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The Gold Key Release

Teaching you to OPEN and REWRITE
 The Book of You

a "kick-ass" procedure
for those who want 
a turning point in life,
who would rather dissolve problems,
than have to solve them,
who'd rather spend their time
only on what actually works

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The Gold Key Release is a self-liberation procedure used to dissolve the grip of trouble and operate "in the Zone" more.

More than an athletic or artistic matter, "Being in the Zone" is a matter of being free of entanglements, so results line up with intentions.

How to
Soothe and Dissolve Frustration and Regret
and Get Moving, Again  

How The Gold Key Release
Lightens the Load


Every able seaman knows the obvious: to get underway, he must first loosen his moorings -- untie from the the dock. To run fast on the water, he knows the outside of the hull must be free of barnacles (clinging shellfish that attach themselves to the hull and add drag to movement through the water) and the bilge -- stagnant, brackish water inside the hull -- be pumped out, regularly, kept at a minimum.

To get moving in life, you've got to loosen your ties -- the ties in your mind and memory -- to old ways of seeing and doing things. You've got to clean the barnacles (habitual and undesirable attachments -- hangers-on that drain your energy) from your mind and life. You've got to empty your bilge -- emotional baggage.

Unfortunately, most people don't know how to "lighten their own load" -- not really. Instead of cleaning up and loosening old ties, they apply more effort. They use the popular methods -- or suffer helplessly and live out their lives in resignation in one way or another.

There's a better way to lighten the load:
The Gold Key Release

The Gold Key Release lightens the load -- and with no sense of loss, no self-conflict in the name of what "should" work or what everybody else seems to "know" is right. 

Fear of loss is a brake upon our willingness to lighten up. Lighten the load without any sense of loss and you develop more enthusiasm for the lightening-up process, more enthusiasm for your goal. Lightening up, we run faster and higher on the water.

The sense of self-conflict comes when we oppose ourselves for the sake of ideals and "supposed-tos". This is the mood of, "no pain, no gain". There's a better way.

When we release with The Gold Key Release, we do not fall into adversity; we dissolve adversity and our own limitations. We start with a clean slate. We come back to ourselves.

Streamline your mind.
Reduce having to figure things out.

How is The Gold Key Release, "Psycho-Active?"

The Stories of Our Lives

Success in life -- and personal limitations in life -- generally involve one or more of our most basic personal faculties:
  • attention span
  • power of intention
  • control of memory
  • healthy imagination
It happens that all four of those faculties work together as the foundation of our abilities.  How much depth of experience can you have with a short attention span? (With NO attention span, you would have no experience, whatsoever.) The same is true of the other three faculties, in their own way.

Here's what happens when we're unbalanced among those faculties:

Short attention span and distraction lead to overlooked problems and to accidents. Weak or scattered intention leads to wasted effort and untoward results. Poor control of memory leads to mistakes and to entrapment by oppressive thoughts and emotions. Unhealthy imagination leaves us stuck with "more of the same" and to misperceptions that lead to trouble.

Does that seem familiar? explain some things?

Some may say, "Attack the problem!"
    This little piece of sage advice may be "popular wisdom" ("fight" this, "fight" that), along with "try harder" -- but there's a little problem with, "attack the problem":

    Most efforts to improve life circumstances do so at the same disadvantage that led to problems, to begin with -- one or more of those four faculties is off-line or "off the radar". It makes life feel like an unfair challenge, like playing cards without a full deck. It gives rise to sayings like, "The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions".

    As it is no-doubt obvious to you, we tend to be more or less developed in those four faculties, varying according to the area of our life. We have "problem areas", not just individual problems. Trauma distorts those faculties. Insufficient or unbalanced development leaves the person feeling a sense of disadvantage.

    All efforts at personal development depend upon those very four faculties of intelligence: attention, imagination, intention, memory, and yet, they remain outside the main focus of education, developed only indirectly and haphazardly. You may have suspected: our education may be deficient -- but in an unsuspected way.

    Most efforts at personal development work with secondary by-products of those faculties, such as, "learning" -- erroneously regarded as the primary product of education -- or with beliefs, positive thinking, visualizations, motivation.

    The proper, primary product of education is mastery of attention, memory, intention, and imagination -- which underlie all skills, talents, and knowledge. I've given a name to those four faculties of intelligence, which always come together: The TetraSeed. "Tetra" means, "four"; "seed" means what it says; The TetraSeed is exactly what the name implies -- a four-part seed for success. You may test my words.

    When we recover access to all four of those faculties for any area of life, in balance, the fix we are in immediately softens and starts to change -- or it may dissolve, altogether, leaving us in a free, natural-feeling state.

    The TetraSeed is the basic, essential key to creation, to function, and to dissolution or change. There are no exceptions. Test that idea, for yourself, by intuition or with practice of what's offered, here.

    Break Ground with The Gold Key Release, then Seed for Success

    As people tend to be too cluttered and tied up in their lives and minds, already, I offer a way to DISSOLVE the accumulated mass and subconscious torpor that hold people stuck, to make for a more mercurial mind. It's a great relief. It's breaking ground.

    Then, there are procedures for seeding for success.

    The Gold Key Release directly taps the potential of all four faculties of The TetraSeed to unlock our involvement in situations, to permit new, spontaneously creative actions that produce rapid improvements of well-being. "Rapid" means, "noticeable in minutes." The benefits accumulate.

    That's how The Gold Key Release 
    is "Psycho-Active".

    A N N O U N C I N G

    This Next Training 
    The Gold Key Release:
    Intelligent Empowerment 101
    Getting Free from Stuckness and Conditioning

    In this very psychoactive course, we'll practice TetraSeed Transformation procedures in personally relevant and generally interesting ways. We'll have psychoactive talks on provocative topics that will have unusual -- but somehow natural-feeling -- effects upon your state of consciousness, mind, and life. You'll feel different -- and more like yourself.

    F E A T U R I N G
    The Set-Up
    ~~ and ~~
    The Gold Key Release

    Learn how, by activating and balancing four basic faculties of our intelligence -- ATTENTION, MEMORY, INTENTION, IMAGINATION -- we can, at will, free ourselves from obvious -- and not so obvious -- obsolete conditioning that causes stuck places in life. We get moving, again, riding more lightly upon the water, more on-course.

    Once we dissolve the stickiness of an area of our life, the course of our life and the tenor of our life changes, spontaneously and progressively, immediately and the days to come -- and so do we change -- both in ways related to the particular area of life to which we have applied The Gold Key Release and in unpredictable, but surprisingly beneficial and pleasant ways, in general.

    Not to say that there won't be ups and downs; the sea's like that. But we'll navigate better and sail faster.

    The Gold Key Release 
    causes a very interesting effect:

    Your ability to sail your "ship of life" improves in ways noticeable to yourself and to others away from a course of rough and stormy seas, out of windless doldrums of "nothing's changing", into "fair weather" and smoother sailing. 

    People who say how it's worth-while:

    ~~ The "MIAMI" Effect ~~

    The Gold Key Release

    copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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