Writing on Writing

So much of my writing
is not "thinking things through",
capturing observations
in subtle, but tangible form:

What are observations?

attention attunements
. . . . . that impress, into us,
experience formationsmemories and imaginings
. . . . . that rise and intensify as we turn the face of attention
into this moment of experience
and feel the rise of intention coming into being

"Into us" becomes "as we".

What is attention without intention?
The first act of attention
is to intend to attend more to something
that already has our attention.
We intend to attend.

Then we notice the details.

What is memory without imagination?
It is Void
without form
only having intensity
like a magnetic pull
or gravity.

Imagination rises on
and according to
the intensity
of attention
the way a boat rises
on the rising tide.

From the intensity of attention
comes the details
and the movement of attention in Unknown directions
giving rise to imaginings
that seem like meanings
that we remember.

     There is a quantum abyss     
   between objects of attention. 

It is The Zone of Imprehensibility
as we pass from one thing to another.

We release attention . . . . .
we release our attention from . . . . .

When our attention
lands . . . . .
when we, as attention,
land on the next thing,
we come into focus upon it
and a living stream of experience emerges.

We have passed from one side of
The Zone of Incomprehensibility
to the other
and landed.

kind of like walking

We may observe that living stream of experience in words
that, magically,
communicate more than words seemingly could convey
by bringing forth meanings from within,
spellbinding our imagination.

They sway us
as we follow the draw of our attention
in the intention. the seductive display
--  the spell  --
of the written words
to draw attention,
to shape intention,
so as to convey a feeling
that dreams a self-world into existence.

Burma Shave.

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