Psycho-Active TetraSeed Transformations | The "Vajra" Self-Rectifying Processes

A T T E N T I O N:
The Vajra Self-Rectifying Processes

"Vajra" :  "Thunderbolt" and "Diamond" (Sanscrit)

~ The Lightening Bolt ~

~ The Hammer of Thor ~

~ The Thunderclap ~
(A Rumbling in the Canyon)

~ Pervasion of Experience by ~
~ Transcendental Intuition ~

The TetraSeed of Every Experience

A word in advance:
This entry contains instructions for procedures that, due to their simplicity, are advanced practices.

Known collectively as, The Vacuum Cleaner for Your Mind, they require sufficient control of your attention muscle to do them.  Without that adequate control, some may find that their thinking-word mind is producing too much noise -- noisier even, than The Vacuum Cleaner for Your Mind -- impossible for some, for now.

The key for those with "noisy mind" and "weak attention muscle" is practice of The Gold Key Release and The Crystal Crown Procedure.

In this entry, I present four procedures -- The Lightning Bolt, The Hammer of Thor, and The Thunderclap ("Flashing the Unknown Unknown"), and Pervasion of Experience by Transcendental Intuition -- that, when combined, provide a quick, nearly-instant way to disarm and dissolve grips seemingly held upon us held by fate (but actually, unconscious habits of mental distraction, self-contraction and distress), so they can be sucked out of your mind, right then. Mental quiet ensues.

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Gate` Gate` Paragate
Bodhi! Svaha!

Gone! Gone! Gone beyond.
Gone beyond going beyond.
Awakening Intelligence! Beneficial!

~ The Prajna Paramita (Heart) Sutra ~

Rationale for the Lightening Bolt |
 (Walking Backward)

The Lightning Bolt is a back-door maneuver for surfacing and dissolving hidden grips that keep us buried in the momentum of our habitual lives, confused and stuck (but still hopeful !!! above all, hopeful !!!) Another term for that stuckness, from the Tibetan, is "dukkha". It's a "one foot on the accelerator, one foot on the brake" situation.

Those hidden grips show up as tendencies for things to go a certain way, in life, as behavior habits and kinds of personal experiences (e.g., "chronic bad luck") that color or flavor our sense of self, our presence, our way of life, personal qualities and the habits by which people recognize us ... all hidden grips or fixes resident in us, in our own memories.

These hidden grips show up as the chronic issues and ongoing complaints of our existence; perhaps unexpectedly, they also show up as the virtues we uphold. They are the hidden influences that shape our existence, a body or mass of unfathomably deep-seated, totally unconscious set tensions (e.g., the tension of, "on your mark, get set . . . . ." ) maintained perpetually on automatic:  all kinds of memory conditioning, residual influences from past experiences, sensations below where our attention can ordinarily reaches in ourselves -- unless flushed up enough to be recognized with techniques such as these. 

When flushed up, these set tensions are seen to major distortions in ourselves that when discovered, make us feel, "How it the world did I ever get that way??"  Before their discovery, these distorting influences work behind the scenes to causes us to act and react in certain ways and to experience the same thing, again and again, and again (e.g., bad relationships, frustrations, etc.).

Such distortions of self can be "blitzed" by The Lightning Bolt or shattered by The Hammer of Thor -- to dissolve away that part or aspect of ourself that we confuse with the basic reality of life and so believe is unavoidable.

We may artfully use The Lightning Bolt and The Gold Key Release, alternately, to good effect; one does "clean-up" after the other.

BACKGROUND:  Ever-Here-ness and Conditional Reality
We confuse conditional reality (everything we experience) with our fundamental sense of ever-hereness, which IS reality; we confuse (mentally fuse) conditional reality with Eternal EVER-HERENESS -- and the sign of this confusion is the feeling that things will never change (which is how it feels, whatever we may think). This confusion of EVER-HERENESS with memory gives memory an air of permanence, even while it's temporary.

I know this is a new idea, for you, so go over the previous paragraph and digest it until it sinks in and you know what I'm talking about. Do that, now.

