It's like throwing back a fish.

When we get immersed in experience, completely absorbed in it, we forget ourselves.

That can go two ways:

  1. We can go into it, go through it, and come out of it.
  2. We can go into it, get engrossed in it, and stay in it for a long time.
Most of us awaken one moment -- come to ourselves and to the realization that we have been totally engrossed either in our own craziness or in our situation. We see how we were, in contrast to how we are.

However, one of the quick responses to that realization is that we shouldn't be that way, totally engrossed, and make an effort somehow to wake up. It involves "pumping up attention" in a certain way.

That effort, however, is as mind-based as being engrossed is.

The verrrry tricky thing has been, "How do we cease being totally engrossed without getting totally engrossed in waking up from being totally engrossed?"

It's not as difficult as it may seem.

It's easy, when you know how.

First, a little overview. Some fundamentals.

Experiences come into existence, 
from apparent non-existence
to most subtle existence
to denser and denser existence
until a memory is formed
in the matrix of gross physicality.

a memory:
a persistent pattern

no-form - to - most subtle (or tacit) - to - grosser - to - dense (or massive)

They gyrate and collide for a while, then they go their separate ways, changed.

In nature, the only place we know where the matrix of gross physicality of existence
goes out of existence
is in the Black Holes
and they evaporate in a fizz of particles and antiparticles (whatever they are).

So, going out of existence is seemingly rather limited, in Nature. Things change, but they rarely go out of existence, altogether.

Humans, however, have the make-up to be able to dissolve forms of existence without leaving a residue, other than a virtual memory imprint.

When humans make something go out of existence, they are making it go back into inherence. Inherence is virtuality, a latent pattern included in all-that-is.

Humans make things go out of existence, the same way as Nature does, but in reverse.

We experience dense physicality as memory
memory is the interior of dense physicality.

The denser the memory
the more mass it seems to have
the slower it is to change.

What happens in The Gold Key Release and in the other TetraSeed Transformation Instructions is a decrease of the density of experience; each cycle through, it's less dense until, in what I call, "a good outcome", it has only virtual presence with the density of smoke or even that virtual presence is difficult to locate.

Virtual Presence: a Memory Imprint in All Possibility

The difference?  dense? or not?
Too dense? or NOT too dense?
That is the question.

When we apply The Gold Key Release to something that disturbs us, we find the turbulence decreasing and decreasing, the density, decreasing and decreasing until it's so hard to remember what that "disturbing something" was, that we forget where we were, in The Gold Key Release. We have to wait until it surfaces, again, until the mind congeals, again, at least to pass whatever's left through the steps of The Gold Key Release. It may be so "gone" that we can't come up with anything, "whatever". I'd say we were done.

There's no charge left. There's no sense of loss.

It's like throwing back a fish.

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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