The Shaping of a Shapeshifter

This is not a complicated thing; it is a simple thing.

I've not said this before, this explicitly -- but here goes.

Whenever we experience some feature of existence dissolve, as happens from The Gold Key Release, Thor's Hammer, and The Middle Way Memory Matrix Ritual -- in fact, as with all TetraSeed Transformation procedures, we also feel a stress pattern in ourselves lose its hold. Something lets go and we posturally shift. We reshape.

Let's look at each meaning of that paragraph.

"experience some feature of existence"

A feature of existence is anything attention can locate. An emotion is a feature of existence and so is an attitude, a thought, just as are these words in print, or a shoe, or your sense of self or your sense of me. Anything.

Those are examples of features of our existence.

When we say, dissolve, we mean lose its density, lose its location, lose track of its sense of existence.

That's the meaning of that first sentence. I knew it could be a mindful, so I unpacked it.

"The Gold Key Release"
"Thor's Hammer"
"The Middle Way Memory Matrix Ritual"
as with all TetraSeed Transformation procedures...

These are all names given to various arrangements, inventions, mental procedures made of the Four Fundamental Competencies of Intelligence -- which are 


the working parts of each TetraSeed Transformation procedure.

The "losing their hold on us" of stress patterns is the dissolving of any one or more of those Competencies of Intelligence in the moment -- not the "stopping" (which leaves it in place), but the dissolving -- the loss of density, location and hold. A stress pattern loses its grip -- we cease to create it compulsorily, lose the tendency, really.

How that happens is a matter of practicing those Procedures oneself, and experiencing. All an explanation would leave you with would be concepts -- and we're talking about the dissolution of the influence of concepts. That's all the answer I can give to the uninitiated. I'm talking about an experience.

To continue, as a stress pattern dissolves, there occurs a kind of relaxation someplace in the body (a somatic sensation) where we don't ordinarily relax -- and we're not ordinarily aware that we are ordinarily tense, that way. We become aware that we're holding tense, and in a breath, start the process of coming out of contraction, relaxing the tension, which causes us to move a certain way.

When the dissolution of a stress pattern occurs, we (as someone once described me, to myself) squirm. It's not just just a back-and-forth squirming; that would be a wriggle. It's more of a "progressively into a new shape" squirming, as if wriggling into tight jeans, only it's we wriggling out of a shape into a new shape, generally one to which we feel better fitted. It occurs spontaneously.

TetraSeed Transformation procedures: We reshape. 

Then, if we go into some stress pattern, again, as with deeply entrenched, encrusted habit patterns, we bring more intelligence to it and more freedom of choice -- and it's much easier to dissolve than the first time.

I said it was simple -- and the experience is simple. Look at what words do.

The Gold Key Release
copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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