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Exercises to Help Lower Back Pain

Exercises to Help Lower Back Pain | * |
Gentle movements release tight low back muscle spasms better than stretching. ~~~ FULL INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO (FREE) at ~~~
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Gentle movements gradually release tight low back muscle spasms better than stretching.

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Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

Hannah and the Limbic System | a Study of Stormy Weather

I've noticed that somatic education exercises *temporarily* ease emotional patterns, but that unless the underlying structure of intent (held way of being) is released, emotional patterns (moods, readiness for reactivity) seem to return.  Moreover, those emotional patterns may also seem to get worse (intensify) as they get flushed up to voluntary awareness, before getting better, just as soreness sometimes occurs after HSE (Hanna Somatic Education) sessions.

I, personally, have benefitted from the application of principles of somatic education, applied in adapted ways to "the inner being" (subjective self-identity), and have been getting neuro-musculo-skeletal changes that I never dreamed I needed or were possible and which did not occur when doing somatic explorations in those very areas and with the intention to relieve some discomfort.

The limbic system (whom we shall now identify as, "Hannah") activates all kinds of activity patterns when she gets upset, not just in the Autonomic nervous system, but also in the Central (which involves sensation and movement).  And if she's stuck in an upset state, so is everybody else.

The limbic system is largely tied to memory, the long-term repository of which is the cerebellum, feeling and action being linked together.  There ain't all those ridges and folds for nothin'.

It's also tied to the reptilian and vegetative activation-response systems.

You can imagine the havoc Hannah can wreak if she gets upset.  (They named a hurricane after her.)

So, there's good to be had by working in the zone that links the limbic system with memory, and that involves acts of attention and intention, inwardly.  It's a lilttle like drilling for oil, and certain techniques help.

The More Profound Form of The Dark Vise Described by Thomas Hanna

There's another perspective on "Dark Vise" (as T.H. described it in Somatics):  the emotional perspective.

Emotions (and thoughts) are contraction patterns at higher levels of organization than gross movements of a sensory-motor kind.

Anger ("getting your back up") corresponds to Landau Reaction.
Fear corresponds to Startle Reflex.
Sorrow (and guilt and shame) correspond to Trauma Reflex.

These emotions also mix with and complicate each other and lead to pressure build-up.  They have one-to-one (though not necessarily obvious) correspondences to muscular contraction patterns that may not respond to gross pandicular actions.  These correspondences are revealed at the moment of emotional relaxation as muscular relaxation.  It's the meaning of the old term, "nervous tension."

In the vernacular, the expression was, "uptight".

"Many" people have self-repressive tendencies toward anger, sorrow and fear.  The exaggerated or out-of-control or inappropriate expressions of these emotions come from the pressure build-up of such self-repression and from the complications of one or two emotions being "parasitically entangled" with others.

Emotional contraction states must (must) be addressed on their own terms.

Unless that is done, certain habituated tension patterns that show up as our characteristic postural set persist, despite somatic education exercises.  They show up as our identity.

Somatic education is deeper than "sensory-motor" and involves more kinds of pain than muscular, joint, or nerve pain.

The Gold Key Release is an effective tool for working through and working out the deeper layers.  |

Test my words.  Then, report your finding.

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Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care