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Characteristic: The Universe
Everything is expanding.
Characteristic: The Omniverse
Everything is expanding, the numbers of everything is increasing, and everything ever possible is happening in some Universe.

Is the expansion of everything the force we experience as gravity?

After all, gravity can be simulated by causing acceleration or deceleration -- changes of rate of movement; changes of speed. Gravity is a tendency for masses to accelerate toward each other. To collide, to conglomerate, or to revolve or weave about each other.

Expansion is a movement outward,
and gravity is an accelerating force inward.

Two views or ways of describing of the same thing?


Time is always known in terms of something moving in space -- if only the hands of a clock. Time is the dynamic aspect of space, that is, "something" moving.

Maybe the rate at which time seems to pass is proportional to how fast one is moving, compared to that of the speed of light. The speed of light is the experience of eternity. At speeds less than the speed of light, timeless eternity is experienced as temporality: things moving in time -- but the speed of light is the "comparison baseline" of no-time. Put that in your cartoonmaster.

Velocity is movement in space over a period of time: miles per second or centimeters per second. Distance. Space. Time.

Space, time, and gravity are all not only related, but are different ways of looking at and describing the same thing -- different perspectives on the same thing.

Put that in your cartoonmaster.

But that's just the Universe.

There's also the Omniverse

The Omniverse

The Omniverse is the integration of all possible universes, where this present Universe is to the Omniverse as Earth is to the Milky Way Galaxy.

With a difference.

In Omniverse, all possible universes co-exist and interconnect.

Time is but a concept we have for which universe scenario we happen to be attuned to. We may, through deep contemplation, tune into the Universe scenario of Camelot. In that case, we experience the qualities of Camelot (from our own perspective).

Some might say we were tuned into the twelfth century, A.D.  Following that time-stream with intentional attention, our experience would track forward in time, like a needle in a record groove. But that would not be time travel; it would be scenario travel. All times are available when you tune in to scenarios.

Bifurcation: Forks in the Road

Throughout our days, we are presented with choices, some trivial and some momentous. Whichever way we choose, there is always the road not travelled. To our local universe, it looks like the road not travelled never happened. But in a universe formed at the moment we chose the alternative, instead, it looks like our first choice never happened. It's called, "bifurcation": bi: two  furcation : fork.

In Omniverse, both Universes formed in bifurcation are available to each other as possibilities. All possibilities are connected to all other possibilities through intervening possibilities, catalytic possibilities, scenarios that exist among universes that are the substance of the Omniversal Dream. Put that in your cartoonmaster.

Closer to home, if two light sources are moving away from each other at anything more than 50% of the speed of light, their light never reaches each other; they are effectively in separate Universes (bifurcation). In this case, they can return to the same Universe by slowing down and reversing course. A wormhole of nearby possibility connects them, still.

Connection of All Possibility

All space-time scenarios are connected via possibility. There exists no constraint by time on exploring possibility, all things being at least informationally available -- if not mysteriously, physically available. Things are informationally available through intentional attunement of attention in a certain direction; the information is displayed via imagination. As to things being physically available in all possibility, ever wonder where all those things that have disappeared, in your life, went? had things mysteriously appear that you remember being gone?

Expanding Omniverse Transcends the Speed of Light, at a Rate Beyond Imagination

The speed of light is a speed through space. Things can accelerate only up to the local speed of light in any local Universe -- but the local speed of light in another Universe may be relatively different from ours. Such differences of speed are differences of time-rate that may make tuning in a bit of a jump, with a weird time distortion noted, upon return, or even a sense of having "side-slipped" into another Universe where things are not as you remember them.

All of the Universes of Omniverse are expanding at a stupendous, fantastic, accelerating rate because of their ongoing, astronomical numbers of bifurcations. They are integrated with each other, interexisting in all possibility; because each is generating alternative Universes by astronomical numbers of bifurcations, the overall rate of expansion of Omniverse exceeds imagination -- as does all possibility.

Yes, our Universe is expanding and everything is interconnected -- closely or distantly.

Put that in your cartoonmaster.

