The Left, politically-speaking, have actual descriptive value; they have useful meaning.  This piece is about that meaning, so you may better understand the predicament of our civilization.

The useful meaning comes, surprisingly, from the sides of the body and the way we, as humans operate. Roughly ninety percent of humans are right-handed, so ten percent exist as reversed exceptions to this explanation.  Still the metaphor and the explanation are apt.

Here's how it goes:

In the main population, right-handedness is a matter of
  • the known
  • the reliable
  • the able
  • the predictable
  • the strong
  • the competent
That's good enough as a start.

As the sub-dominant side, left-handedness is a matter of
  • the less known
  • the not-so-reliable
  • the not-so-able
  • the not-so predictable
  • the weaker
  • the not-so-competent
Politically speaking, the Right Wing (generally called, conservatives) goes for what they consider to be the known, the reliable, the tried and true, the predictable, established sources of power, and established authority.  That's what they conserve -- and in times of healthy stability, it works.

Politically speaking, the Left Wing (generally called, liberals or progressives) consist of the innovators, and so, the unknown (or not-so-well-known), the untested, the unpredictable, those on the outskirts of power, and those with new answers not validated by the established authorities.

The Right Wing, being predisposed to the known, mistrust the Left Wing. They see the Left Wing as destabilizing, as unreliable, as less intelligent than they. The Right Wing tries to reinforce the Status Quo, with which it identifies, and to do things the way they "have always been done," and anything other than that is suspect or wrong.

The Left Wing, being predisposed to the new, responsive to the need for change, view The Right Wing as oppressors, dominant and entrenched. The Left Wing works to change the Status Quo and they see The Right Wing as always taking over and preserving the Status Quo -- to the benefit of those who want to do things the way they have always been done, who are already at an advantage.

We are not arguing, "rightfully" or "wrongly", here. We're just describing attitudes, as they happen to coincide with handed-ness.  See the fit?

Now, here's the odd predicament: it happens that there is a healthy Right Wing, a healthy Left Wing, and an unhealthy Right Wing, and an unhealthy Left Wing -- and each lumps the healthy forms in with the unhealthy forms, making no intelligent discrimination between them, condemning both forms.  They're both considered, "matters of choice", nothing more, and considered defensible under the banner of "freedom" (for themselves), rather than of merit.

The Right Wing is Right -- Sometimes
The Right Wing's approach works as long as the Status Quo is sufficient to manage situations at hand. In a crisis, The Right Wing tries to restore the Status Quo, and that's the role of a healthy Right Wing.

However, in the lifespan of every civilization, there come challenges that are bigger than can be handled by preserving the old ways.  Faced with such challenges, The Right Wing is not "conservative" (regardless of how it it called), but incompetent, a hazard to civilization, the continuation of which requires intelligent change.  An incompetent Right Wing is an unhealthy Right Wing, and an incompetent Right Wing is a destabilizing and unreliable force, just as it regards The Left Wing to be.  In times of crisis beyond its competence, the Right Wing is unhealthy in refusing the Left Wing.

However, the Right Wing, being committed to Status Quo, tends to deny that challenges are bigger than can be handled by itself. Rather than incorporate the progressive orientation of the Left Wing, The Right Wing resorts to denial and reinforcement of its own interests, and so is incompetent, just as a right-handed person would be if refusing to use his left hand when the situation calls for it.  It attributes to the "underclasses" its own stalwart self-interest and unwillingness to change under the labels, "laziness", "criminality", and "something-for-nothing free lunch."

The Left Wing's approach works as long as the known, the "credentialed", the tried and true, and the powerful -- i.e., The Right Wing -- supports it.  However, in a crisis, The Right Wing not only refuses or undercuts such support; it denies that its Status Quo is legitimately in question.

It's a case of incompetence shielded by dishonesty -- or to use the "handedness" metaphor, it's a case of incompetence and assertion of competence -- which together amount to incompetence.

So, The Right Wing is incompetent, afraid, and dishonest and The Left Wing is weak because unsupported by The Right Wing, which holds the entrenched power and resources.

The Left Wing Should Be Left -- Sometimes
An unhealthy Left Wing, on the other hand, seeks influence by overthrowing the Right Wing and, in memory, has enforced social experiments to huge detriment of mass humbers of people for whom it should have been the champion. In so doing, members of the Left Wing have sought their own Status Quo and sought to become as entrenched as the Right Wing had been. You take away the right, and the left is right, right?  As history has shown us, not so much.

