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A T T E N T I O N:

Finding Yourself Out and the Way Out

-- preparatory "horse training" --
-- You're the horse. | You're also the trainer. --

on to the basics of
The Gold Key Release:
a Way to Absorb and Transcend the Bumps of Circumstances  
(since improved upon;
to be updated)

Optimal use: 
Listen once before doing.
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In this procedure, we're working with memory, intention, attention, and imagination -- four processes that, together, seem to account for the entirety of human consciousness.

Of those four, memory is the one most familiar to people, in general. The others commonly remain somewhat tenuous, to us.

In this entry, I will deliver The Gold Key Release to you in a way you can use as intended -- for the sake of opening freedom.  I will do so in short order. 

Later, I will help firm up your sense of memory and the other functions with explanations, descriptions, and more, so you get an "in-self impression" of how these four functions combine into faculties we exercise in ordinary life -- such as desire, deliberate intention, and others. 

It may seem odd that four functions can account for the entirety of possible experiences, but they do seem to.

For instance, do you know this one?

The Frustrated Control Freak Stress TetraSeed
All four facets combine (in feeling) to create the experience
of being a frustrated control freak.

in Well-Known Transformational Teachings

Memory is our sense of anything at all persisting at some level of intensity.  That includes our at-present-moment experience, since our ability to recognize anything in the present moment depends upon memory.  You've got to know something like it in order to recognize it. Our sense of anything and everything is memory; our imagination "fits" our memories to what we are sensing and that's what makes things seem recognizable. I'm not saying experience is based on memory; I'm saying that it is memory -- and the three other functions: imagination, attention, and intention.

Our sense of the solidity or actuality or substantiality or reality of reality is memory -- filled out by the three other functions.

Memory forms when we have both attention on something and an intention toward it -- whether conscious and deliberate or automatic.

Imagination [times][ x ] Persistence ==> Memory


actuality, certainty of Reality, solid truth


possibility and expectation,
"fantasy and ideas coming to me"
dream-like or daydream-like

The Teeth of The Gold Key
Every key has teeth.
The teeth fit and unlock the lock.

When you match 
the lock of your invisible limiting conditioning
with the steps of The Gold Key,
you experience a Release
that feels like a Transcendent "Kiss",
a Kiss of Dissolution into Formlessness:

(an actual sensation)

As the mind-habits that keep you going round and round
in "the same old same old"
dissolve and dissipate
you come free to move in new ways -- 
naturally, spontaneously, more fittingly.

(NOTE: "an actual sensation" means that you don't just come away thinking that you are supposed to get some result, soon, maybe later; it's that you vividly feel a change in yourself -- immediately -- something distinct, something unusual, something substantial, something that releases you to feel more 
natural and different -- more like yourself.)

Herein are the teeth of the Gold Key:

The words I use in these instructions are intended to point to felt meanings, not, to be exact, to "word ideas". I mean you to feel what I say in each instruction. Catch the feeling you get the moment you hear the words.

In each step, get and hold your attention into the feeling and wait for attention to get steadier or the feeling to get more vivid before doing the next step.

Apply each next step in The Gold Key Release to the continuing sensation of the preceding step. At each step, take whatever comes up and work with it. Do not edit, qualify, validate, or reason about it. Whatever comes up, take and work with it. It will change, as needed, during subsequent passes through the Release.

Use the exact wording shown, without paraphrasing (at least not until you are proficient enough to improvise improvements).

(If you want to know why, try paraphrasing and compare.)

  • Remember something - - anything - -  and notice what "remembering" feels like.
  • Imagine something - - anything - - and notice what "imagining" feels like.
Alternate and repeat until you can clearly tell the difference -- and the connection between imagining and remembering. 

One difference has to do with the degree of density of the experience and with the deliberateness with which you hold it.  

Remembering feels solid; imagining feels ephemeral or likely to disappear if effort isn't maintained. . . . . and the connection? That's for you to find out.

(Here's a little hint: (HINT:) If you do it enough times, the imagining gets remembered, so imagining becomes remembering.)

Identify the item whose grip you want to unlock.

Your item may be one of those, below. 
(Choose one and make note of possibly interesting others -- or make up your own.) 
In the beginning stage of practice, you may choose a specific instance or occasion  (memory you have) in which you experienced one of the items, below.  As you get better, you will become able to deal with the conditions, below, in general, rather than requiring specific memories on which to run a Gold Key Release.