Who Says So? and Thanks:

Thank you, Ursula le Guin, for writing, The Lathe of Heaven.
Thank you, Burt Goldman, for pointing out the potentiality of Quantum Jumping.
Thank you, Dr. Richard Feynman, for pointing out that, in the quantum field, light is actually always tending to move in all directions, the way water back-splashes and side-splashes -- and that possibility necessarily does so, also.
Thank you, Dr. Neils Bohr, for your Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Physics -- that things actually do come into particular existence, as they are observed or measured.
and Thank you, Dr. Schroedinger-and-cat.

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Time's Arrow and The Fifth Force

The observation that the law of Entropy does not apply at the sub-atomic level and the observation that processes occurring at the sub-atomic level are reversible, with no regard for "Time's Arrow" inevitably suggests that Entropy is an emergent process.

"Emergent" means that it comes into existence as a new phenomenon that characterizes a new function. It emerges coincident with, or as an expression of, integration of sub-atomic processes into atomic processes. With the appearance of atomic processes (i.e., chemistry and macroscopic physics), comes Time's Arrow and Entropy.

Whereas Time's Arrow is irreversible, Entropy is reversible (locally) by means of an irrefutably present process: Organization.

The tendency to Organization is the companion to Entropy.

Entropy is the tendency for the components of a functioning system to occupy an increasing number of states different from each other.

Organization is the tendency for "particles" in those different states to combine in stable ways to produce new, emergent, functional systems. Example: molecules combine to produce cells; cells behave in ways that molecules cannot.

Life is one such emergent function. Life is subject to Time's Arrow. The physical components that constitute life-forms -- atoms and molecules -- are subject to Time's Arrow, but the sub-atomic components of those atoms and molecules are NOT subject to Time's Arrow; the changes they undergo may go in either direction. Instead, they obey the law of Equilibrium.

Equilibrium is another word for, balance.

In the case of the sub-atomic realm, the balance is expressed by the axiom, "Matter (and energy) can be neither created nor destroyed, but only changed in form (or changed from one into the other)." This axiom is known as, "The Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy."

Thus, at the sub-atomic level, things are dynamically constant -- meaning that they change form, but in a way and at a rate that conserves "amount", in interchangeable form. Time's Arrow doesn't apply.

But at the level of atoms, molecules, and perception, Time's Arrow does apply. Things change in one direction, irreversibly -- meaning, they cannot go back exactly to the way they were.

The difference between the sub-atomic level and the atomic and higher levels of organization, is exactly that: organization.

So, to the four forces physicists have recognized -- the "strong" nuclear force, the "weak" nuclear force, electromagnetism, and gravity -- we must add a fifth:  the tendency to Organization.

To me, it is interesting and noteworthy that one of the four forces -- gravity -- is insignificant at the sub-atomic and atomic levels. It becomes significant only at the scale size at which life-forms -- and organization -- appear. Gravity becomes significant only at the scale of size where Time's Arrow applies. Gravity becomes significant only at sufficiently large levels of material aggregation (things collecting at one location -- such as planets, organisms, and money).

A final word:

The fifth force, Organization, has a companion: Entropy.

Entropy creates the increasing variety of "particles" and states we see and hear about, everywhere; Organization combines members or units of this increasing variety into new, more complex patterns with new behaviors -- emergent behaviors that do not and cannot exist at simpler levels of complexity.

This description also describes the evolution of life-forms.

Being the Do-er | "I" is Superfluous

What we seem to be
when we believe we are being "the do-er"
is actually a four-fold force complex
of memory, attention, intention, and imagination.

The sense of being a do-er is a kind of tension sense, a presence of sorts, a center of experience.

The sense of being is a resonant feeling of moving in some way, of holding in some way, of noticing, of attending expectantly.

It is TetraSeed,

That isn't the true do-er.

The true sense of the do-er
is the true sense of the doing,
the direct experience of doing,
and this direct experience of doing
does not come from the sense of the self.

Rather, the sense of the self comes from the doing.

It is the doing that is the self.
The other is a resonant, conditioned memory
mutating in the moment.

The "do-er" corresponds to the concept, in physics,
of "space"
and the "do-ing"
is the sense of time.

Time is movement in space, nothing more.

The 4th dimension, time, is movement.
So, the 4th dimension of the self is change:
the modulating of
  1. memory
  2. attention
  3. intention
  4. imagination
These are the fundamental movements of existence: The Four, the TetraSeed.

