East Meets West -- again.

"The way to do
is to be."
~~ Lao Tzu

"Do Be Do Be Dooo . . . "
~~ Sinatra

An Identity Crystallization - deCrystallized | | Somatic Dorje

In the act of war
there are two sides
brought into existence
by dividing the One.

Though their physical expressions may be different,
though their behaviors may be different,
the field-of-sentience in which they co-exist
is one and continuous
resonant in both of them

the difference being . . . . .

that one side expresses or manifests
what is in the field-of-sentience
and the other side represses it, so as not to express it.

That is the tension between them.

The one who represses it in self
also represses it in others
and so makes war upon them.

The one who expresses it
also encourages its expression in others
who are either encouraged
or feel coerced.

Making war, coercion
and encouragement --
a fierce dynamic
made livable
by temperance

where temperance is

for all viewpoints
to meet with all other viewpoints
and for all viewpoints
to meet with their opposites

in an alchemy

that dissolves the bonds of rigidity
by inducing motion and integration
toward new equilibrium.

It is a crystaline structure
if not, "the" crystalline structure,
of The Middle Way.

It is a dorje,
in its power.

It is The Gold Key Release.

You are Not the Do-er; You are Doing the Do-er | What is 'You'?

The only way anything can continue to exist
is to move, to change in some fashion.

Everything continues to exist by continual motion and exchanges within its environment.  Existence is movement.

If you take time to notice,
every act of "doing something" that you do
entails a feeling (as well as possible other sensations),
and no do-er is apparent apart from all the doing being done.

Since we seem to be participatory in existence,
and not merely passively existing
("dead" matter -- a lower level or band of vibratory motion)
we participate in the motions and changes that we undergo.

Because that is so, we construe and consider ourselves to be "do-ers".
The sense of "do-er" is the sense of the "do-ing"
(where the sense of "doing" includes all the sensations of the moment).

As Buckminster Fuller once put it,
"I seem to be a verb." -- (or verb-ing)

When observed,
the do-ing appears mysteriously,
riding upon a moveless foundation
of Voidness Unknown
of Mystery without Meaning
of Unlocatable Hereness
of Unfathomable Depth
that we experience as our Hereness.

Somehow, we are involved with
setting ourselves in motion
and with slowing ourselves down.

Since no do-er is in evidence
except for the doing, itself,
we might construe
that there is only the doing
and that everything is moving itself, spontaneously,
except for the sense that we have something to do with the timing of things,
the starts and the stops of movement.

That sense that we have something to do with the timing of things
has to do with the sense of memory formation
that seems to tell us that we intended to do something before we did it;
and also
the sense of immanence ("something about to happen") occurring
just before the motion becomes perceptible...\

The do-er is the sense of being "behind" that "something" that is about to happen.
That sense emerges from
The Voidness Unknown,
The Unfathomable Depth,
to Unlocatable Hereness,
the Mystery without Meaning.
That sense is enfolded by Memory
and knit into the Body of Memory
given to have a Meaning
a Meaning Made of and Given Shape by

The emergence is the motion or change
emerging from Undetectable
into faint existence
that gets stronger, substantiates, tangifies, manifests
gets sufficient density and intensity
that we feel it participate in existence.

That emergence is the motion of change
of new existence coming into Existence.

Emergence is the motion of change
that is life.

All the accumulated memories of emergence
are the personal part of what there is to the sense of self,
the other part being the impulse to motion to action, to change.
That impulse cannot be observed, seen or known, in itself,
but can only be intuited, inferred,
from the feeling of something occurring while our attention is on it
and from the belief that I am doing it.

But the only observation we can make is that there is only do-ing
but no apparent do-er.

The do-er is inferred (as a memory-based mental process)
from the meeting of attention and intention (impulse to cause something)
-- together --
converging at or upon some motion, action, or change.

Sentience gives the impression that there is a do-er
to the degree that intentionality
(the impulse to motion at and from our personal focal center of Hereness)
has developed
together with attention and sensory awareness.

Then, mind, self and action --
all do-ings arising
in The Voidness Unknown
(which discloses the urge to define and know everything),
from The Unfathomable Depth
(which discloses where our attention is stuck short of infinity),
in Unlocatable Hereness
(which discloses 'body" and all things "here and there"
as particular "particles" in an unfathomable field of Voidness),
as Meaningless Mystery
(which discloses all efforts to make sense of things) --
those doings emerge and lay down tracks in memory
that collectively taken
and assigned a name,
stand as a self
construed, presumed and felt as, do-er,
but itself,
only a doing, a changing experience, and contrasting qualities
without evidence of an additional do-er in the picture.

"Do-er" is the feeling of a kind of tensing,
the effort to do something against opposition
or against inertia or habit.

You are "doing"
the sense of "do-er".

Who knew?