So, select an item that has some intensity, to you.
  • anything that bothers you
  • anger
  • sorrow
  • fear
  • guilt
  • shame
  • (more ... to be suggested in The Gold Key Release Training)
  • Be artful and clever!  Do a thorough Gold Key Release on the feeling you have from reading this entry!
In the very beginning, you may or may not have enough "presence of mind" to catch yourself in moments of life that are persistent patterns. Those would be a good "item", but you've got to catch yourself at them. 
If there's something you think to yourself, often, that's it. If you're buried in a mood, that's a good one.  If you're in a situation that brings up strong emotions, that's a good one. When you recognize one of those, it must occur to you to do The Gold Key Release.  
Rule of thumb: If it bothers you, THAT'S A GOOD ONE!!!
The examples, above, are good to get your "pilot light" lit. In a formal Gold Key Release on-line course, I can provide more, an more interesting, "items".

(Click here to hear an explanation of the steps.)

"Holding the Lock in Your Hand"

Regarding your selected, "work-with" item:

State it to yourself three times, distinctly.

          |   | Feel, "having it".
          |   | Notice where you feel it, in you. 

          |   | Feel  the substance of its intensity.
          |   | Notice the shape of its intensity.

          |   | Feel:  Is it more like intending, or refusing?
                 Start with whichever is more:
          |   | Think to yourself: "Refusing it."
                 [ or Intending it.. ]

          |   | Think to yourself: "Intending it. Intending it."
                 [ or "
Refusing it. Refusing it." ]
          |   | Think to yourself: "Refusing it. Refusing it."
                 [ or Intending it. Intending it. ]

          | ! | Feel how it all matters.
          | ! | Feel how "it mattering involves me" (yourself).

"It mattering involves me" means,  "I'm the one who decides that it matters" or "for whom it matters" or "to whom it matters".

Unlocking the Lock: 

| ! | Think to yourself: "It's true. It's true." Feel what you feel.
| ! | Think to yourself: "It's untrue. It's untrue . . . It's untrue." Feel what you feel.

|1 | Think to yourself: "It's true."
|1 | Think to yourself: "It's untrue, it's untrue." 

|1 | Think to yourself: "It's true, it's true." 
|  | Remember the feeling of, "It's true, it's true." 

|  | Remember the feeling of, "It's untrue, it's untrue." 
|  | Remember the feeling of, "It's true, it's true." 
|  | Remember the feeling of, "It's untrue, it's untrue." 
|2| Allow how remembering involves imagining.
|3| Stop imagining.
|= | Allow it to dissolve, and dissipate. Awaken.
(|=| The Transcendent Kiss feeling occurs.)
[ using the tongue mudra during or after]

Jiggling the Key: (if it the release doesn't happen easily)
| ! | Imagine remembering.
| ! | Remember imagining. 
| ! | Imagine remembering. 
| ! | Repeat indefinitely until you get a shift (not many repetitions will be needed).
|*| Stop imagining.  Awaken. 
(|=| The Transcendent "Kiss" occurs.
[ using tongue mudra during or after ]

When you're brand new at this, you may not get vivid feeling perceptions at first; you  may feel like nothing is happening or that you're not doing it right.  Do it again. And again.  After a few times through, you will get vivid (and familiar) perceptions during the procedure and wake up more completely. After that, you will get vivid perceptions much more quickly.

If you want me to coach you through it to show you the "teeth", click coaching;  with your permission, we may record the session for instructional purposes or posterity, whichever comes first.

ESPECIALLY POTENT: As soon as you feel The Transcendent Kiss feeling, go into The Tongue Mudra. Click the link to learn how to do The Tongue Mudra. Using The Tongue Mudra causes faster and more complete releases to occur.

Let each Transcendent "Kiss" fulfill itself before moving to the next step of The Gold Key Release. Let it spread through you before continuing.

SPECIAL, FOR "VERY UNBALANCED" ITEMS in which either "It's True" or "It's Untrue" feel altogether true to the exclusion of the other:

Use the technique, below, only once you're accustomed to doing The Gold Key Release and know what dissolution feels like.

For now, try the words, below, for experience:

At the, "It's true!" step, follow this sequence:

"It's true!  It's untrue!  It's true!  It's true!"

Pause and feel what comes up.

