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 A grievance occurs when we close off imagination (possibility) and fall back upon memory. A kind of memory cyst forms that traps some of our attention in a self-reinforcement loop; self-reinforcement is what is necessary to prevent the influence of new possibility (entering through imagination) to cause absorption of a memory cyst -- IF ya catch my drift. Probably not, without experience of what I've just described.

The trapped attention also traps some of our power of intention, so all four competencies (of all possible intelligences) are impaired -- those competencies being:


That set of four competencies is partially ensnared by every memory cyst. Memory cysts exact a cost upon human beings, making us less intelligent. 

That's why grievances are not best swept under the rug, for long: they don't go away; they lurk under the effortfull veneer of social civility or shared cause and they sometimes make us do stupid things. Again and again.

The easiest way to "repent" without humiliation is to open memory cysts by recovering the open channel of imagination, of what may be possible. How to do that is a technical question best answered by practical instruction.


Wanna know how?

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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