We Need Both Healthy Right and Healthy Left
Both Wings are a problem because they're one-sided -- i.e., under-educated in terms of the potentials available in the other -- and so see each other as opponents, rather than as resources. Neither rightfully controls the power landscape. Both see their relationship in terms of a fight.

You can see the stupidity of the situation.

A healthy Right Wing and a healthy Left Wing need each other -- need the Right Wing in times of stability and need The Left Wing in times of change.

Now, let's look at the current world situation.

How and Why
The word, "crisis", means, "crossing" -- "turning point". 

Multiple crises are converging on human civilization (not to mention the entire biosphere), crises resulting from
  • over-concentration of wealth in the hands of a Right-Wing few,
  • disappearance of the middle-classes (increase of the lower classes),
  • overpopulation and over-demand upon natural resources, 
  • religious-fundamentalist (ethnic) violence, abominably called, "ethnic cleansing", rather than attempted genocide,
  • the danger of high-tech weapons falling into the hands of rogue states and individuals, 
  • climate change and its effects on the food chain, 
  • degradation of food quality due to growth in soils depleted of nutritional value over decades of use, 
  • overfishing of the oceans, 
  • mass extinctions of species and ecological collapse (or at least, drastic change),
  • world-wide economic instability, 
  • appearance of antibiotic-resistant disease organisms,
  • and toxification of our environment by petrochemical pesticides and industrial from industries that funnel wealth to The Right Wing.
Nice, huh?

This convergence of crises is beyond the capacity (and willingness) of The Right Wing to manage; these are new challenges outside the competence of the tried and true and destined to produce unprecedented change. The Right Wing needs The Left Wing, now.

However, The Right Wing wants to enforce business as usual, which, in the long run, it cannot because of the magnitude of the changes; yet the unhealthy Right Wing in power refuses the influence of The Left Wing.

Crises Reinforced by Dishonesty
The Right Wing, at least publicly, denies the scope of these crises, denies climate change, treats the mass-extinction of species as either irrelevant or as normal, asserts its right to the overwhelming majority of the wealth, resorts to military force to quell the uprising of Third World cultures, and resorts to control of the mass-news-and-entertainment media to regulate the middle- and lower-classes to its own liking.

But that is not all.

It's not that the Right Wing doesn't believe that multiple crises are upon us; it does "see the writing upon the wall".  However, this unhealthy Right Wing conceals or minimizes the scope of these crises in hope of itself surviving while everyone else goes to perdition. The unhealthy Right Wing entertains the delusion that it can survive in enclaves of wealth somehow immune to the planetary changes upon us, and without everyone else -- meaning without the economic roots of production and consumption upon which its survival depends. It's population control in a negative sense -- done stupidly, incompetently, and self-righteously.

This unhealthy Right Wing (at least in the U.S.A.), is secretly committed to a program that it sees as insuring its future survival: that of wiping out the Left Wing and the middle- and lower-classes -- or of letting it die out: "Live and Let Die".

The unhealthy Right Wing
  • uses mass-surveillance to monitor the Left Wing, 
  • uses laws and privilege to funnel wealth to itself, 
  • throttles financial resources that might be devoted to education, health-care and infrastructure, 
  • directs those resources to military preparation or to further concentration of wealth,
  • controls the mass-communications media to keep the mass of the population pacified and ignorant of the situation, 
  • supports corporate license to damage the larger population and biosphere for the sake of profits, 
  • and uses money to control the political power structure to maintain these courses of action.
Above all, the unhealthy Right Wing makes the gigantic mistake of thinking that educating the masses will lead to a shortage of jobs and loss of wealth, rather than to an increase of human knowledge-ability-and-problem-solving resources.  Education leads to wealth-production, but the unhealthy Right Wing misses the lesson of its own experience.

The Right Wing is dedicated to the Status Quo and to entrenched power because it lacks the mental capacity to entertain views outside the tried and true, the known, and the powerful.  It's like a right-handed person who, totally inept with his left hand, disparages it.  Power and control ("Money") are his measure of well-being, but he doesn't think to bring his other half up to speed. Thus, he stays inept. He (or she) fails to see the larger picture (while thinking that (s)he does see the larger picture), and that is his incompetence. It's the same incompetence as that of the Central American Indians when the Spaniards arrived; they couldn't conceive of what was coming, except in terms of the familiar, because what was happening was so far outside of their familiar frame of reference -- and we know what became of their civilizations, even as of the North American Indians.

In a period of crisis, The Right Wing is deficient without The Left Wing; The Left Wing is deficient without The Right Wing.  Only together, in their healthy forms, do they have the resources, mental capacity, and force of will to pass intelligently and competently through the crises converging upon us.

