The Inside of SuperPandiculation | Evolutionary Integration (?)

The SuperPandiculation Technique
when applied within oneself
either in somatic education exercises
or in The Gold Key Release
or Memory-Matrix Integration Ritual
invokes or makes possible
a series of internally generated
awakenings, releases and self-corrections.

When applied in highly integrative movements of some intricacy
(as in The Five-Pointed Star series or the simple, Gentle Spine Waves (video))
SuperPandiculation leads to a series of extraordinarily deep releases and self-corrections
that together integrate into greater integrity,
one characterized by more and greater freedom.

That means that, when we function,
more of our resources are available,
new resources, and new intelligence,
so we function better.
The SuperPandiculation Technique
is otherwise known as
The Diamond Penetration Pandiculation Technique
because it penetrates through thick, dense
Sensory-Motor Amnesia and Sensory-Motor Obliviousness
the way a diamond drill bit penetrates through rock.

Sensory-Montor Amnesia
and Sensory-Motor Obliviousness are
in a broader and more basic sense
Attentional-Intenational Amnesia
and Attentional-Intentional Obliviousness

sensory | attention
motor | intention

| broken, shaky, or compromised integrity |
a gap or weakening of integrity
~~ or ~~
obliviousness | immature development
or unrecognized/undeveloped integrity potential.

It takes some intensity of attention to relink
or link for the first time
the intensity of a sensation
with the sense of 
being able to remember / imagine it accurately.
But that is exactly what must be done to come free --
to shift from automaticity (sub-cortical brain automated memory)
to intelligent control (higher-cortical intention supported by sub-cortical memory).

That's why use The SuperPandiculation Technique:
By boosting the power of attention,
it boosts the power of intention.
It's a Drill.  It's a Drill.  It's The Drill.
AND, this drill is your drill,
this Diamond Penetration Pandiculation technique.

When the intensity of imagining an experience intentionally
equals or exceeds
the intensity of experiencing the experience on automatic
. . . . .
when the two intensities match
and the two "experiencings" (actual and imagined)  match

then release occurs
as a merging, melting and reshaping that
triggers and wildly deepens
the the depth of release of the action
(of the pandicular movement),
culminating in a profound and moving release,
a re-arranging of oneself, wriggling and squirming,
or just lengthening, straightening, or untwisting,
in ways progressively more free of the old pattern
or to the degree of negligible or undetectable intensity
--  more free, altogether.

Meaning . . . . .
it's a big change.
One prepares for it in minutes,
it occurs in seconds,
and one doesn't tend to revert
to the old pattern,
so far away from it one is.

The changes, it seems
are cumulative,
each seeming to pick up
where the last left off.

I do believe that's called
"evolutionary integration."

All You Proto-Mutants, 
Out There . . . . .*

I'm Drilling for Gold!
-- evolutionary integration --

* Read Bodies in Revolt, by Thomas Hanna
how human-made changes of the world in which humans live have fostered the development of human proto-mutants, who in turn change the world 

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