Invitation to Download the Free Gold Key Release App

This is your invitation to get the Gold Key Release app, for free.

The Gold Key Release is a "liberation meme", a key to ones own powers of intelligence and development: The TetraSeed. The TetraSeed comprises four inter-related powers of intelligence -- INTENTION, IMAGINATION, MEMORY, AND ATTENTION.


The Gold Key Release loosens the grip of emotional reactions to situations so that intelligence comes free. It's "mental/emotional clean-up" that improves life-performance.

Younger people may appreciate The Gold Key Release more than their parents because of its liberating effects. If you have kids or students, feel free to share it, once you've tested it, in yourself. Tell them you use it, yourself, and what it does for you. Don't take the "parental" attitude to telling them it would be good for them; don't make any efforts at persuasion. Offer the app and leave it, at that. They may share it with their friends. It's good for clearing up "social angst" commonly found among students, in school environments.

The Gold Key Release is an "entry level" procedure that should be given due respect, even though it's free, because it's VERY powerful. However, you do have to remember to do it when you're in the thick of being stressed-out.

Use it on (or about) anything that bothers you (or use it on the feeling of being bothered, itself) to relieve stress and to sharpen your intelligence. "If you're bothered about something, Do the Gold Key Release on it." The app contains the instructions. (Learn more by listening to, "A Riff on The Gold Key Release".)

The TetraSeed Transformation procedures turn on, make conscious, and integrate the four inter-related powers of intelligence; the effects are quickly and blatantly obvious, when done correctly. (Mentoring is available.)

I'm making it free (for now) to "get it out there" as quickly as possible because people need to be freed internally before they can exercise freedom in "stress-rich" areas of life. People direly need better methods of stress control than alcohol, drugs, video, or even meditation -- and finally, people need more than something that relieves stress; they need something that makes them more effective at changing the situations that cause stress. They need empowerment beyond what they can get from "working within the system".

The Gold Key Release ( and other TetraSeed Transformation procedures ) accomplish just that. You'll find that your spontaneous responses to situations improve.

Some people will get "hooked" by the rapidity of changes possible in cleaning up their life and will want the more advanced procedures. I charge for instruction in those. Each is powerful in its own way. 

THE APP | free to download, to use, to share
Download links for the apps appear, below. Point and click the one for your device(s). The Gold Key Release is copyrighted and available for public use and free distribution, only. Sale is copyright infringement, prohibited, and subject to enforcement.

Each version has a TetraSpore version in compressed, "ZIP" file format -- a way of sharing and spreading The Gold Key Release as a free download from any website to which you upload it -- or as an email attachment. When downloaded as a TetraSpore, the app won't automatically install; that's why it's shareable and why it call them "TetraSpores". TetraSpores must be unpacked with WinZip, 7-Zip, or comparable software present on Apple systems, before installation.

Below the app download links, you see a download link for the app in MP4 format for playback on a computer and a link to the YouTube video of the same app. The MP4 version is compressed in "ZIP" format for a faster download.

The Gold Key Release App | click to download and install | right-click to save
Let me know if you share it, as I would like to have a sense of its spreading "memetically" ("virally" -- but with the sense of intelligence, rather than of infection).

Later on, I will be sharing The Crystal Crown procedure, useful when too many things go wrong at once and you need to "put your crown on straight, again" -- to "ramp up" your powers of intelligence to make you feel equal to (or "up to") the situation.