Density and Imagination | Memory and Mystery

Imagination is like a hot air balloon
and Memory is like ballast.

Imagination is emergence from, and in, Mystery
of something new.

Mystery has the quality of openness.

Remembering is the persistence and consolidation
of what has emerged in and from Mystery.

Remembering has the quality of density, of momentum, of perpetuation.

Imagination may turn toward and open to the mystery inherent in any kind of experience.
Experience, however we may anticipate it,
still is a mystery until known in the very moment.

Imagination may simply open, to be Mystery, itself.

The mouth of Imagination apprehends something new
in the Unknown Present Moment,
which it captures and consolidates
and which stays stored in the stomach of memory --
sometimes giving us Existential Heartburn (angst ..... urrpp).

The TetraSeed is a Dynamic Play of Knowledge and Mystery

The TetraSeed consists of two parts mystery
and two parts "knowledge".

The two parts of mystery are
and imagining.

You may notice that to the degree that your imagining is vague,
so also is your power of intending,
as if you're not quite sure what your're intending.

Imagining is Openness to the Unknown Unknown.

The two parts of knowledge are
attending to
and remembering.

You may notice that what you attend to
you tend to remember.

Remembering is Assuming that Something is Known.

Something is known (remembered)
in the face of the Unknown Unknown (openness to imagining the Unknown).

The two, mystery and knowledge,
exist in a mutual interplay.

Intending with Attending
Imagining and Remembering.

When we intend to pay attention, we attend.
When we imagine remembering, we remember.

Dynamic interplay in the inter-transformation of knowledge and mystery.