The Matrix in Your Underwear | Don't Look. (You have to.)

The Matrix is the first manifestation of Source:  the Field of Possibility and The Ground of Being with only two states:  existence and non-existence.

There being no other qualities at that rudimentary ground of being, there is no polarity, no push or pull, only oscillation between existence and non-existence filling all points of space-time, scintillating everywhere, asynchronously.  It is formless form, the first primal expression of emptiness.  That is The Matrix; only, to itself, it isn't The Matrix or anything else.  To the astrophysicist, it may be the Cosmological Constant, the Quantum Foam, the primordial "dark energy" of universal expansion.

Polarity appeared in its first duality: "Possibility" and "Actuality", or put another way, light (electromagnetic field/possibility) and matter (gravitation and matter/actuality, along with the strong and weak nuclear and other, higher-order, organizing forces that define the behaviors of matter).  Time existed, but all time was the same, since no other changes were occurring -- and since time is motion, "time" was the same as "timelessness".

Within or in the body of that matrix, rhythms begin to propagate and turbulent ripples, to form, mysteriously, as an expression of "organizing principles in action".  Those rhythms and turbulent ripples were/are movements within the Field of Possibility (electromagnetic field), forming "standing waves" of concentrated effects (effects with centers of existence). gathering matter together controlled by mysterious tendencies; fields of possibility (same thing) formed and gathered matter into structures.

In that rudimentary beginning, "quantity" arose:  zero, 1, and >(more than) 1, and with it, primal structural laws, the second primal expression of emptiness. Duration (time) and variability came into existence out of no variability, no duration: the third primal expression of emptiness.  Time was born as motion; and with time as motion came organization (since organization is exactly "patterns of motion"), which led to atomic existence, molecular organization, and organisms (life-forms -- big jump, but that was the trend: toward higher and higher complexity).

Primordial, stable forms came into existence (sub-atomic particle-behaviors, atoms, forms capable of integration into form-clusters (molecules), higher order forms (cells), etc.: "standing waves."  In some locations, standing waves show up as matter -- turbulent ripples  in The Matrix having the movement behaviors of binding forces, electromagnetic properties (standing waves' stable frequency characteristics) and mutual mass attraction (gravity).  Matter is a standing wave behavior complex made of The Matrix, and there are many variations of standing waves -- let's say 102, or so, stable ones, called, "atoms". All of these are developmental behaviors of The Matrix, from no-form, to primal on-off-on-off existence, to development of forms of increasing complexity.

Standing waves integrate to become more complex standing waves made of simpler component standing waves -- the way words are made of letters.

That appearance of standing waves (durable behaviors) is the expression of integration occurring at a rudimentary level to form the next higher level of complexity; standing waves are the emergence of new behaviors, and the emergence of new, stable (or durable) behaviors is the emergence of organization. Organization is a tendency, just as gravity is a tendency (mass-attraction), just as electromagnetism is a tendency (attraction-repulsion of charges, positive and negative), just as the strong and weak nuclear binding forces are tendencies to stay together.  "Tendency", what they have in common, suggests that there are at least five fundamental forces, the fifth being the tendency to form patterns of organization (emergence of newness).

Eventually, that integration process reaches a stage of complexity and integration that somas (self-moving, self-perpetuating lifeforms) appear -- and ultimately, human somas.

With human somas, entirely new variable trends of development appeared, with memory, individuation, identity, mind and social interaction.  Unique-self (e.g., you) appeared as a new kind of dynamic, self-organizing process of emergence, a fourth primal expression of emptiness, one that, when it appears not to be emptiness, but substantial selves persisting by virtue of memory. Such persistent "selves" are called, "egos"; a "self" or "ego" ("I") is a presumed, remembered "owner" of memory.

The Matrix is grounded in the paradox of "nothing being something" or "something out of nothing".  The self, a product of The Matrix, appears to be at odds with The Matrix.  The Matrix, in some circles, gets painted as some sort of diabolical mind-control conspiracy, whereas it is merely remembered patterns of consciousness arising from Source with chaotic properties giving rise to self-organizing processes appearing as physical phenomena with rudimentary consciousness, which give rise to somas, humans and The News.

The Matrix is constructed of interacting TetraSeeds, which are the core basis of every soma:  attention, intention, imagination, and memory. The entire universe and personal consciousness are TetraSeeds:

Movements of attention,
arisings of intentions,
flights of imagination (or emergence of new functions by evolution or maturation),
and consolidation of memory
constitute the core of all existence, living and non-living.

Physiological functions merely carry out those four functions.

Less-complex, rudimentary Tetraseeds exist as non-living matter:
  • instead of attention, location
  • instead of intention, activity
  • instead of memory, persistence
  • instead of imagination, changing appearances (such as a living kosmos)

The Integration of the Subjective (consciousness)
and Objective (material) aspects of the TetraSeed

Everything Happens Before We Know It
To the TetraSeed,
which is the structure of individuated consciousness,
and which emerges into the Kosmos as the "eyes of tendency",
we add,

Everything happens before we know it.
Including our thoughts and emotions.