Those in their unhealthy forms, Left or Right, do not deserve the power that is in their hands.  Thus, remove it from their hands.

MORE: http://lawrencegoldsomatics.blogspot.com/2015/07/the-right-left-and-competent-or-able.html
Full-Spectrum Somatics

http://feeds.wordpress.com/1.0/comments/lawrencegold.wordpress.com/382/ The Right, The Left, and the Competent (Able) Lawrence Gold https://lawrencegold.wordpress.com/2015/07/22/the-right-the-left-and-the-competent-able-lawrence-gold/

Psycho-Active TetraSeed Transformations | The Spell Maker 2015 7 19 Lawrence Gold

A T T E N T I O N:
The Spell-Maker/ "The Phaser"
The Spell-Breaker / "The Neutralizer"
(together: The Cyclotron)

The TetraSeed of Every Experience

The Spell-Maker and The Spell-Breaker are two TetraSeed Transformations that do what their names state.

In the current version of The Spell-Maker, preparation is not required, but it is beneficial.  These two TetraSeed Transformation procedures produce best results in those who are proficient with The Gold Key Release.

The TetraSeed Transformations comprise the four elements of the TetraSeed -- Attending, Imagining, Intending, and Remembering -- either to construct or deconstruct an experience.  "Construct"is another word for, "manifest"; "deconstruct" is another word for, "dissolve."

In manifesting or dissolving conditioning, order (sequence) makes a difference.

See the video session, at bottom.
(earlier version with a coaching participant)

To construct (create the subtle underpinning of) an experience, you first identify the desired experience, to yourself (e.g., [personal integrity]).  Putting your attention of the feeling of it, you proceed in the following order:

  1. Attend to [personal integrity].
  2. Attend to remembering [personal integrity].
  3. Remember attending to [personal integrity].
  4. Attend to remembering [personal integrity].
  5. Attend to intending [personal integrity].
  6. Intend attending to [personal integrity].
  7. Attend to intending [personal integrity].
  8. Attend to imagining [personal integrity].
  9. Imagine attending to [personal integrity].
  10. Attend to imagining [personal integrity].
  11. Remember intending [personal integrity].
  12. Intend remembering [personal integrity].
  13. Remember intending [personal integrity].
  14. Remember imagining [personal integrity].
  15. Imagine remembering [personal integrity].
  16. Remember imagining [personal integrity].
  17. Intend imagining [personal integrity].
  18. Imagine intending [personal integrity].
  19. Intend imagining [personal integrity].
  20. Imagine attending to [personal integrity].
Return to (2.) and continue until interference is gone or until you get a clear feeling of the intended result.

Here's a simpler (less potent) version.

  1. Imagine [personal integrity].
  2. Intend imagining [personal integrity].
  3. Remember intending [personal integrity].
  4. Remember imagining [personal integrity].
  5. Attend to remembering [personal integrity].
  6. Attend to intending [personal integrity].
  7. Attend to imagining [personal integrity].
Return to (2.) and continue until inference is gone or until you get a clear feeling of the intended result.

This way of doing it is an update to the video, below.

To deconstruct (dissolve the subtle underpinning of) an experience, you use the following order:

First, you identify the resisted experience, to yourself (e.g., [falsehood]).  Putting your attention of the feeling of it, you repeat:

  1. Attend to imagining [falsehood].
  2. Attend to intending [falsehood].
  3. Attend to remembering [falsehood].
  4. Imagine intending [falsehood].
  5. Imagine remembering [falsehood].
  6. Intend remembering [falsehood].
  7. Remember [falsehood].
Return to (2.) and continue until inference is gone or until you get a clear feeling of the intended result.

More Potent Version
  1. Remember [falsehood].
  2. Intend remembering [falsehood].
  3. Remember intending [falsehood].
  4. Intend remembering [falsehood].
  5. Imagine intending [falsehood].
  6. Intend imagining [falsehood].
  7. Imagine intending [falsehood].
  8. Imagine remembering [falsehood].
  9. Remember imagining [falsehood].
  10. Imagine remembering [falsehood].
  11. Attend to imagining [falsehood].
  12. Imagine attending to [falsehood].
  13. Attend to imagining [falsehood].
  14. Attend to intending [falsehood].
  15. Intend attending to [falsehood].
  16. Attend to intending  [falsehood].
  17. Attend to remembering [falsehood].
  18. Remember attending to [falsehood].
  19. Attend to remembering [falsehood].
  20. Attend to [falsehood].
    END (if dissolved) or NEW CYCLE from 1.
Incantation involves repetition.  You cycle through the four elements repeatedly until you clear up confusion and internal contradiction and you get either an immediate experience of the desired result: you can't remember what you were working on -- or -- all charge on the condition disappears and the condition has the density of smoke.

