Why The TetraSeed Awakening Procedures

A T T E N T I O N:

Finding Yourself Out and the Way Out

-- preparatory "horse training" --
-- You're the horse. | You're also the trainer. --

  1. People of mediocre or even exceptional bent seek consolations for the chronic distresses of life ("stress") by fulfillment of egoic motivations for successes and even victory -- consolations to distract, counteract or cover up the distresses.

  2. Others seek relief from distresses by exempting themselves from the world -- or relationships.

  3. The native or inherent state of the Ground of Being is without form, center, location, boundary, size, signal, or quality. It is the Ground of Being -- everywhere and nowhere in particular -- void of definition -- but is not a state of annihilation, nor is it potentiality. It is the substance of all else, but most essentially, consciousness, the substance of space from which all things and persons arise, consolidate, and move, inherently present, eternal.

  4. The TetraSeed is the deep structure of all egos, whatever an ego's form or content may be. It is the structure of reality. But its nature is inherently void of definition. By assuming all conditional forms, it assumes definition -- temporarily -- and becomes the functions of ego and of all experience. The TetraSeed is the universal identity of ego and of world because it is without identity of its own, but becomes all.

  5. Whatever strategies egos assume for the sake of consolation -- fulfillment, success, and victory -- or for relief by self-exemption from relationships, those strategies are temporary configurations of each individual self. Those strategies are artifacts of mind, not of inherent reality, and are untrue.

  6. Because it is inherently void, the TetraSeed is essentially one-and-the-same as the formless Ground of Being. Because it temporarily assumes all forms and identities, it is essentially one-with-conditional-reality. It is both and limited to neither. It is the "channel between" the unmanifest and the manifest, inherent in all living beings.

  7. Represented by concepts (such as, IMAGINATION, INTENTION, MEMORY, and ATTENTION), it is not those concepts. As an actuality, it is undefined intensity that can nevertheless be felt, intuitively. It can be registered as such only when attention is free of ensnarement by the qualities of existence, which otherwise distract from the bare feeling-intuition of the TetraSeed as the Primal Integrity. Concepts are only a means of drawing intuition wordlessly to what may only be intuited as the substantiality common to all matters of existence. Everything feels like a "something there", regardless of the particulars. Some call it, "is-ness" or "I-am-ness".

  8. When the TetraSeed is intuited as Primal Integrity, the force of ego is revealed and intuited as a mere intensity of density, no longer as "self". The confusion of ego identification with conditions (the grip of memory) ceases and ego loses its density, its form, and its status as an identity. "The dreary, skin-encapsulated ego" is freely witnessed, no longer "identified with", while the formless Ground of Being is tacitly assumed as, "natural self".

  9. Then, the distresses that motivate programs of fulfillment, success, and victory -- or of self-exemption -- no longer motivate. They dissolve and dissipate. In that awakening, The Ground of Being in its native state is spontaneously intuited as the native or inherent condition of self -- formless and natural.

  10. Over time, this process of awakening becomes increasingly comprehensive.

  11. Because the TetraSeed is the primal structure by which the unmanifest spontaneously forms into forms, intuition of its Primal Integrity gives rise to intelligence and capability without the confusions of ensnarement in limiting conditions. The channel of imagination opens without (or with progressively less and less) ego-noise, creatively giving rise to forms that are functionally clear, to coherent creativity (rather to arbitrary "creative ego-noise"). Duality (which is a concept, only) becomes less and less binding, but freely usable.

  12. That's why The TetraSeed Awakening procedures are a viable means of both functional fulfillment and of release from ego, conceptual mind, and apparently binding conditions. That's why The TetraSeed Awakening procedures are sufficient as a means of both fulfillment and of transcendence -- seamlessly combining with and effectively supporting programs of fulfillment, success, and victory, whenever they are followed -- and making self-exemption unnecessary.

  13. Those seeking only (1) ego fulfillment -- however idealistic -- or (2) ego-self-exemption will overlook The TetraSeed Awakening procedures because they involve ego-transcendence, rather than ego-glorification -- and true awakening from and transcendence of ego-mind and its programs is not part of their program of seeking.
So, now, I ask, "Why?"

yours truly,

PS: The sense that what is written above is, "elusive", or that its meaning quickly evaporates is a sign of its truth, since it represents the "channel between" the manifest and the unmanifest.

Be well, eat your vegetables -- and never argue with a mime.