Sore Thigh Adductors and Gluteus Medius | from Comfort Your S-I Joints, Unit 4

Pre-release tutorial to be replaced by a finished version, provided for immediate use to those in dire need.

Read this to learn more now to do this movement best.

Aiming: To determine your working position of the bent-knee leg, lift your head, press your knee and ankle down, and slowly draw the bent knee toward your side. Stop at any position of discomfort in your inner thigh, hip, buttock, or back. That’s your working position. Locate the working position afresh each time you do this movement sequence.

S-I Joint trouble comes from unevenly distributed weight-bearing stresses through the legs and pelvis. Those stresses may involve the thigh adductors (inner muscles) and other muscles surrounding the hip joints.

To bring comfort to S-I joints, it’s necessary to balance those weight-bearing stresses, left-and-right. This action pattern is one of a series of movements to train muscles/movement memory. It leads into another movement pattern from the program, Free Your Psoas: “Walking into the Floor”, which is the heart of that program and which deals with deep muscular stresses of the groin, pelvis, and spine.

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