Gentle Spine Waves with Diamond Penetration Rhythms | Relax Spinal Muscles and Elongate Your Spine

Use of the Gentle Spine Waves movement | | to demonstrate how the Diamond Penetration Rhythms can be applied to individual movement elements of a somatic education exercise.

The Diamond Penetration Technique | | uses movement, sensory awareness, attention and intention to uncover the level of self-control at which deeply-seated involuntary muscular contraction patterns can be changed to improve posture and free movement.

Limitations to movement of which one is unaware, but whose consequences one feels, change.

One then recognizes the predicament one was in — after one is no longer in it.

The focus of this somatic education exercise is the lumbo-sacral junction — the low back where lumbar spine meets the pelvis at the sacrum.

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

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