The Startle Reflex and The Banana

Everything comes more or less as a surprise, to us.
The moment of surprise is a moment of startle.
It may be just a little startle or maybe a big jumping startle.

Generally, the more chronically startled we already are (and maybe used to being), the more easily startled we are, and the more little surprises seem like big surprises.

The moment of startle is the moment of focussing.

In the moment of startle, we focus on what has startled us.

True, yes?

The moment of focus is a moment of directed attention and -- in the mood of startle -- the moment of a response of some sort -- to some degree habitual and automatic ("reaction") and to some degree spontaneously new and finely tuned ("response").

The state of startle may be of short, momentary duration
or of lengthy duration,
of small degree,
of great degree --
largely dependent on how ready we are to be startled and how long we stay startled.

"Startled" is an arousal state.

"Startled" subsides into "attentive" -- more or less poised for the arousal of a felt intention
-- quicker when there's already a memory in place that we imagine to be similar to this moment of present experience.

"Oversurprised" leads to over-focussing -- over-startle. At such times, it's helpful to relax, do a Gold Key Release, and de-locate. Have a banana.

In de-location, surprise settles into attentive communion.

Have a banana?

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