What Does 'Head-over-Heels' Mean?


Not moving-toward.




In Greek mythology, there exists the story of the hero, Perseus.

Perseus was known for having slain the Gorgon, Medusa, one of the three Gorgon sisters known for their beauty.

The goddess, Athena, transformed Medusa's appearance so that any man who looked upon her turned to stone (hence, the mission to slay her). According to the Greek storyteller, Ovid, the once beautiful Medusa was punished by Athena with a hideous appearance and loathsome snakes for hair for having been raped in Athena's temple by Poseidon. Punishment for having been raped -- not fair and not sensible.

There is a more sensible interpretation, one that fits common experience. Men are commonly "petrified" (turned to stone -- immobilized) by the appearance of a beautiful woman, so that they cannot approach her. This reaction may be an development of Nature to protect beautiful women from men. The snakes-for-hair in the Medusa story help "explain" why men turned to stone -- a literary device.

The "petrified" part goes with "head over heels", entranced.

When standing, most of our weight goes through our heels -- more or less centered around a place on the heel just behind where the little toe ends, but inward.

Off center is off-balance.

Balanced is centered.

Head-over-Heels is balanced, but not going anywhere.

However, it is a good position to go anywhere, from.

However, most people are off-center and off-balance, and so the term, "Head-over-Heels" has come to mean its opposite -- off-balance -- because, in the general vernacular, "Head-over-Heels" means, "in love". People apply it to themselves to signify feeling emotionally off-balance.

And There We Are -- another case of "inverted meanings".

Here's The Invertor for reversing "inverted meanings".

The Invertor

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On Thinking Beyond Words

Those whose center of understanding is the conceptual mind (words) are plodding thinkers and plodding speakers. They make no leaps of understanding and they communicate no leaps of understanding, but just understand, superficially, and communicate word-to-word.

Such thinkers are predominantly memory-based. (Such people are political "Conservatives" (not conservative) -- and consumer-drones).

Thinking beyond words requires the center of understanding to be feeling-intuition -- the "grounding" of meaning by which words get meaning. Leaps of understanding are bridged by feeling-intuition.

 Appeal to Feeling-Intuition

Such thinkers are integrated memory-imagination based. (Such people are political "Progressives" (yes) -- and creative people like Einstein, Tesla, and Feynman, Jefferson and Madison, Charlemagne, Mozart, Dali, Adi Da, (and others) -- "cultural creatives" (and disruptor/iconoclasts) who contribute the basis of civilization -- and correct its course).

(When people are predominantly imagination-based -- or their imagination is biased by species- or tribal-memory -- they are lunatics -- e.g., "Q-anon" types and authoritarian dictators of all kinds, "conspiracy theorists" -- ungrounded and flaky.)

12,000 years of human history ...
12,000 years of accumulated feeling-tones stored in memory
12,000 years of remembered "knowledge" (world-views) ...
12,000 years of conglomeration and consolidation
12,000 years of ego-formation, dense and self-perpetuating...
12,000 years of conflict, confusion, self-assertion, and power-seeking

and that doesn't take into account what preceded human history ... millions of years of primitive survival adaptation

All forms of information both reinforce -- and ultimately contradict (or are, in feeling, identical to, but in direction, opposed to) -- one another.

That's why and how stupidity has become confused with intelligence and why anxiety and stress are so prevalent.

Humans have learned how to accumulate, but few have learned how to selectively eliminate. It all piles up into the islands of intelligence within the mass of stupidity we see and hear about, today.

If humans don't learn why and how to eliminate, but only seek to accumulate and protect, then "the slate" must be wiped clean.

If humans don't learn why and how to eliminate, then the species must be culled.

Welcome to Earth.


a few words...

How to eliminate, selectively, to free intelligence of the "ballast" of accumulated human experience:

The Gold Key Release