Memories form before we know it.
Intentions arise before we know it.
Our attention moves from thing to thing before we know it.
Reveries, imaginings, and new faculties emerge before we know it.
We think, feel, and act before we know it.
Witnessing anything happens before we know it.

Take that beyond "knowing it in words"
to observing yourself and your experience to observe if this is so.

To be alive is to be self-moving,
though the self-moving-ness starts before we know it.

We don't "cultivate" the Witness Disposition.
We inevitably are the Witness Disposition
while life goes on with no one at the Controls
we doing what we do, being moved the way we are moved
feeling that we are a person-in-control and with responsibility
before we know it.

We are the Witness Disposition before we know it and all that we witness.

Don't take my word for it.
Observe yourself, for yourself.

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

Standing Side-sway | Comfort Your S-I Joints | Finishing Movement after Practice

Standing Side-sway | Comfort Your S-I Joints | Finishing Movement after Practice

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

Illuminating the "NOW" Movement | el debunk-o

Recognition of our actual state in any moment is always incomplete
for two reasons (at least):

1.  Everything happens before we know it.
"Reaction Time" is one measure of this truth.

2.  Everything is in motion,
everything is a moving target,
including ourselves. Recognition comes after the fact.

Everything WE do,
we do before we know it
and even the "skillful self-corrections" we dobegin before we know it.

The arising of self
happens before we know it.

Thus, recognition of our actual state in any moment is always incomplete
and that recognition, partial and approximate
subject to the up-burgeoning
of newness.

So there's always something left, not recognized, that we are operating AS.

And so, we REALLY don't know how far behind Actuality we are.

If anyone REALLY "got into the Now", they would have no experience, whatever.


It is taught and well-known in the teaching called Rolfing Structural Integration, that one way to reach and affect the neck is through the nose.  This is the Rolfing move made famous in the movie, Semi-Tough, in which Burt Reynolds' character is required by the team owner to get "Pelfed", and the old lady comes out to greet him wearing a latex glove. 

"Wha- what's that for?"
"The inside of the nose is a reflection of the personality."

But I digress up to a point:

We can find out what Ida Rolf discovered and how Rolfers use the relationship between the inside of the nose and the cervical spine by doing . . . . .

THE TONGUE MUDRA | transformational phenomenal experience

The Tongue Mudra:
*  tip of the tongue on roof of the mouth behind front teeth
*  back of the tongue lifted and secured against rear molars
*  center of the tongue cupped like a spoon or radar dish

Sensing the center of the palate above the tongue-cup
feel it light up and become sensitized.

Feeling that, breathe through the nose
and feel the current
from the tongue
to the palate
through the nasal cavity
defining the septum
feeling through the brain cavity
breathing in-and-out the crown chakra
feeling the base of the head change its seat on the neck
and feeling the effect go the the spine behind the heart.

Various spontaneous, self-adjusting kriyas may occur.

Suitable for sitting meditation.

THE TONGUE MUDRA | instruction and transformational phenomena

The Tongue Mudra is a very powerful technique that
  • opens your core
  • clears your mind
  • creates cumulative beneficial effects on posture
  • opens breathing
  • relaxes subconscious tensions that cloud judgment

    and that's enough of a partial list of benefits
The technique works by itself or combined with other mental and physical exercise techniques; when combined, it enhances any exercise with which you combine it.

Use this technique to magnify the effects of most other somatic education exercises. Adopt the mudra and maintain it continuously as you go through the movements of the other exercises.

Another technique to magnify somatic education exercises, The Diamond-Penetration Technique, can be found here:
The Tongue Mudra

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

The Tongue Mudra:
*  back of the tongue lifted and secured against your rear molars
*  tip of the tongue on roof of your mouth behind your front teeth
* center of the tongue cupped like a spoon or radar dish aimed at your palate

The "Bite Your Tongue" variation
You gently bite the back of your tongue between the upper and lower rear molars.

You then alternate, slowly, left and right, sensing the pressure of biting through the teeth and sides of the head, as it moves left and right, gently tipping your head toward the side of the bite as you move.

When you cup your tongue sufficiently, you'll feel a sensation in the nasal cavity.  That's your working position.

Sensing the center of your palate above your tongue-cup
feel it light up and become sensitized.

Feeling that, breathe through your nose
so that you feel the in-stream of breath over the sensitized place on your palate.

Breathe in and out through your nose, sensing the place in your nasal cavity
affected by your tongue position.  It may be in the nasal septum, in the facial bones and forehead, further up or further back.

Feel the sensation
from your tongue
to your palate
through the nasal cavity,
to the sensitized place.

Feel through the brain cavity,
breathing in-and-out the crown of your head.

By steadying the sensations of breathing through your nose,
feel your head position change,
feel your neck change its curve and lengthen,
and feel the effect go the the spine behind the heart.

Various spontaneous, self-adjusting movements may occur.

Suitable for sitting meditation.

audio coaching
Be prepared to stop and start this recording at each step of coaching.
Listen once through, then listen again and practice. The Tongue Mudra | a way to magnify somatic education exercises Lawrence Gold