The TetraSeed is a Super-Integrity that Consists of Four Integrities

The TetraSeed consists of four "integrities", each consisting of triads of aspects. Flummoxed? Don't be. Read on. An "integrity", the way I mean it, is something that is made up of multiple "pieces" that all fit together to create a whole that is more than the mere sum (or non-interfitting collection) of parts. It's a "system", rather than a "pile".

In this case, The TetraSeed is a wholeness made up of four integrities, each of which is made up of three "sub-" integrities. Don't worry. I explain, immediately, below, so you don't have to tolerate the feeling of "things not making sense", for long ... The four integrities the made up the TetraSeed are: * attending
* remembering
* intending
* imagining
These are four activities that are going on in every one of us every moment of every day. They are what makes up our experience in any moment.

Each of those integrities comprise triads, or sets of three.
Those triads are. ATTENDING | locating*location REMEMBERING | integrity*persisting INTENDING | activity*existence IMAGINING | changing*appearance


In the "attending" triad, "locating" is a process, and so indeterminate, while "location" is an object and to be determined. The two counterbalance "indeterminacy":"determinacy"
or "uncertainty":"certainty" That's the mood of attention as a triad-integrity.


In the "remembering" triad, "integrity" is a unity of inter-relationships into a functional whole; while "persisting" is the stability of those inter-relationships through time. The two mutually reinforce or synergize.


In the "intending" triad, "activity" is a process, and so indeterminate, while "existing" is the universal primal intention or tendency: "to be". For anything to be, it must be something, so unique activity is involved.



In the "imagining" triad, "changing" is a process, and so indeterminate, while "appearance" is actual, in the moment


Take your time as you rest your attention on each pairing. Alternate between them.


Each of those triads is an integrity.
Four triads exist. Together, they form the SuperIntegrity called, The TetraSeed which has a "shape" in mind-space that may be intuited as a "Star TetraHedron" with double points on one of the TetraSeed tetraHedra, with this shape.

The (always, already) functioning of the TetraSeed
produces the sense of existence of anything and everything. When the four triad-integrities are intuitively "turned on" and integrated with each other (generally, through formal practices), the sense of existence softens and changes, producing a sense of resolution and then, often, of dissolution.

A mental understanding of what I have said is worth nothing. It produces no insight-value that makes this all seem to make sense.

I provide an alternative to a merely mental understanding -- a procedure that brings it all to life: The Crystal Crown procedure, linked here. Listen and follow along.

The Superficial Personality Front, The Deep Personality, and Personal Evolution


fforts to address personality patterns commonly due so from a relatively superficial perspective:  the perspective of the thinking mind and conscious will.
However, for change actually to occur, unconscious (submerged) controlling behavioral tendencies must also change, and that entails making them conscious (getting them to emerge).
That emergence, I call, "personal evolution", here.
In this piece, I address the superficial and deeper domains of personal evolution.
The deepest domain seems to emerge spontaneously as a result of dealing with the two others.

The Superficial Personality Front
What people commonly refer to as, "personality", is the Superficial Personality Front (SPF -- not to be confused with, "Sun Protection Factor", although they are related).

It is the socialized facade -- and also all that a person is conscious of, about themselves. It is more than "who they think they are"; it's also what they "want others to think they are". It's all their learned ways of staying out of trouble or of getting out of trouble with others and of getting what they want. It's all the ways we have of strategically managing others, and of behaving, ourselves. It's a big front.

It's what Adi Da has referred to as, "mummery".

Deep to the socialized facade (SPF) are all that a person is, but of which (s)he is unconscious, unaware, or perhaps fleetingly aware and dimly aware, or only intellectually "aware" (not directly aware, at all, but cognizant in a conceptual (word-mind) sense as 'knowledge-about themselves'. Deep to the socialized facade are all the ways we have learned to be under the influence of the relationships and exposures to the situations of life. These are automaticities, automatic feeling and response behaviors seeming out of ones control, and since inevitable, "necessarily right".  Stupidity.

All of that comprises our automatic or unbidden emotional responses to situations that shape our relationships.

The Deep Personality shapes and informs the Superficial Personality Front; the Superficial Personality Front is a range of behaviors lived within the constraints of the Deep Personality -- even if behaviour in the moment is intended to be opposing or rebelling against, those constraints. Behavior in the moment is a play upon (and within) Deep Personality constraints.

We do not see these things about ourselves -- but others may see them and observe them, about us. These are automatic-involuntary states of readiness; attitudes; of tension-in-readiness, of self-contraction that characterizes the common mode in which we live, as ourselves, persistence of the play of behaviours within the range permitted by deeper personality.

Perception of this deeper personality has faded and lies hidden from our ability to put attention on it, so familiar is it to us that we have ceased to notice that we are taking for granted that "life is that way".

It can be "surfaced", brought to our own attention as a "tension-set-feeling". That is how it can be experienced -- when "surfaced". As a "tension-set-feeling", it is automatically the way we feel, when moving, and the way we feel when resting, when "unready for anything".

That is what's below the surface.

It's also what Adi Da referred to as, "mummery". It's just more deeply unconscious than the social personality (SPF).

Such "mummery" exists out of sight and becomes visible only when prodded; we are oblivious, to it. Even if pointed out to us, it remains in place, seemingly anchored in place by unrecognized unconscious impulses that we cannot control.

We cannot control it because aspects of it are below the threshhold of attention of what we can feel. Someone pointing something out to us may momentarily boost our ability to put attention, on it -- but they have "lent us" their intention to put attention on it, for that moment; when we are by ourselves, we must locate the integrity of the intention to put attention on it and remember that's what we are doing long enough that a new wordless-perception can come in.

The Personal Evolution Part

Fortunately, there exists ways to enable people to do that, to be able to sense that to which, in themselves, they have been oblivious -- to sense the "submerged material" -- to cause it to surface like a submarine.

The way to cause the submerged material -- sub-conscious and unconscious -- to surface is to turn up our power of attention and to drive attention into, or in the direction of, the submerged material so that we get a direct experience, of it, more vivid than the word-mind can provide.

We find, "in the direction of" submerged material by locating where attention is drawn, noticing its persistence, its effect (existing activity), and where it seems to be leading or opening to.  One or more of those is under-functional. There's are procedures for determining what's what.

In those procedures, we use attentive, purposeful, deliberate application of the word-mind to drive deeper below the words into the feeling underlying the words. Yes, we use words as instruments to self-drive deeper into ones own non-verbal experience -- the Deep Personality.

The act of driving deeper involves sequences of words in repetitive, organized, structured rhythms -- rhythms and cadences and sequences that stabilize the integrity . . . . .

of our intention . . . . .
to put attention somewhere . . . . . and  . . . . .
to keep it there,
to intuit (apperceive) what's there . . . . .
previously unnoticed.

What's there isn't a word description.  It isn't a set of concepts or word-ideas. It's not an explanation, a rationale, or any "food for reasoning". It isn't a reasonable conclusion. It's not any kind of conclusion.

It's a direct, intuitive feeling-perception -- a feeling from which sudden recognition and sudden intuitive understanding may arise of why our life has, in certain ways, gone as it has -- a recognition, a deeper and more complete understanding, of The Deep Personality as which we live, in person.

There are the TetraSeed Awakening procedures for that exact purpose.

That's why they're called, "Awakening procedures".