Just How Whacky Are We? and one deeply somatic reason, why

If you were to check, you'd find that there's a whole lot out there written about our civilization's calendar (as opposed to your business calendar).

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In it, you will find reference to the ancient Mayan Calendar, which named units of time in accordance with natural cycles -- the day, the lunar month, the year, and large clusters of years in larger and larger units.

Here, I talk about how our civilization's calendar is partly what keeps everybody nuts.

Here's the gist of it:
Our current civilization's calendar,
with its length-of-month idiosyncrasies
odd, chipped last day of the year,
and leap years
is highly irregular.

In nature, all beings are attuned to the day
in a biological cycle called, The Circadian Rhythm,
regulated by the starting and ending of day and night,
a regular, though very slowly changing,
daily cycle that helps us to stay regular
while at the same time we change a little, day-by-day.

In present-day civilization
we lunatic humans
are attuned to a combination of
the Gregorian Calender and The Julian Calendar --
a sheerly artificial and makeshift arrangement
  • organized mythologically (the names of the days of the week),
  • egotistically (the names of the months of the year),
  • and ethnically (the starting year of the year-count).
  • The Western Calendar's ethnicity is Christianity.
  • There's a Jewish Calendar and
  • a Chinese Calendar
-- all of which have different years in today's date.

Moreover, technogical work-a-day civilization,
based upon the clock and business schedule,
puts us out of synch from even the circadian rhythm:

24/7 businesses in which the lights stay on
and so those who work there are out of phase with their own biological refreshment rhythms, 
and the common habit of technological day-time human
in which we arise, not with the sun, but with our work schedule
and retire not with sundown, but with our entertainment schedule.

We are no longer allowed -- or allow ourselves -- to be enlivened by the light of our sun
nor pacified by the waning of light into darkness,
but driven into disturbance
by human idiocies, wherever they occur:

  • in politics and the work-a-day incompetence and mediocrity of other humans, 
  • in low-grade entertainment, which is supposed to make us feel better in the midst of all of that
  • and in the news (see, human idiocies), which feeds people's need to worry --
when we should be returning to a saner equilibrium as part of our healthy self-restoration and preparation.


Human beings dislocated from the natural regulating and enlivening rhythms
go nuts. They're wacky.

Add coffee (a daytime stimulant often taken at evening)
and alcohol (a nighttime depressant often taken during the daytime)
and they're completely deranged and incapable of locating equilibrium,
which is to say, sanity,


They want to do something more
to make themselves feel better --

like take over the Western World

-- instead of settling their disturbance
in part, by getting back in synch with the
natural-order, world-inherent
well-regulated, healing-restoration-and-growth rhythm cycles.

They're completely whacked-out,
despite having their hands on the controls of
The World Money-and-Power Game --
and they believe that we, ourselves,
are sufficiently whacked-out
to just let them do it or cheer them on --

and maybe they're right.

In this world, you would have to drop out
(they tried that in the 60s),
go "off the grid",
or you would have to have yourself sufficiently well-together
that your work satisfactorily supports you, financially,
so that you can do your work outside of the clock-and-deadline
mythologically and egotistically-named and calendar-deranged
clock, schedule, and deadline world . . . . .
gradually to regain some of your sanity,
which is to say, your best approximation
of being at peace in the world.

Understand that the Julian and Gregorian Calendars
glorified individuals and mythological gods
and so are products of earlier ways of viewing life  --

in Wilberese, (viz.: Ken Wilber, where "viz." is arabic for "wise-guy").

    Power Gods, Power Trips, "We make the rules", executive branch, Boards of Directors and upper management, high in the money-and-power hierarchy
    Religious Leaders, Cult Leaders, Compulsory Cultural Mores, Rules of Behavior, Law, legislative and judicial branches, corporate culture, and common, traditionalist, unthinking humanity
    Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Innovators Businessmen/women, Standards of Excellence, Scientists, legislative branch (some), corporate culture (some), philosophers, thinkers


contemporary, post-modern, whacky civilization
is built upon and building primarily upon
the first two orientations


and calls itself, inaccurately,

It's sick Capitalism

because these guys are whacky.

Our Capitalism is no more sane
that Soviet Union-era Communism was.

It's been said, here and there, that when we are under sufficient stress, we regress to earlier, more familiar levels of maturity.  We regress into immaturity.

We live in a time when AMBER is the dominant mode, still, though there are both healthy and unhealthy expressions of AMBER happening; and when ORANGE is the largest emerging mode, now largely in control of the socio-economic, Capitalist game, with unhealthy ORANGE giving Capitalism a bad name.

What we see in these whacked-out times
is the regression of the properly-AMBER legislators -- lawmakers --
into RED -- no rules, no holds barred, no sense of honor, no sense of humor --
and the regression of ORANGE business economics into RED,
using the system of laws and power-of-policy
in service to their RED, no rules, no holds barred, behavior.

Meanwhile, Mr. #1 in the Executive Branch,
is sometimes forced to resort to Executive Order --
a substitute legal device that combines
legislative and executive functions --
to which whacky-RED legislators object,
while they, themselves, usurp (illicitly take) the powers of the Executive Branch.


You see how it all fits together?

  • a calendar system that puts us out of synch with natural, regulating cycles
  • a calendar system built upon power and myth
  • a work-and-entertainment system that disturbs cycles of self-refreshment, leading to
  • loss of sanity
and substitute, feel-better refreshment in the form of
  • regressive power games
  • use of stimulants and depressants
  • insane politics and insane economics

How do you "get at" that? -- and you know what I mean.
How we divert that stream of destiny?
How do we clean The Augean Stables

Where is Hercules,
now that we need him?

Hanna Somatic Education: Socratic, Promethean, Herculean

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