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Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care
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The Ultimate Patent


Well, it happened, it finally happened.

The U.S. Government Patent Office awarded a patent to a major pharmaceutical company for breathing, breathing being a function of health, and therefore subject to the field of medicine, and therefore the business of their company, Wheezing and Gasping Division.

This company now owns breathing and licenses it worldwide. If you breathe, you pay royalties or they revoke your license to breathe. It's in the contract and it's the law, thanks to The Supreme Court of the United States, Profit Division.

This was the culmination of a long trend beginning with owning certain strains of plants in a proprietary way, seed-selling and also ownership of breeds of animals.

Then, followed the ownership of land.

Then, of artworks.

Then, ownership of information. Secret information. Intellectual Property.

Then, followed ownership of the genome, of gene segments, alleles, traits, mad scientist experiments in the name of Free Enterprise.

It was a natural next step for a society bred to believe that everything has a price, that everything -- absolutely everything -- could be owned including including water, air, and the functions of the human organism.

Naturally, in service to the health of "the economy" (the interests of business and profit), The Supreme Court (Profit Division) ruled that the right of the individual to breathe is subordinate to the right of Free Enterprise and Business to take over the world and make a profit -- if they can do so within the law that business profiteers helped write.

The time to make breathing a profit-center had come and the attorneys knew how -- with a little help from their friends.

The ship is moving fast, the Captain is mad, and unknown shoals lie ahead.

Are Democracy's last gasps in the hands of demented monomaniacs?

Friends stay tuned.

Unique Self TetraSeed Set up 2016 8 5 Lawrence Gold

Facebook: Lawrence.Gold.Somatics | 505 819-0858
Awaken in an unexpected way and direction, simultaneously, to both the Ground of Being and to your unique, in-the-moment existence as personal self.
“Unique-Self” is a term coined by Mark Gafni and presented in his book, “Your Unique Self”, with forward by Ken Wilber.
While Unique-Self realization is a non-mental, intuitive event, the obstructions to its obvious realization are all memory-based, misdirected habits of attention, mostly subconscious.
The procedure offered here, in this instructional recording, makes conscious any sub-conscious, memory-based obstructions, clears the way for Unique-Self realization and directs attention past the mind into direct, intuitive apperception.
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Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care
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#intelligent-self empowerment
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#unique self
#tetraseed Unique Self TetraSeed Set up 2016 8 5 Lawrence Gold

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The Face, the Tribe, and the Chickens

This is, I feel, a biased but fair summation of the supporters of the three major candidates in the theater of the 2016 presidential election.

It seems to me that Hillary supporters satisfy themselves with the surfaces of things and with looking good, asserting things as they would prefer them to be, disregarding things inconsistent with their preferred view. For the sake of a consoling ideal -- a woman in power at the White House -- they disregard the long pattern of value inconsistencies in the behavior of this woman, in particular. Thus, her candidacy is considered, "HISTORY being MADE" despite well-documented evidence of the kinds of behavior her supporters would not want done to them, or want to be seen being that way, themselves -- excused because she is a woman -- as if all women were of the same character. It is the politics of privileged interest, disregarded ideals, and superficiality masked in the appearance of manifesting an ideal, at last -- a Woman President" (perhaps to set all the wrongs of men, aright? You may be disillusioned, I fear.).

Bernie supporters seem to me to feel things more compassionately, to be more idealistic and to value the value of integrity more than the supporters of the other two candidates named in this writing. A very diverse bunch, they band together in spirit in a kind of tribal fashion or "Bernie Culture" sharing certain general values, however different they may be in other ways. For them, the failure to live up to professed ideals is a betrayal of those ideals -- an issue framed in terms of the conflict between (a) selfish/egocentric interests of a privileged few acting unfairly -- to the detriment of a great many and (b) the greatest good for the greatest number, carried forth in a spirit of fairness for all involved. However, the tendency of some of Bernie's supporters to "boo the villain" during his speeches shows a certain, shall we say, level of maturity of some of his supporters -- even if it shows the tolerance and grace of the elder statesman.

Donald supporters are possibly beset by movie star fantasy-hallucinations -- the glamour of a familiar television face -- and so excuse many faults and verbal behavior that, had their neighbors behaved that way, they would consider them crazy, very rude, or crass, at best. There couldn't be that many crazy, rude, crass people in America who consider Trump's behavior and arrogance normal. Could there? There has to be another reason.

There is another population who support Donald: business people. Now, understand that Donald's business dealings have a reputation of his stiffing vendors for payment, underpaying, late paying, and that he has a reputation as a bully. What this says about his supporters in this group is that they disregard these behaviors -- which indicates that they find it acceptable: As long as you get the property built, the product to market, that's all that counts; never mind how many people you step on. It's the profits. Business is business; it's not personal. Unless, of course, it's happening to them.

Possibly, going along with, "TV familiarity", goes a kind of consumer behavior. They buy the familiar, especially if it appears on TV -- a familiar person who expresses feelings that are familiar to them: I speak of outrage and frustration in life. They don't know who really is on their side and are foolish enough to blame the wrong persons and situations. They may simply be too simple-minded to think through what they hear him saying, and simply rise with the tides of emotion at his rallies and TV appearances. They are like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

Bruck Bruck

The following article is written about Donald Trump -- but test its assertions in terms of Hillary Clinton.

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