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The Faith and Freedom Coalition | Orwell was right. What Makes Them TIck?

I recently received a questionnaire (click to see) in the mail from The Faith and Freedom Coalition (see images).

 click to see the entire questionnaire
It's an example of how unscrupulous political action distorts the legitimate ways in which the Public Conversation addresses the issues of the day. It represents itself as a survey questionnaire, when it functions as an instrument of propaganda. Legitimate survey takers take great pains to avoid introducing bias into their questions; this questionnaire is blatantly biased from page 1. The Faith and Freedom Coalition dishonestly portray their position (as serving the public good) and that of others (as evil) and they do so as if they had some righteousness. But read their questionnaire! (click  image to download and read).

Here's the quandary of the Faith and Freedom Coalition: They're part of a mass sector of human culture who are self-righteous, clever, but essentially primitive thinkers who claim privilege without responsibility to any but themselves and those who share their interests -- the very mood of political partisanship and political gridlock. They are the worst kind of sinners:  unrepentent.  Very tribe-like. Primitive.

Here's another sample from the so-called, "Judicial Watch" -- another Republican arm bent upon destroying the republic through corruption of our democracy.

We see another act of both dishonesty and hypocrisy, accusing the Obama Administration of exactly what the Republican Party has done, itself:  manipulation of the voter rolls to make it more difficult for people to be eligible to vote -- under the deceptive name, "Judicial Watch".
By contrast, here is the Democratic survey questionnaire, issued under the name of Nancy Pelosi, ostensibly for the same purpose. (click image to download and read).

Their quandary is that the world is integrating -- integrating across all kinds of lines, including religious -- and these people don't want to integrate or be integrated. They want to stay encapsulated, in control of what they encapsulate, and to encapsulate more. They want "to rule the world."

I leave it to you to come to mind with a disease that fits that description.

Their quandary is understandable: It's a matter, in some sense, of survival, survival not in a biological sense, but in the sense of identity.  It's a matter of Not Having to Change.

And so those of their ilk
seek to heave sway
to disrupt the integration process
presently reshaping the world
and which is the world's hope
in these times of great change.

They use any means at their disposal
including disseminating biasedly partial and distorted information
and accusing those they oppose of things of which they, themselves, are guilty
to manipulate the social conversation toward their own end,
interfering with the public voice (including voting),
and buying exposure time in the public mass communications media
for their self-serving messages
to further the disruption
of what is largely and well underway:
global integration.

Now, we know why.

They declare their "faith" and claim their "freedom"
specifically because they have no faith in cultural developments they don't control;
their freedom is their presumed right
to disrupt others who are more in the forefront of change
than they are.

It is the faith of the fearful
and the freedom of the brat.

It's the strategy of those who have too limited mental capacity to balance multiple values,
too limited mental capacity to incorporate multiple viewpoints,
and too little respect for others to want to do so,
so they take one set of values and viewpoint (their own),
make it the be-all and end-all of their actions
and disregard the rest
in an approach guaranteed to generate imbalances and dysfunction.

Is that how you want the people of our government to conduct themselves?

Mature adults, intead of advancing themselves by tearing others down,
advance themselves and others by bringing everyone up
by conveying their unique contributions
to others who need them
-- a healthy capitalism,
in contrast to the parasitical capitalism
that feeds from the commonwealth disproportionately to its contribution
and causes the rich the get rich and the poor to get poorer.

It's "A Dog Eat Dog World"
is the mindset of more primitive times
and of unscrupulous behavior.

It is the mindset of those who can't do better,
but who still want control.

It is no justification for the abandonment of honor in politics
and it should be recognized for what it is:
immaturity in action.

As to the rest of us, I say,
A Wise General Makes Wise Use of His Resources

Standing Right-Left Integration | Comfort Your S-I Joints | Postural Self-Correction

 You will need to do this movement upon completion of all practice sessions, when doing Comfort Your S-I Joints.

Its purpose is to move you into a better condition of balance, right-to-left and front-to back. You spontaneously elongate (stand taller) as your balance centers and improves.
When the S-I joints are under strain, it’s because the forces moving through them are off-center and the pelvis has lost its balance and symmetry, becoming distorted by a change of relationship between sacrum (middle pelvic bone) and the ilia (side pelvic bones).
The action patterns of Comfort Your S-I Joints balance the forces going through your pelvis. Bringing that new balance into motion with this and other movements in the program integrates the changes produced by the lessons.

An additional, helpful action, upon completion of a practice session, is to walk four steps forward, four steps backward, repeatedly, until your balance improves.

Full entry on S-I Joint Pain Syndrome |
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