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The Spell-Breaker/Maker

The TetraSeed of Every Experience

The Spell-Maker/Breaker uses an incantation composed of the elements of the TetraSeed -- Attending, Imagining, Intending, and Remembering -- either to construct or deconstruct an experience.  "Construct"is another word for, "manifest".

It's practical to do the Spell-Breaker, first, to dissolve obstructions to what we would create with the Spell-Maker. "Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time." We make space, first.

In constructing or deconstructing, order makes a difference. 

To deconstruct (dissolve the subtle underpinning of) an experience, you use the following order:

First, you identify the resisted experience, to yourself (e.g., falsehood).  Putting your attention of the feeling of it, you do the following actions:

  1. Remember [falsehood]; intend [falsehood].
  2. Intend [falsehood]; remember [falsehood].
  3. Remember [falsehood]; imagine [falsehood].
  4. Imagine [falsehood]; remember [falsehood].
  5. Remember [falsehood]; attend to [falsehood].
  6. Attend to [falsehood]; imagine [falsehood]. 
  7. Imagine [falsehood]; attend to [falsehood].
  8. Attend to [falsehood]; intend [falsehood].
  9. Intend [falsehood]; attend to [falsehood].
  10. Attend to [falsehood]; remember [falsehood].
  11. Imagine [falsehood]; intend [falsehood].
  12. Intend [falsehood]; imagine [falsehood].
At some point, you may have trouble remembering the item or the next step. That's not a sign of failure; it's a sign of success. The condition is disappearing or the charge on it is disappearing and you're having trouble locating it, anymore.

This is not a thinking exercise. Those are instructions for actions. You do them and experience them. You may also repeat any step a number of times to get a more vivid perception before moving to the next step.

To construct (create the subtle underpinning of) an experience, you use the following order:

First, you identify the desired experience, to yourself (e.g., personal integrity).  Putting your attention of the feeling of it, you do the following steps:

  1. Attend to [personal integrity]; remember [personal integrity].
  2. Remember [personal integrity]; attend to [personal integrity].
  3. Attend to [personal integrity]; intend [personal integrity].
  4. Intend [personal integrity]; attend to [personal integrity].
  5. Attend to [personal integrity]; imagine [personal integrity].
  6. Imagine [personal integrity]; intend [personal integrity].
  7. Intend [personal integrity]; imagine [personal integrity].
  8. Imagine [personal integrity]; remember [personal integrity].
  9. Remember [personal integrity]; imagine [personal integrity].
  10. Imagine [personal integrity]; attend to [personal integrity].
  11. Intend [personal integrity]; remember [personal integrity].
  12. Remember [personal integrity]; intend [personal integrity].

Incantation involves repetition.  You cycle through the steps repeatedly (as needed), until you clear up confusion and internal contradiction and you get either an immediate experience of the desired condition -- or -- all charge on the condition disappears and you are left with the experience of voidness.

You may repeat any step more than one time to get a more vivid result, prior to continuing to the next step. Experiment.

The process will reveal yourself to yourself.

If you discover a "fix" (a "wad") that doesn't dissolve or change at any step of the procedure, you may do either The Gold Key Release or The Lightning Bolt on it until it dissolves or releases -- then continue where you left off.

Test my words.

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