Of Minds and Moods and Waves

The World Stream of minds and moods and ideas passes through us in waves, as we feel and know ourselves in the dream of the waking world, a mind that is not entirely ourselves or our own.

Some minds and moods, we let pass.

Others, we seize upon and go for the ride.

As it passes into our attention,
something in imagination and memory follows it and seizes upon it, and so holds it in memory.

Holding it in memory intensifies it.
Steadying attention upon it densifies or consolidates it, so it becomes a significant "something" in the moment.

We are in favor of it or against it,
regard it as "true" or "untrue",
and so identify with a relative position
and dis-identify from another.

The impulses come from deep within, in subsconscious memory, and make impressions deep within, in subconscious memory.

Thus are selves compounded.

What if You Could Change the World with Lawrence Gold

People who have gone through this course,

Intelligent Self-Empowerment 101
The Gold Key Release

have the distinction of having experienced something not very common among human beings: voluntarily dissolving the grip of hidden, gripping memories that affect their sense of reality and of possibility -- at will and quickly. They have learned to use The Gold Key Release on The Things of Significance In Their Lives to free their attention to go in new directions, to integrate and then dissolve the grip of unconscious conditioning, to get looser, calmer, and likely to behave spontaneously in new ways that suit them. Opens the gates of possibility.

That's what they learned in the course -- an ability -- not just some ideas about "attraction" or the structure of reality, but a way of making actual changes in our experience in a new way -- starting by the end of the first good Gold Key Release session.

For these people, further development along lines of Intelligent Self-Empowerment is available and happening -- in two forms:

  1. REVIEW The Gold Key Release Course | Getting Free of Stuckness and Conditioning
    Intelligent Self-Empowerment 101

    ~~ and ~~
  2. The Wish-Fulfilling Gem
    Intelligent Self-Empowerment 1A

If you know anything about university course offerings, you recognize that 1A is more advanced than 101.

The reason it is more advanced is that it requires sufficient proficiency with The Gold Key Release to have a feel for the way things consolidate and dissolve.. It's a good reason to GET proficient at The Gold Key Release.

However, if you are not be so proficient -- yet, you would do much better either to practice what you have learned, to good proficiency -- or to join us for the next Gold Key Release 101 course for a second pass through. Returning students get special enrollment consideration.

On the other hand, if you are indeed so proficient in The Gold Key Release, you may do The Wish-Fulfilling Gem 1A course.

Oh -- a third option. If you start The Wish-fulling Gem, "1A" course and find it kind of "glancing off" you instead of sinking in and getting absorbed, you can always switch immediately to the "The Gold Key Release 101" course for more practice.

Afterward, both groups would to well, to do The Gold Key Release 102 course, "The Back Door to The Broader Path", when I offer it in December or January, for its expanding influence. Don't be fooled by the "102"; it's not lesser than the 1A course, but just leads in another direction: expansion.

Remember: proficiency in The Gold Key Release "101" course comes first.

Join us for the free, interactive webinar:

Getting Free from Stuckness and Conditioning
Intelligent Self-Empowerment 101

Wednesday, October 7th at noon, MDT
8:00 p.m. Central European Time

Intelligent Self-Empowerment | The TetraSeed Transformation Procedures

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

The MIAMI Effect with Words from Participants | Lawrence Gold

Using The Gold Key Release gives you the experience of a very interesting effect:
The MIAMI Effect

With progressive mastery of intention, attention, memory and imagination, your “ship of life” turns toward the “MIAMI” of life in a series of increasingly fair-weather developments.

The Gold Key Release
  1. Course 101: Getting Free from Stuckness and Conditioning
  2. Course 102: The Back Door to The Broader Path (coming in January)
Intelligent Self-Empowerment
Deprogram yourself from the agenda
of a corrupted and stressed-out world.



http://feeds.wordpress.com/1.0/comments/lawrencegold.wordpress.com/426/ The MIAMI Effect with Words from Participants Lawrence Gold https://lawrencegold.wordpress.com/2015/09/27/the-miami-effect-with-words-from-participants-lawrence-gold/

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

Comforting Your S-I Joints | Sidelying Sacral Self-Decompression, from Unit 1 Lawrence Gold

This demonstration applies to someone with a left-side jammed S-I joint, and so you see the model lying on his right. If the right side were jammed, he’d be lying on the left side.

This action pattern prepares you for the exercises found in Unit 2 of Comfort Your S-I Joints by making it possible for the pelvic bones to adjust relative to each other.