EVER-HERENESS doesn't change -- and it ain't nuthin' in particular. It "always already IS".  It's the sense that no matter how fast you are moving (say, in a car), you are always, always, HERE, to yourself.

That example may give you intuitive recognition of, "that which has been the same all my life" -- which is not an object of attention (inner or outer), nor anything that can be intended, remembered or imagined, but your own, HERENESS.

It's what The Buddha called, "a tacit intuition".

Practice of The Gold Key Release dissolves the sense of "something-there-ness", so that we may intuit our formless presence, which, in that moment of intuition, we recognize as having always been OUR presence.

Again, these are not concepts for your mind to understand, but pointers to direct experience available IN THIS INSTANT.

When we catch that we are considering "EVER-HERENESS" to be "something we can locate", WE RECOGNIZE THE FALLACY OF IT being something because EVER-HERENESS is not a product of mind or an object of mind. It is of an order completely other than mind; it is "formless feeling", a kind of feeling that dissolves attention so we naturally intuit consciousness as a field, not as an object or concept. Again, return to the "moving in a car" example and then notice that it pertains, in this moment.

At that moment of recognition, we may release the sense of things that we have mis-identified as "EVER-HERENESS" and intuit the field of self-radiant awareness that underlies everything and that pervades us, ourselves.

Contrary to everything we have thought or have heard, Reality is unknown by us, unknown to us -- not a form of knowledge, at all, but a condition that cannot be reduced to mental memory.  Reality cannot be defined, however much we want to make it an object of mind that can be known mentally, the way you know a bowling ball.

The reason The Lightening Bolt works is that our habitual states are always forms of experience-with-limits -- or limited conditioning -- whereas Reality is inherently formless and only temporarily conditional.  Everything within Reality has a beginning and an end, a size and shape, a location where it is and where it is not. Reality has no size or shape, no location, no beginning or end.

When we let go of our sense of Reality, we are not letting go of Reality, but of conditions mis-identified as Reality, but which we have held onto as if  they were Reality, convinced by their persistence.

Better take a breather, on that one.  Start, again, when your mind has cleared as much as it will.

Said another way, when we do the release-step of The Lightening Bolt (The Hammer of Thor), we may think we are releasing the effort to intuit, identify, or locate Reality (our Here-ness), when what we are really releasing an erroneous mental effort that we confuse with Reality or that we believe points to Reality.

When we release the effort to intuit "Reality" (or "Now-ness", or "Here-ness"), we release the force of our conditioning along with it. What's left is the intuition of formless Reality.

I'm using a mental crowbar to pry you of your habit of believing that everything can be known and that your conceptual, thinking, word-mind is "where it's at". It ain't, but you're so used to going there that I need a crowbar.

Most strictly speaking, "Here-ness" is always already the case and always already our present condition.  Obviously.  We are always, already Here -- so anything we may do to intuit "Here-ness" is in addition to Here-ness and can only obscure our intuition of "Here-ness" as our already condition. The release that occurs in The Lightening Bolt only clears that way for that intuition.

The way to intuit Reality, or Here-ness, or "The Now", is to let go of it -- and any effort to intuit it.  Then, something entirely unexpected flashes forward or the way clears into it. Beyond these words, nothing useful may be said.

So, release The Lightening Bolt at the feeling of stuckness; or strike the blow of The Hammer of Thor upon it a few times in a row.  Notice the result.  It gets interesting.

The Lightning Bolt
  1. In your memory, fully experience whatever experience with which you feel stuck and which you would like to dissolve, whether a negative condition, an ideal that you recognize compulsively traps you, or any arbitrary thing you might like to change.

    The steps are:

    1. Feel its existence. (one breath)
    [advanced:] Intend its existence. 
    2. Feel its persistence. (one breath)
     [advanced:] Remember its persistence. 
    3. Feel its location. (one breath)
    [advanced:] Attend to its location, as felt or experienced. 
    4. Feel its appearance (it's quality). (one breath)
    [advanced:] Imagine its potential for changing appearance.

    Do not think, ruminate about, or analyze it; that's not experiencing. Steady your attention on each step long enough for it to stabilize; you'll get an experience.  Remember:  If your thinking mind is noisier than a vacuum cleaner, you won't be able to do this. Prepare yourself with The Gold Key Release until you have sufficient control of your own mind.

    You do the advanced forms once you easily remember the basic steps.
  2. Feel it all as a single intensity that has a location and shape in your own "mind-space".
  3. Notice what is not that, surrounding that location and shape. Feel until your attention steadies a bit.  Relax into it. Let yourself lose track of that shape.

    (If you can't let yourself lose track and feel outside the shape, alternate between feeling the shape and what is not that shape. Notice what constrains you -- some tension or holding on. Feel that and continue.)

  4. Now, switch to noticing your sense of "Here-ness" -- that which has always been the same, all your life.

    ALTERNATE OPTION: Feel your whole body as the shape of a sensation.

    Notice what you do to locate, "Here-ness".
  5. That action of "locating Here-ness" feels like "centering" yourself. It's the target of the lightening-strike.

    ALTERNATE OPTION: Hold the sensation, draw and release three breaths.
  6. Recognize that sensation as a temporary, stressful effort. Stop holding onto it. Let it go. Lose track of it.
You will feel tensions dissipate, feel yourself reshape and probably sigh spontaneously as the experience dissolves partially or completely.

You have felt the experience of "stuckness" as it is . . . . . diffused your attention as much as you can . . . . . located and struck at the center of your sense of "persistent reality" and then dissolved it -- hence the name, The Lightning Bolt.

Imagine a little puff of smoke where your sense of "Hereness" or Reality used to be. (Just kidding, there.)

The Hammer of Thor
a recognition technique

The Hammer of Thor uses the power of intention to undo the effects of conditioning. It reveals how our own intention, running on automatic, keeps that conditioning in existence and relieves us of that conditioning either in big chunks or, in the case of extremely dense conditioning, layer by layer.

The structure of The Hammer of Thor is as follows:

Locate and identify the feeling of the condition or conditioning you want to pulverize and dissipate. This step is similar to the equivalent steps in the other procedures presented on this page. You may use variations of this step found in other procedures. Use what works well, for you. Once you've tested those procedures, this recommendation will be understandable and do-able (but not before).

Having located the feeling of the condition or conditioning to be pulverized, follow these steps:

Imagine remembering the feeling three times in quick succession.

Notice whether your intending it more than refusing it, or vice versa. Whichever it is start with the version for that bias and follow with the other version.

Think to yourself:

  1. Intending, with intent to experience the feeling
  2. Intending without intent to experience the feeling
  3. Intending intending
  4. Intending [the feeling]
: "Intending, intending, intending intending. Intending."

Scan the whole body, feel for and relax any effort.

  1. Refusing, with intent to experience the feeling
  2. Refusing without intent to experience the feeling
  3. Intending refusing
  4. Refusing [the feeling]
:"Refusing, refusing, intending refusing. Refusing."

Scan the whole body, feel for and relax any effort.
    Repeat to a satisfactory result (dissolution of the item).

    The Thunderclap / (a-Rumblin' in the Canyon)
    intensification by contrast and repetition
    The things we experience, presently, have a certain momentum (tendency to persist) to them, maintained by our memories of them. If we prefer things were different, those memories prevent change by occupying the space in which we would like to put a new experience. So, we have to dissolve the grip of memory, to make space.

    The Thunderclap consists of two parts.

    1. By alternating between remembering our current experience and imagining our desired experience, we loosen the grip and dissolve the density of the current experience.  That action is the part of the "Thunderclap" that creates the needed space.
    2. In the space created, we attend to and intend our desired experience.
      That "attending" and "intending" is a new reverberation in the world.
    Once you've created space and set up a new reverberation, persons and conditions around you that can resonate with your intention begin to do so and, as they show up, you will perceive in them a possibility of fulfilling your intention.

    You may use The Thunderclap to fulfill desires or to transform conditions -- to go beyond and then to go beyond going beyond.

    The Thunderclap is thus:
    1. Identify an experience you would like to have.
    2. Call up whatever you may remember about it.
    3. Imagine the possibility you would prefer.
    4. Return to your memory of how things have been.
      You will notice that your memories color your sense of possibility.

    Now, when the space is noticeably clearer:
    1. Imagine how it all might change.
    2. Remember how it all might change.
    3. Imagine how it all might change.

    Now, when your perception of how it all might change is vivid:
    Intend imagining it, one last time, to the degree you are able, and do The Lightning Bolt on it.

    Repeat to a satisfactory result. Each cycle through will be different.  The closer your imagining gets to your felt ideal, the easier it will be to intend it (push to have things change).

    1. Identify

    2. Remember
    3. Imagine
    4. Remember

    5. Imagine 
    6. Remember
    7. Imagine

    8. Intend.
    Repeat to a satisfactory result.

    Stages 2-4 and 5-7 are forms of reverberation and Step 8, like the ongoing rumbling of thunder.

    You will feel your imagination contact results that are more and more in line with your intention, with each repetition.

    If you have difficulty reaching a satisfactory result, do The Lightning Bolt and then return to The Thunderclap.

    Pervasion of Experience by Transcendental Intuition
    a conditional-attention unconditional-attention exercise

    All experience arises within and from the Unknown Unknown. We arise from and within the Unknown Unknown.  It's the mystery of, "before our birth", of "after our death", and of "before the very next moment".

    The Unknown Unknown may be intuited by noticing the totality of

    • what we see in this moment -- and what is beyond it
    • what we hear in this moment -- and the silence beyond it
    • what we feel in this moment -- and what is beyond all that

    This is not a thinking process (other than to get us started); it's a sensing and imagining process (possible only when your ability to pay attention to something is stronger than the attraction to thinking).

    A verse by Lao Tzu, found in The Tao Teh Ching, "points to" the Unknown Unknown:

    That which we look for, beyond seeing,
    and call the unseen,
    listen for, beyond hearing,
    and call the unheard,
    reach for, beyond grasping,
    and call the withheld
    merge beyond understanding in a Oneness
    that does not merely rise and give light
    set and leave darkness
    but forever sends forth a succession of living things
    as mysterious as the unbegotten existence to which they return.

    That is why men have called them empty phenomena
    with no face to meet, no back to follow.

    Yet one who is anciently aware of existence
    is master of every moment,
    feels no break, since time-beyond-time
    in the way life flows.

    This procedure depends upon your having sufficient mastery of your attention/intention/memory/imagination, to remain free of the strange attraction of thoughts and to direct yourself as you will.

    The procedure goes as follows:

    1. Identify your "item" (conditioning).
    2. Feel its location in you, the shape of its intensity.
    3. Switch: Feel it and all what is beyond it (radiationally outwardly) toward the space that contains it all.

      You cannot feel that space because it's the Unknown Unknown; what you can feel is your inability to locate it.
      Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the experience gets more vivid.
    4. Return to your item in the intuition of "inability to locate it". Bring that intuition ("inability to locate it") toward and then into your item.

      At first, you may not be able to locate your item, same as you couldn't locate the Unknown Unknown, at first.

      When your item reappears to your noticing, notice that it is a location of density within the Unknown Unknown, which pervades it.
    5. Feel the contrast between the density of your item and the trancendentality of the Unknown Unknown. Alternate.
    6. Stay with it until your item starts to lose its cohesiveness, to dissolve and dissipate.

    The actual doing of the procedure is much simpler than the words used to describe it. The first time is the most difficult. After that (if you have adequate control of your own mind), the process is readily available.

    other TetraSeed Transformation procedures 
    • The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual*
    • The Crystal Crown Procedure 
    • The Set-Up Procedure*

    The Gold Key Release

    copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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