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Finding Ourselves Out 

You may have wondered at the TetraSeed MultiMatrix, shown at the top of the Facebook, Gold Key Release, group.

In this entry, I explain land show by example how to use the TetraSeed Multi-Matrix, turning it upon Eros, to transformative effect.


In doing the TetraSeed Integration Set-Up Procedure ( The Lenses and the Laser ), we prepare an Item-in-Life for Power Contemplation ( an Item-in-Life is anything that bothers us : it's an "item"). By means of The Lenses and the Laser, we prepare to put-and-take it through one or another TetraSeed Procedure, a number of which exist . . . . .

from the TetraSeed Multi-Matrix you may select any one "element" from each vertical column. Look above, now.

As examples:

  • ATTENDING, in column 1, left.
  • AGENCY, in column 2
  • CHANGING, in column 3
  • REMEMBERING, in column 4

Those are one possible set of four you may have chosen to use in the TetraSeed Set-up (The Lenses and the Lasers) procedure. You fit one element into each of the "faces" (or phases) and "points" (or focuses) of the Procedure, given at the end of this entry.

The Lenses and the Lasers

The "Lenses" are the two TetraSeeds -- one for subjectivity and the other for objectivity. "Lenses" gather things to a single point of focus.

The "Lasers" are the linking of those TetraSeeds at their corresponding places (signified by colors); that linking produces self-reinforcing, intense coherence. (A laser is highly coherent light.) They are linked, as shown, above ( by color ), and also by combination of each point with it's corresponding, complementary opposite face.

For example, in one case, we link Attending with Location ( same color ); and in the other case, we link Attending with the counterpart of Intending ( its special complement ): Existing (or any other element in the same column as Existing -- column 2). You may do the linking by means of the structured, Lenses and Lasers procedure, which follows.

Focussed and coherent.

Your "Item-in-Life", Whatever it Is

Your Item-in-Life may be anything that has caught your attention (you're caught about it) and can't move on without it, or even at all. It's all your "emotional-reaction buttons", and also your very sense of self -- and not just what you mean by, "I", but essentially the one who says and feels, "I", which commonly remains in the shadows, behind the scenes, only vaguely apparent. 

You're caught because you don't have awakened balance among the elements in the different columns, and so don't have control. Some elements are latent and unconscious, or subconsciously but witlessly active, possibly at full blast, influencing you "from the dark". You're competence is impaired, or you may appear to others -- or yourself-- to be whack-o, but in any case you feel bound to experience life as being that way.

It may be that your being caught is "nature's" way of getting you to stay, there, until all of The Four are up to speed and integrated with each other -- a kind of "booting up" process within a larger-scope, longer-term boot-up process -- maturation, evolution, entelechy, development.


For the purposes of interest and convenience, we use, "eros", as an example, so you know how to apply The Lenses and the Laser to your Items-in-Life, in general.

We could just as well have substituted anything -- and in practice, you will substitute anything in place of "eros" -- anything that has caught your attention ( you've caught it, the way you "catch cold" and seem bound to experience it ). You can't bring yourself to move on without feeling that you'd be missing something. Eros: Incompletion seeking Completion.

Something very interesting happens when we bring The Four on-line, in life, for any Item-in-Life. I explain, in terms of Eros:

Eros is what keeps "Narcissus" (familiar in this special meaning to Adi Da students), the self-reflecting one involved with his "machine of self" -- the formation -- or process of formation -- of his own "separate" self, or somatically alive, "carried around/carrying on self", and all the subtle movements of mind, the perpetual sensing of life, and being moved by life, moving oneself in life. It is The Trance of Entrancement in Life, the Waking Dream. Absorption in the formation of self.


Eros can easily be recognized as a trap. Ask any man who has had a hurt about a woman -- any woman who has been hung up on a man -- two examples. Eros may even be assigned fault, for the way things turn out. Eros is two-faced, Eros got us into this, eros is to blame. So Eros takes the rap.

Eros, running the show from "out of the dark", keeps Narcissus involved with experience. In that sense, Eros is to blame.

However, Eros is but one element of Narcissus, of which there are four. And the problem with Eros is a problem of The Four.

As with everything in life, Narcissus is a TetraSeed -- and a prevailing one in humans, altogether. Narcissus is the "remembering/imagining of an owner of memories", Narcissus is the movement of attention into the spectrum of imagination|memory, and the concurrent resurrection of willful involvement (intention), in one way or another, with what is remembered/imagined. Narcissus is the state of readiness to respond, the "ego-identity", idling or active, the conditional self made of "point of view", or "ready standpoint" -- called, by Adi Da, "self-possession". Narcissus is a way of operating.

Narcissus is unevenly awake, not-so-well integrated, a version of some TetraSeed Self in a state of distortion and a certain state of development.

The Four: attention, memory, imagination, intention.

Narcissus must have all four going, to function as Narcissus.

If any one of the four loses its "influence", all four collapse and Narcissus loses form; what is "baseline" to all that -- the Self-Existing Field of Unknown, Unknown (Formless Consciousness) becomes our (no longer "our") resting place, or state, or default.

A similar thing happens when all four get balanced and integrated. The whole thing begins to lose form or definition (finiteness) and becomes, at once, undefined (it disappears or becomes, "virtual" -- "virtual" meaning "latently there, but locatable only by deliberate effort, otherwise, imperceptibly influential). This is the TetraSeed Set-Up Procedure -- otherwise known as The Lenses and The Laser.

The difference between the two pathways is that the Your-Life-Item remains available for the play of life -- your life, and because you have balanced and integrated ( "tuned" ) the TetraSeed elements


of Your-Life-Item (whatever it is your working on), by means of The Lenses and The Laser , when it does arise, it arises with all "cylinders firing" and well-tuned. The mind reflects that way of operating, even as the underlying TetraSeed structure undergoes its alchemy.

We apply The Lenses and The Laser to, "eros" -- eros being both "the good guy" and "the bad guy" -- or "the good buy" and "the bad buy".

Here's video instruction in The Set-Up (The Lenses and The Laser) Procedure.

Turn The Lenses and The Laser on . . .


copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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