"It's untrue!  It's true!  It's untrue!  It's untrue!"

Pause and feel (optimally, at each step).

for persistent (very dense) items:
At the, "It's true!" step, follow this (entire) sequence:

| "It's true!  It's true!"
| "It's untrue!  It's untrue! It's untrue!"
| "It's true!  It's true!"
| "It's untrue!  It's untrue!  It's untrue!"
| "It's true!  It's true!"
| "It's untrue!  It's untrue!  It's untrue!"

Pause and feel until your attention steadies (optimally, at each step).

This formulation helps balance out bias in either direction -- "It's true!" or "It's untrue!". That balance much eases recognition and release.  Play with it once you've gotten accustomed to the procedure.

A More Detailed Look at The Gold Key Release

in Well-Known Transformational Teachings
"The Secret" | Effortless Manifestation | The Work, and others.

Esoteric Somatics and Tibetan Buddhism
on domains in and to which TetraSeed Modulations may be "interestingly" applied

“To study the Buddha Way is to study the self.
To study the self is to forget the self.
To forget the self is to be actualized by myriad things.
When actualized by myriad things,
your body and mind as well as the bodies
and minds of others drop away.
No trace of enlightenment remains,
and this no-trace continues endlessly.”

~~ Dogen Zenji

copyright 2014 Lawrence Gold
This writing may be reproduced only in its entirety
with accurate attribution of authorship.



  1. What incredible tools. The "golden key" helped release pain I wasn't paying attention to. I have attempted to apply the "Memory Matrix Release" but can only get to "Preparing the Trap for Dissolution" phase, which resulted in a sense of calm, but opened the door to bigger paradigms. The pain/memory association went from "feeling intimidated by another" to "caring vs. apathy". Such a actually have a tool to work with rather than just wait for the environment/body to show the density. Your tools are much more efficient! My deepest gratitude,
    your friend,
    Melissa Laudiero

    Specific description (if you're interested), my initial "complaint" was very specific...I didn't like how intimidated I felt by a certain co-worker- [felt bodily in my liver area], after gold key release (gkr) #1 reassessment it felt broader...I feel like my coworkers think I'm incompetent, [felt bodily in my stomach]...
    gkr #2 I worry about what others think of me [felt bodily in my heart- dull, generalized pain]
    gkr #3 same complaint as #2, but pain in smaller area of heart, more sharp.
    gkr #4 requested help from guides to clear the memory as I was working with gkr. Received warm calm...reassesed no charge. Proceeded to Memory Matrix
    Tried to bring up memory, but now it wasn't was more generic.
    Care vs. Apathy
    This will be a work in progress. I will continue to develop proficiency, but for now I'm satisfied with learning step 1.

  2. I am comparing it to some other transformative practices taken in the last 3 decades. I do believe you are onto something missing in some of the standardized practices. After running this over a month now as needed, I can see how it assists my work as a Licensed Massage Therapist working in post trauma field. I am exploring how running it like a meditation sequence might help those requiring a mantra type background white noise. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  3. Lawrence, have you found this works with people with aphantasia? It's the imagining that I have difficulty with.
    I shall persevere as I definitely feeling a little movement, but will be grateful for any guidance you can give me. Thank you Karen

  4. Hi, Karen,

    Look up, The Crystal Crown Procedure on this blog or in my YouTube channel, "Lawrence9Gold". It consists of four secions or "legs" that turn on the four operations of intelligence, attention, intention, memory, and imagination.

    These are not four operations of intelligence that we "have", but four options that we ARE. Likewise, aphantasia isn't something you "have", but a condition of your adaptation or maturation.

    Work with The Crystal Crown procedure.

    1. Thank you very much Lawrence. I shall do that.

    2. Hi Lawrence,

      Thank you for your advice. I find your comments very interesting. I have no recollection of ever having the ability to visualise or see in my 'mind's eye', so am curious to know more about 'adaption or maturation'. It would be wonderful to have the ability to imagine visually. I have been following the 5 videos you have on YouTube to work with the Crystal Crown procedure (thank you) but wondered if you have the steps in print somewhere to save time and make it easier to learn the procedure for myself. I have searched through the blog to no avail.

      Also, fairly recently Exeter University in the UK started carrying out research on aphantasia and I thought you may want to share your own research and findings with them. Just in case below is a link to an article.

      Warm regards