With sacro-iliac joint problems, the first step to correction is to “unlock” the relationship of bones (sacrum and ilium/hip) held jammed my muscular contractions.

The second step is to induce changes of the spatial relationship (joint fit) of those bones through movements that use gravity and the weight of the leg and head to transmit force and sensation to the pelvis, where all forces meet.

This preparatory somatic education exercise accomplishes both aims and prepares you for the more effective somatic education exercises to improve joint fit that come later in the program/regimen.

Comforting Your S-I Joints | Sidelying Sacral Self-Decompression, from Unit 1

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

http://feeds.wordpress.com/1.0/comments/lawrencegold.wordpress.com/420/ Comfort Your S-I Joints | Sidelying Sacral Self-Decompression, from Unit 1 Lawrence Gold https://lawrencegold.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/comfort-your-s-i-joints-sidelying-sacral-self-decompression-from-unit-1-lawrence-gold/

TetraSeed Transformations | The Gold Key Release, week 6 | The TetraSeed Empowerment Procedure

This week:  The TetraSeed Empowerment Procedure

This "knock your socks-off" procedure depends upon your sufficient proficiency in The Gold Key Release. Without The Gold Key Release, you may be left attached to the outcome. For reasons explained below, such attachment is undesirable, unpleasant, and works against the intended outcome of the procedure, which is the freedom of empowerment -- and the empowerment of freedom. This is not mere wordplay; feel each and feel how they complement (are not identical to) each other.

  • eros
    • attractors of experience
    • imagination/emergence
  • obstructions:
    • misalignment of intention
    • distortions of or by memory

Memory -- our sense of how things are and can be -- is inherently binding and the attractive force of one moment becomes the binding force of the next, slowing or preventing new emergence -- and leads to a sense of entrapment, rather than of freedom.

For that reason, an equal and opposite tendency -- dissolution -- must balance emergence and memory, for empowerment to continue. Otherwise, we become disempowered by the successes of the past by getting limited and stuck by them at some time in the future when we need to outgrow or exceed them.

Empowerment: the ability to direct our attention and exercise intention in service to imagination/eros by dissolving the binding force of memory (the way things have always gone) to make room for emergence (converting imagination/eros into actuality/memory).

EXERCISE: Remember a limiting memory by imagining and intending a more desirable situation.

The bigger the obstruction overcome or dissolved, the bigger the payoff.
EXERCISE: Remember a little obstruction overcome and remember the payoff. Remember a big obstruction overcome, remember the payoff.

The TetraSeed Empowerment Procedure
In this procedure, we will discover in ourselves the conditioning influences, the remembered but subconscious intentions, that run things from "behind the scenes" to keep us stuck, as they exist in your own case.

"Items" used in the procedure and the "attractor" of each:

  • honesty: ATTRACTOR: clarity
  • viability: ATTRACTOR: worthiness
  • responsibility: ATTRACTOR: competence
  • follow-through: ATTRACTOR: results
Let's define terms, as I mean them:

Honesty: transparency of self-presentation and transparency of self, to self.
The opposite of honesty is deception. Deception leads to misinformed actions.
Viability: ability to live
When you plant a seed, its ability to sprout and bear fruit or living seed is its viability.
Responsibility: ability to respond, freedom
Responsibility isn't burden; it's working capacity. To assume responsibility is to "turn on" ones capacity to act. The burdensome sense of responsibility is responsibility impaired by limitations -- remembered difficulties or interference by obstructing beliefs (bad expectations). If you have such obstructions, they get cleared up in this procedure -- but first you feel them, on the way out.
Follow-through: carrying through to completion
People generally have trouble with one of three stages of action: starting things, carrying them through to completion, and moving on after getting completion. Trouble with any of those stages works against empowerment.

We use The Set-Up Procedure to set up each item.

  • attend to
  • imagine
  • intend
  • remember

The Gold Key Release overcomes the binding force of memory, the obstructions. So we use The Gold Key Release after each time we do The Spell-Maker (for each item) to clear the obstructions to the ATTRACTORS, and then again, at the end of the entire procedure, to clear the binding force of those four attractors, so that we have both the ability to create each item and freedom from each item.


We will be going faster. What you need to have surface will surface quickly; it will be all too obvious. If it doesn't surface in the time given, you don't need to deal with it at this moment -- and, due to the pacing, you will find emerging in you the strong impulse to self-knowledge.

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold