Who's on First?

A soma is a heirarchical holonic process
experienced as clusters of abilities and memories
organized into collections called, "skillsets" and "behaviors"

fine units of function, the physiology
integrating into larger units of function, behavior

forming cohesive patterns of interrelationship
that persist over time, changing slowly

and also trauma clusters, called "complexes"
and shadow material

manifested physically

on autopilot
tuner-and-receiver of all that is, more or less,
memory running the show
with steering
from the sense of integrated identity
made of whatever personal resources are available.

The feeling of being something
is the field, what some call "energy" or "consciousness".
The movement of self as a coherent modulating whole
we call, "matter" or "body".

They are the inner and the outer of the same thing
closer than yin and yang.

We congeal our attention
into clots of memory
that we call, "ourselves" and "others",
and believe
because of the presence of memory
that we exist in a basic sense
as "ourselves", somehow centrally definable.
The sense of "centrality" isn't centrality.
It's the sense of integration, of synchrony, of balance.

We modulate, our attention moving as mind and senses.
The body conforms and moves.
The whole "I" moves.
We experience "I" as soma
and soma as "I".

The sense of soma is the sense of modulation.
"I" is a way of modulating that becomes, "ourselves" --
for the moment.

We can be perfectly comfortable
without running around as
presenting ourselves as
(or preventing ourselves from being)
an identity.
Naked of identity.

And don't let them tell you otherwise
or if you do, let them know they'll have me to contend with
and I ain't no slouch.