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The "Middle Way" Memory Matrix Ritual
(Defining the Key and Playing The Fugue)
or just
The Memory Matrix Integration Procedure
Fully Revealing and Cutting Gordian Knots

A Power-Contemplation/Transformation Process

WHAT does the name of this procedure mean?

  • "MIDDLE-WAY" refers to avoiding getting stuck in extremes of experience -- or to getting unstuck. It doesn't mean, adhering to a "center of moderation".
  • "MEMORY MATRIX" refers to the memory of related things charged with intention and refusal.
  • "RITUAL" refers to a sequence of meaningful acts intended to generate a change of mind-state.

The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual is a procedure to free ourselves from the traps of specific kinds of very difficult, very sticky, very obscure conditioning.

The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual enables us to extricate ourselves and to escape from the influence of  "strangely attractive" memories that shape our choices and our destiny without our understanding or even being aware of it. "Strangely attractive", in this sense, refers to any experience that can captivate us, en-trance us, and entice, seduce, or guide us to a particular destiny.

This procedure works by comparing pairs of related experiences to each other, intending them and refusing them, in every possible combination. I know that sounds complicated. That's why there's a structured procedure to follow.

In the process, what has been obscure becomes obvious. What has been too subtle to distinguish becomes clear. What has been only fleetingly perceptible "holds still" for a good, solid look. That's how it's a "power contemplation" procedure.

The Pre-requisite for Doing The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual

YOU ARE FIT AND READY TO DO THIS PROCEDURE when you are proficient at practicing The Gold Key Release to a successful resultWithout that proficiency, you will lack the familiarity with the experience of release needed for The Memory Matrix Ritual to do its work. You need to be familiar with the experience of release and no longer confuse release with "acting out", suppression or repression. (Any description of "release" must remain vague and inadequate until you have directly experienced it.) Everyone with whom I have guided The Gold Key Release has succeeded in one or a few passes through, so its not difficult -- it's just a pre-requisite.

~ -----------o0O0o----------- ~
"When an obstruction ... is recognized, the way to overcome it is to throw the weight of the imagination to the opposite side".
~~ The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
There are two pairs of "opposite sides":
  1. intending to experience something and refusing to experience it
  2. an item and its counterpart (examples follow)
This procedure uses both. You will discover how paradox releases.

"Ya Gotta Wanna." 

~~ The Prime Directive of Somatic Education,
according to Lawrence Gold

The Result of the Procedure

This is an extremely potent procedure, vastly more potent than The Gold Key Release, which is, itself, very potent.

The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual has two results
  1. SELF-KNOWLEDGE: recognition of your deeper, unconscious motivations related to something that's a problem, an "item-of-interest", or "project", for you
  2. FREEDOM: dissolving the grip of those (now-conscious) motivations to such an extent that either:
  • the item-of-interest has no "charge" (substantiality) left (it has lost cohesiveness, and now has the substantiality of smoke) or 
  • you're unable to remember what it was without great effort
What's left is free, neutralized attention and space to have an entirely new relation to that experience, an entirely new kind of experience, but no compulsion to any kind of experience in that space ("area") of life.  It's "disappearance with no sense of loss" -- similar to that of The Gold Key Release, but affecting areas ("spaces") of life that were too difficult to get a handle on (obscured), to use The Gold Key Release.


After doing The Memory Matrix Ritual thoroughly on a pair of items, you may experience a period of intensification later in the day in which the item or items re-appear and you feel helpless to do anything about it. This experience (which I have called, "burnoff") is temporary and generally resolves in a day or two. The helplessness is a sign that you were heavily identified with a way of perceiving and operating, and now that it is dissolving, your sense of yourself as do-er, in that space of life, is also dissolving. This dissolution marks a shift in your way of operating that allows new possibilities and new responses on your part to emerge. You need not do anything about burn-off; it will pass.

This procedure involves seven stages:
  1. Identifying an Item-of-Interest:  a strange attractor/type of entrapment
    -- what you feel stuck with or stuck in
  2. Identifying an Opposing or a Contrasting Condition -- a counterpart to the item-of-interest
  3. Preparing the item for Dissolution
  4. Starting Dissolution
  5. Dissolving Double-Binds
  6. Dissolving Pairs of Mutually-Creating but Unrecognized Conditioning
  7. Clean-up (coming out of the procedure)
Wash, rinse, repeat until clean.
It sounds obscure in the reading; it's clear when you actually do the process.

A word in advance:  If, after you have run the entire process, you are left with "a wad" (something that hasn't dissolved or just won't dissolve), apply The Gold Key Release to it.  Otherwise, expect the items you're working with to disappear in the process.

Since it's my intention that everyone who attempts this procedure succeed with it, I teach this procedure only "live" and not by written word. That way, in case you hit any "snafus", I can speed you through them.

FRUITFUL PAIRS OF ITEMS to which to apply this procedure: (I have a list of very potent combinations, from my own evolving use of the procedure for my own sake.)
  • Thinking | Feeling
  • Desire | Refusal
  • Steady Attention | Scattered Attention
  • Focused Intention| Undefined Intention
  • Reliable Memory | Sketchy Memory
  • Vivid Imagination | Vague Imagination
  • all advice from well-meaning parents, friends, experts, pundits, mavens, teachers, gurus, and the traditions, including spiritual traditions: states, realizations, achievements, aspirations, ideals | and | the problems that such advice is intended to solve
In the beginning of practice, you may find it easier to choose concrete items -- such as your parents, your boss, or your job.  With practice, you may work on more abstract items.

The curriculum for Intelligent Empowerment 101 contains these and a host of other "interesting" items to pass through The Memory Matrix Ritual, all designed to bring intelligence to and free us from habitual, unconscious conditioning, so we may live more intelligently and create more freely.

M O R E    P R O C E D U R E S

  • The Gold Key Release
  • The Set-Up procedure (simplest version and fully-elaborated version)
  • The Crystal Crown procedure
  • Thor's Hammer
  • The Lightening Bold/Thunderclap
  • The Spell-maker | The Spell-Breaker
  • The Wish-Fulfilling Gem
  • The "Vajra" Self-Rectifying Process
As I stated, earlier, it's my intention that everyone succeed with these procedures, so I confine instruction (except for The Gold Key Release) to person-to-person (live-on-line) occasions. Click, here, to inquire about personal instruction.

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2014 Lawrence Gold

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  1. if we are trying to release the few from the grips of polarized conflict...just by realizing the sensed polarity could begin the liberation? example: when someone is talking - ask them to pause and consider the polarity of the statement and explore the opposing view. (since most of us do get rewarded for playing a brand identity, and all identities are purposeful) also, until a person has reached the realization of self deception, there is probably little or no motivation to clean up?