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A T T E N T I O N:
The Spell-Maker/ "The Phaser"
The Spell-Breaker / "The Neutralizer"
(together: The Cyclotron)

The TetraSeed of Every Experience

The Spell-Maker and The Spell-Breaker are two TetraSeed Transformations that do what their names state.

In the current version of The Spell-Maker, preparation is not required, but it is beneficial.  These two TetraSeed Transformation procedures produce best results in those who are proficient with The Gold Key Release.

The TetraSeed Transformations comprise the four elements of the TetraSeed -- Attending, Imagining, Intending, and Remembering -- either to construct or deconstruct an experience.  "Construct"is another word for, "manifest"; "deconstruct" is another word for, "dissolve."

In manifesting or dissolving conditioning, order (sequence) makes a difference.

See the video session, at bottom.
(earlier version with a coaching participant)

To construct (create the subtle underpinning of) an experience, you first identify the desired experience, to yourself (e.g., [personal integrity]).  Putting your attention of the feeling of it, you proceed in the following order:

  1. Attend to [personal integrity].
  2. Attend to remembering [personal integrity].
  3. Remember attending to [personal integrity].
  4. Attend to remembering [personal integrity].
  5. Attend to intending [personal integrity].
  6. Intend attending to [personal integrity].
  7. Attend to intending [personal integrity].
  8. Attend to imagining [personal integrity].
  9. Imagine attending to [personal integrity].
  10. Attend to imagining [personal integrity].
  11. Remember intending [personal integrity].
  12. Intend remembering [personal integrity].
  13. Remember intending [personal integrity].
  14. Remember imagining [personal integrity].
  15. Imagine remembering [personal integrity].
  16. Remember imagining [personal integrity].
  17. Intend imagining [personal integrity].
  18. Imagine intending [personal integrity].
  19. Intend imagining [personal integrity].
  20. Imagine attending to [personal integrity].
Return to (2.) and continue until interference is gone or until you get a clear feeling of the intended result.

Here's a simpler (less potent) version.

  1. Imagine [personal integrity].
  2. Intend imagining [personal integrity].
  3. Remember intending [personal integrity].
  4. Remember imagining [personal integrity].
  5. Attend to remembering [personal integrity].
  6. Attend to intending [personal integrity].
  7. Attend to imagining [personal integrity].
Return to (2.) and continue until inference is gone or until you get a clear feeling of the intended result.

This way of doing it is an update to the video, below.

To deconstruct (dissolve the subtle underpinning of) an experience, you use the following order:

First, you identify the resisted experience, to yourself (e.g., [falsehood]).  Putting your attention of the feeling of it, you repeat:

  1. Attend to imagining [falsehood].
  2. Attend to intending [falsehood].
  3. Attend to remembering [falsehood].
  4. Imagine intending [falsehood].
  5. Imagine remembering [falsehood].
  6. Intend remembering [falsehood].
  7. Remember [falsehood].
Return to (2.) and continue until inference is gone or until you get a clear feeling of the intended result.

More Potent Version
  1. Remember [falsehood].
  2. Intend remembering [falsehood].
  3. Remember intending [falsehood].
  4. Intend remembering [falsehood].
  5. Imagine intending [falsehood].
  6. Intend imagining [falsehood].
  7. Imagine intending [falsehood].
  8. Imagine remembering [falsehood].
  9. Remember imagining [falsehood].
  10. Imagine remembering [falsehood].
  11. Attend to imagining [falsehood].
  12. Imagine attending to [falsehood].
  13. Attend to imagining [falsehood].
  14. Attend to intending [falsehood].
  15. Intend attending to [falsehood].
  16. Attend to intending  [falsehood].
  17. Attend to remembering [falsehood].
  18. Remember attending to [falsehood].
  19. Attend to remembering [falsehood].
  20. Attend to [falsehood].
    END (if dissolved) or NEW CYCLE from 1.
Incantation involves repetition.  You cycle through the four elements repeatedly until you clear up confusion and internal contradiction and you get either an immediate experience of the desired result: you can't remember what you were working on -- or -- all charge on the condition disappears and the condition has the density of smoke.

The experience of voidness or of forgetting where you are in the procedure is not a sign of failure.  It's a sign that the grip is dissolving.

Internal opposition is what gives the sense of substantiality to an experience.  Without opposition, experience is experienced as no-experience -- or voidness.  Voidness is the essence of ones natural or original state; 
have removed all contradiction or internal opposition. 

Test my words.

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The Gold Key Release

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