They all occur, together, modulating and vibrating like jello of the mind. It is their modulating, combined with the ongoing memory, the notion of, "I", that constitute a living self.

The notion of "I" is unnecessary. It is only a marker of the persistence, location, activity, and sense of direction of self. It's a marker. It's not the actual self.

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

How to Free and Integrate Your Psoas Muscles | INTRODUCTION Lawrence Gold

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The 'Outlaw Lawmakers' Party | Who Invited You?

another name for lawmakers who act as if they are above the law (i.e., the Constitution):

How equivalent is, "Outlaw", to "Rebel"?
The same -- or different?

A rebel may or may not be an outlaw.
Think, Snowden or Assange.
Or a rebel may indeed be an outlaw.
Think Mitch McConnell and the other forty-six Republican Senators who violated the Constitutionally structured separation of the branches of government
when they told the government of Iran not to take the President's treaty initiative to limit weapons development by Iran seriously.
Think our "guest outlaw", "Lady Macbeth", below.

Think, Paul Ryan, who is (or by time you read this, was recently) arguing before the Supreme Court that President Obama's executive orders should be overturned -- a clear case of the Legislative Branch of government overstepping its bounds by attempting to use the Judicial Branch to tell the Executive Branch what to do.

The name, "Tea Party", refers to an act of rebellion:
The Boston Tea Party.

The slogan, "Taxation Without Representation is Tyranny".

That slogan referred to the British Tax on Tea (important, right?). 

It was the principle of the thing. With no right to a say in their own destiny as colonies, controlled by the English Monarchy, required to house Soldiers of the Crown in their own houses, and being required to pay taxes, it was the principle of the thing.

Those of the Republican "Tea Party" have rebelled against the Constitution of the U.S.A.

As the Constitution of the U.S.A. is the Law against which all other laws are validated,
by rebelling against the Constitution (or by distorting its intent)
they rebel against the law.

By rebelling against the law, they act as outlaws. If that doesn't seem to be true or significant, it's because you are used to being stepped on, to the degree that you think, "This is all as it should be."

They who call themselves, the Tea Party --
have supported taxation without representation, because they represent Oligarcical interests and not their constituents:

They support control of the economic destiny of America, 
the concentration of wealth,
and so control of the political process,
by an oligarchy -- an alternative form of Monarchy.

The Tea Party Republicans have 
  • withheld and sought to withdraw support from humanitarian and developmental programs that would serve a favorable destiny for the U.S.A.
  • and worked in service to an ethically-approved, judicially-sanctioned and monomaniacal program of unbridled accumulation of power and wealth, winner-take-all -- like a game of Monopoly. Abuse of Capitalism. Perverted Capitalism.

Does that make the Tea Party Republicans, "rebels"
  • traitors?
  • outlaws?
  • people run by primitive, sub-conscious motivations without intelligence -- to the detriment of many to benefit a few -- and themselves?
  • or just immature, adolescently rebellious, unable to tell the difference between "for the good" and "for evil" ("between good and evil)"?

The answer casts a certain light on their use of the name, "Tea Party" -- doesn't it.

The Constitution of the U.S.A. was written to

". . . secure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty . . ."
How's that been workin' out?

Beware of adolescently rebellious, arrogant, or righteous  lawmakers who serve
the Monarchy of Oligarchy and its primitive "power" agenda.

"The price of liberty
is eternal vigilance."

Comfort Your S-I Joints | Unit 2 Section D | Introduction Lawrence Gold

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How to Release Your Psoas Muscles without Stretching, part 1 Lawrence Gold

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http://feeds.wordpress.com/1.0/comments/lawrencegold.wordpress.com/544/ How to Release Your Psoas Muscles without Stretching, part 1 Lawrence Gold https://lawrencegold.wordpress.com/2016/04/12/how-to-release-your-psoas-muscles-without-stretching-part-1-lawrence-gold/

How to Release Your Psoas Muscles without Stretching, Exercise 2 | The Dolphin Lawrence Gold

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How to Release Your Psoas Muscles without Stretching, Exercise 2
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Fractal Movie with Smooth Sailing soundfield | Right Quadrants, AQAL Matrix Lawrence Gold