The experience of voidness or of forgetting where you are in the procedure is not a sign of failure.  It's a sign that the grip is dissolving.

Internal opposition is what gives the sense of substantiality to an experience.  Without opposition, experience is experienced as no-experience -- or voidness.  Voidness is the essence of ones natural or original state; 
have removed all contradiction or internal opposition. 

Test my words.

Full-Spectrum Somatics

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2015 Lawrence Gold
This writing may be reproduced only in its entirety
with accurate attribution of authorship.

Orbiting the Shoulder | Hanna Somatic Education, lesson 1 Lawrence Gold

I’ve observed that some practitioners have trouble with the “shoulder orbiting” movement of Lesson 1 (Green Light Reflex). This video shows the technique, as taught to us by Tom Hanna, with “debugging” for people who retain some residual tension around the shoulder joint.

Orbiting the Shoulder | Hanna Somatic Education, lesson 1

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

http://feeds.wordpress.com/1.0/comments/lawrencegold.wordpress.com/374/ Orbiting the Shoulder | Hanna Somatic Education, lesson 1 Lawrence Gold https://lawrencegold.wordpress.com/2015/07/10/orbiting-the-shoulder-hanna-somatic-education-lesson-1-lawrence-gold/

Improving Breathing | clinical somatic education technique Lawrence Gold


This video clip shows a clinical somatic education procedure for freeing rib movements by gaining control of the intercostal (between-the-ribs) muscles.

Somatic education exercises to free breathing exist on this page: http://somatics.com/page7-breathing.htm

To avail yourself of the procedure shown in this clip, visit http://somatics.com/at-location.htm

How do we sort out different patterns of restricted breathing and how can we correct them?

In general, breathing is an effortless affair. Effort and problems appear as people get conditioned into states of chronic tension accompanied with a loss of sensory awareness of the feelings of breathing (sensory-motor amnesia, or SMA).

The problem of breathing difficulty usually comes from arrested (or restricted) movements of breathing and usually from incomplete exhalation. The muscles involved — the diaphragm, the abdominal muscles, and the muscles that move the ribs (including the scalenes of the neck) — hold residual tension. As a result, people either exhale incompletely or inhale incompletely.

People who exhale incompletely may have a habitually-expanded chest; a big, rounded or hanging belly, high shoulders, and a shortened neck. The belly comes from a diaphragm that, being always partially contracted, pushes the abdominal contents down and out of their normal position; the high shoulders come from contracted scalenes lifting the upper ribs in a chronic attempt to get more air into the upper volume of the lungs. The person may also feel chronically tired or sore in the ribs.

People who inhale incompletely may have a hard, flat belly and ribs that are down and flattened in front. This flattening across the front comes from tight (1) abdominal and (2) intercostal muscles. These muscles, when chronically tight, (1) prevent the diaphragm from flattening and pulling air into the lungs and (2) reduce chest volume. (The dome-shaped diaphragm functions like a piston. When it contracts, the dome flattens and pulls away from the area inside the chest, sucking air in. It also lifts the ribs, something like the way a Can-Can dancer lifts her skirt.)

Tight shoulders encase the ribs and restrict breathing. Tight muscles of the shoulder girdle, attached to the rib cage, pull upon the ribs. Before the intercostals can function freely, the ribs must be free of the shoulder girdle.

The general reaction/movement patterns that underlie these patterns of tension are discussed in detail in “Clinical Somatic Education — A New Discipline in the Field of Health Care” by Thomas Hanna.

Closer observation may reveal that in breathing, certain ribs move more than others. Areas over less mobile ribs often feel ticklish or sore. Such areas deserve special attention.

To get your client to relax their neck, especially their scalenes, can also make a big difference in breathing.


The intercostals do more than mechanically move the ribs in breathing; they also create the sensations of emotion and attitude. Their patterns of contraction create these familiar feelings.

When the intercostals contract the ribs in chronic sorrow, for example, we may find asthma. They may also chronically expand the ribs, in the posture of boistrousness and self-aggrandizement (“puffing oneself up”) — a possible compensation for feelings of inferiority or fear (which coincide with a contracted rib cage). The following sequences address both conditions.

In general, Hanna Somatic Education Practitioners do a special Breathing lesson only after they have done lessons that address the major contraction patterns of stress and injury.


1. Free the diaphragm.
2. Free the shoulders from the ribs.
3. Free the ribs from each other (intercostals)
4. Integrate rib and shoulder movements.
5. Free the upper ribs from the neck (scalenes).

