We are,
Reality is,
both holographic
and fractal,
composed of strange attractors
related in arrays and relationships
by their commonalities in attention.

A "reality" scenario forms when strange attractors
come into a mutual dynamic equilibrium
in a resonant display
of forms and functions
illuminated by attention
toward which we enliven intention.

A "reality" scenario starts to form as soon as there is one strange attractor
toward which attention gravitates
and which captures and captivates attention
in a kind of gravity well.

That is how memories form.

A "reality" scenario is a dreamed "reality" or dreamed actuality.

The "reality" and "actuality" pertain to memory.
The "dreamed" pertains to imagination.
"Scenario" applies to both.

In actuality,
our attention moves,

oscillating among numerous strange attractors
(attention captivators)
sometimes ricocheting like a b-b in a shaken bottle.

quieting and centering on a single strange attractor

quieting and centering in a matrix of closely related strange attractors
in unity equilibrium

or resting between all strange attractors
not particularly gravitating toward any

In any case, a "reality" scenario is an experience of any or all of these "strange attractions".

Here's the holographic part:

A hologram is a photograph that
if cut into pieces, each piece now contains and shows
the entire photograph.

The difference is that the sharpness of the images
on the smaller pieces,
is not as sharp as the original full photograph.

The difference is a matter of the density of reference points
and a their relationships.

A "reality" scenario works in an analogous way.

The more "strange attractors" we put together into a single "reality" scenario,
the more the picture sharpens up.

One attractor, by itself, produces a very, very blurry image that looks like a spherical galaxy.

Two attractors produce a dumbbell shaped galaxy formation.

Three attractors produce a triangle-shaped galaxy formation.

And it continues to go slowly, like that, at the lowest levels of complexity and integration.

However, we, at the human, sentient life level of the continuum of existence
are quite complex and fairly-well integrated, at average.

So, already there are zillions of points in the "strange attractor" field
and that makes for a pretty high-definition "reality" scenario.

The next step is to recognize patterns of integration within the overall "reality" scenario --
apparent objects, persons, or conditions.

Like a galaxy, each has a central, most dense core,
and becomes more and more ephemeral
toward the outside periphery.

This is subtle, kinesthetic perception.

In any case, that's how we are (and reality is) holographic.

The other element or aspect
is that we are
and reality is

That means it's made up of points of detail
that can be looked into more closely
and we can see more detail
the more closely we look.

Fractal means
"The more you look,
the more you see."