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http://feeds.wordpress.com/1.0/comments/lawrencegold.wordpress.com/534/ Fractal Movie with Smooth Sailing soundfield | Right Quadrants, AQAL Matrix Lawrence Gold https://lawrencegold.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/fractal-movie-with-smooth-sailing-soundfield-right-quadrants-aqal-matrix-lawrence-gold/

Integrating the AQAL Map and Experience of Holarchy (ref: Sex, Ecology, Spirituality)

This is simple. ;D

There is another possible dimension of depth in understanding the AQAL Map. A dimension of sight, a dimension of sound, a dimension of mind. You're entering into a new frame of reference, another reality, where the norm is the unexpected and the unexpected is the norm. You're entering into The Zone of Incomprehensibility.


Reality, in the the four-quadrant model of reality, the AQAL Map, may be experienced from four perspectives, represented, on paper, as a circle divided into four quadrants.

The four may be seen as occupying 
left and right positions:
signifying "interiors" and "exteriors".
"I" and "we" comprise the two left quadrants
and "It and "Its" (or those) 
comprise the two right quadrants.
The upper and lower positions signify singular and plural: 
"It" (upper right) and "Its" (lower right)
"I" (upper left) and "we" (lower left). 

That the language typically used.

However, more may be said that psychoactively opens another dimension of -- not mental cognition -- but of intuition.

Here goes:

I believe that the relation of the upper quadrants to the lower quadrants may be stated more descriptively than "It" and "Its" (or "Those", or "Them").

Yes, sir, it's this: The difference between upper and lower quadrants is a matter of scale of integration.  Yes, it's a matter of "count" -- of "It" compared to "Its", of "the One and The Many", of "how many are involved" -- but those kinds of descriptions seem only to describe piles of different sizes.  Skandas. We're after bigger fish.

What distinguishes a pile from a system is how parts fit together, how they become something new, how they combine, how they act together and how they handle energy together. A system brings to life a unique range of behaviors. Consider an invention. A novelty. An artistic creation. A system of thought. All are emergent wholes, "somethings" that mysteriously emerged by the combining of other whole somethings. Each whole "something" is called, a holon. We perceive in terms of holons.

It's a matter of how many holons a holon comprises, and of its participation in the greater holons of which it is a part. It's a matter of how wholeness appears at larger or smaller scales of perception. Yes, I know this sounds like science fiction or Greek. That's why I have included an illustrative CARTOON on the subject. (See below).

When holons come together and start to function in a new way, they are said to integrate. They become a new holon. A holon is a whole "anything". A holon is distinguishable from a pile by the arranging, fitting together, and synergistic functioning of those parts.

"Holon" is a generic term -- believe it or not -- and not a brand of shoe ("Holons").


Anything you can identify is a holon. Your shoe is a holon. Think about it. It has a sole, a heel, an "upper", a tongue (perhaps) or a strap: parts. These parts, put together by a shoemaker, function synergistically, in this case, as a shoe. Your shoe.

I am reminded of a time at a certain restaurant. I had ordered banana cream pie and they had had the audacity to bring the dessert in the following configuration:

on a plate:
  1. to one side, a banana (peeled, whole, raw)
  2. a section of crust with filling
  3. a dollop of whipped cream on the other side
I wanted to ask, "Where's the shovel?"

This was no banana cream pie. It was a pile of ingredients.

So, to re-state:

"How Many 'Its'" leaves us with indeterminate piles of things, not systems.
"How Many, How Arranged" gives us systems.

Integration brings forth new functional behaviors. Always. Integration brings something new into existence: emergent function, emergent behavior. Emergent behavior is new behavior that can't be predicted by looking at the "parts" involved. It's the manner in which they work, together, the relations of parts, how they integrate, together, that produces emergent behavior. A new, three-dimensional set of relationships set in motion, in time. Holons are (at minimum) four-dimensional.


Let's look at the parts of an engine, each, one at a time, as an "it". Here's a piston, here's piston ring. Easy. Here's a carburetor. Wait. Not so easy. A carburetor consists of a lot of parts fitted (or hanging) together and moving together in a certain way. Is it an "it" or an "its"?

We regard a carburetor as an "it". Don't we.