Other, substantially more sophisticated maneuvers that evolved out of this approach generate the other changes called for in the sequence listed at the start of the instructional section of this article.

Improving Breathing | clinical somatic education technique

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

http://feeds.wordpress.com/1.0/comments/lawrencegold.wordpress.com/372/ Improving Breathing | clinical somatic education technique Lawrence Gold https://lawrencegold.wordpress.com/2015/07/10/improving-breathing-clinical-somatic-education-technique-lawrence-gold/

Free Your Psoas | Locating the Center of Breathing, INSTRUCTION Lawrence Gold

The Psoas Muscles and Breathing
There is a center of breathing — at the region of the diaphragm/solar plexus.
Common breathing instructions would have you breathe into the belly. While this instruction is appropriate for people who are “chest breathers”, as a compensatory instruction, it’s not the final word.

Abdominal breathing instructions liken the diaphragm to a piston that, as it draws out of the chest cavity, produces a suction — inhalation. However, this view is incomplete and actually leads to restriction of the chest, as people overcompensate, breathing into the belly, which, though better than breathing with the chest (so-called, “deep” breathing, which is actually shallow breathing), is less than optimal and has side effects on posture.

Those side effects include tension patterns that disturb balance and movement, including walking.

Walking is the “psoas connection”; the psoas muscles initiate walking movements. The tendons of the iliopsoas muscles “interleave” with those of the diaphragm at the high end of the lumbar spine; movements of one affect movements of the other. So improper breathing from outside the center of breathing causes us to initiate movement from a location other than our central core, contributing to tension and awkwardness (that can be recognized as awkward only in contrast to the feelings of well-integrated movement, which people typically do not have, and which this exercise provides).

In optimal breathing, we expand more like balloons, with the center of breathing being the expansion point and with the breath producing sensations at least to the floor of the pelvis and into the head.

The exercise taught here teaches you how to find that central location and then, after a bit of practice leaves you breathing naturally into and from the center of breathing without any special effort to do so.

ARTICLES: http://ezinearticles.com/?Your-Psoas-Muscles—Understanding-Them,-Freeing-Them-and-Integrating-Them&id=3815150 | http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Psoas-Muscles-and-Abdominal-Exercises-For-Back-Pain&id=102447

See the other exercises: http://somatics.com/psoas_muscle_pain_treatment.htm

PURCHASE ENTIRE PROGRAM: http://somatics.com/page7-psoas.htm

BLOG: http://lawrencegoldsomatics.blogspot.com/2010/01/inner-psoas-well-tempered-psoas-freeing.html

HOME WEBSITE: http://somatics.com/psoas_muscle_pain_treatment.htm

FIRST VIEW, THEN DO : Improves breathing capacity, makes breathing easier, relaxes trunk tensions, reshapes the chest.

Clinical Somatic Education: A New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

http://feeds.wordpress.com/1.0/comments/lawrencegold.wordpress.com/370/ Free Your Psoas | Locating the Center of Breathing, INSTRUCTION Lawrence Gold https://lawrencegold.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/free-your-psoas-locating-the-center-of-breathing-instruction-lawrence-gold/

Comforting Your S-I Joints, Sacral Position self-appraisal

To confirm whether you have a twisted sacrum, do this self-appraisal.

You also do self-appraisal before every practice session of Comforting Your S-I Joints — necessary to know for which side to do the exercises — and sacral position has been observed to change from session to session, so do it every time.

To get the complete program, Comforting Your S-I Joints, visit http://somatics.com/page7-S-I.htm

Read the full write-up on the condition at http://lawrencegoldsomatics.blogspot.com/2011/04/understanding-sacro-iliac-joints.html

http://feeds.wordpress.com/1.0/comments/lawrencegold.wordpress.com/368/ S I Joint Pain, Sacral Position self appraisal 2015 7 2 Lawrence Gold https://lawrencegold.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/s-i-joint-pain-sacral-position-self-appraisal-2015-7-2-lawrence-gold/

Comfort Your S I Joints | Gentle Spine Waves to Relax Your Back 2015 7 2 Lawrence Gold

Comfort Your S I Joints | Gentle Spine Waves to Relax Your Back 2015 7 2

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

http://feeds.wordpress.com/1.0/comments/lawrencegold.wordpress.com/364/ Comfort Your S I Joints | Gentle Spine Waves to Relax Your Back 2015 7 2 Lawrence Gold https://lawrencegold.wordpress.com/2015/07/02/comfort-your-s-i-joints-gentle-spine-waves-to-relax-your-back-2015-7-2-lawrence-gold/