That's the Big Clue:

We perceive everything as an "it" (from the right-sided quadrant perspectives); but every "it" is actually a combination of many "its" -- many 'its' fitted together, or hanging together, and moving (or vibrating) together in a certain way.

Every system of "its" is an "it".

The difference between the upper and lower quadrants is matter of perception. Look closely at an "it" and you see it composed of smaller its. Is it an "it" or a collection of "its"? Does it belong in the Upper Right quadrant or the Lower Right? It's a matter of how fine the seeing and the scale of size.

"Its" that integrate more levels of 'its' along the scale of size are said to have more depth than "Its" that comprise fewer levels of "its".

So, it's not exactly "turtles all the way up, turtles all the way down"; it's more like "more and more detail going in, more and more intricacy, coming out." Intricacy means, "more moving parts moving in coordination."

If you've seen fractal video, you know what I mean.

Here's one.
This is the "intricacy-into-detail" direction.

So, the relation of upper and lower quadrants of the AQAL Map is about holarchy.

Upper right: lesser holarchy
Lower right: greater holarchy

The relation of the two right-hand quadrants is, depth.
The relation of the two left-hand quadrants is also, depth.

On the left-hand side, depth of another kind: psychic depth --
that is,
to the degree that the lesser holon (self)
is awakened to its self-condition (proprioception)
to the degree that self is permeable, open
to the experiences of its external senses
to that degree psychic depth is experienced.

Inner and outer,
resonant and resonating together,
generate (an unpredictable emergent):
psychic depth.

As two holons meet and resonate, a third appears,
an emergent.

Lower quadrants signifiy emergence.

That's holarchy
and the relation of 
the upper quadrants of the AQAL Map
to the lower quadrants.

Of course, this is all conceptual.

The actuality is, the upper and lower quadrants
are only so-named singular and plural,
but are actually plurals made of singularities
and singularities made of pluralities.

It's the ol' Chicken-and-the-Egg conundrum.

Agency and Urgency

"A word -- to the wise -- is sufficient."

T H E   M E D I T A T I O N

Agency is the impulse to move into action in a particular direction.
Urgency arises with the suppression of agency. Urgency is agency both intended and refused. Urgency is agency, contained. It is explosive power, held.

Unopposed agency is experienced as flow.

Unopposed agency is experienced as being seen becoming, witnessed without effort.

Unopposed agency is spontaneity. It neither knows nor cares about, how.

Unopposed agency moves before it knows it.

Agency that knows before it moves is urgency. It is the build-up of force, released, witnessed.

Feel the difference.

Dave Wright testimonial | S-I Regimen

On 2/18/2016 12:25 PM, David Wright wrote:
Hi Lawrence,

I'd be delighted if anything I have experienced might be useful to you, this is great work that you do. Please feel free to use anything that you like! If it's useful I can pen a paragraph as I'm realising today just what I have been living with, and it was all there to see.

I am working through the SI Joint Pain Syndrome writings and videos, it's very clear from the check of the misalignment and self appraisal of twisting that my working side is my left, very very obvious. Just one session of unlocking this morning has stopped dead the discomfort, lengthened my back a great degree, and removed a huge part of the stiffness that I now can see was there. It's definitely trauma reflex as well looking back, from of all things falling a short distance from a helicopter, and a car crash where I was stationary and saw the other vehicle coming into me - bags of time for some strong cringe mapping, got medically sorted out but still walking like a wounded bird years after - that knocks on over time and really gets established, less and less easy movement as the body puts in layers over layers of bad body image.

Today I have been moving about very easily, and looking forwards to following more of the regimen when back home. My right IT band feels as if it just isn't there anymore now (I know it is, it's just completely free of tension and soreness). What a revelation.

I'll keep you posted, lots more to read and downloads to take up I'm sure!

Thanks again

Dave Wright

Comfort Your Sacro Iliac Joints, Walking into the Floor 2016 4 1 Lawrence Gold

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care
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http://feeds.wordpress.com/1.0/comments/lawrencegold.wordpress.com/530/ Comfort Your Sacro Iliac Joints, Walking into the Floor 2016 4 1 Lawrence Gold https://lawrencegold.wordpress.com/2016/04/01/comfort-your-sacro-iliac-joints-walking-into-the-floor-2016-4-1-lawrence-gold/