TetraSeed Fertilizer

"Attention and Intention" are
the fertilizer.
"Memory and Imagination" are
what get fertilized.

In that configuration,
"Attention*Intention" is the masculine principle,
"Memory*Imagination" is the feminine.

All Together, they constitute a TetraSeed,
a living perspective of experience
embodied as every soma
that is to say,
every one of us.

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold


  1. I can see the female and male principles in the tetra seed as you described it. I can also see where people fail to awaken to the full intelligence of their consciousness inside them (including myself). A lot's of my artistic friends have problems with intention and attention in their everyday lives, while their imagination and memory are extraordinary... however I can see that an awakened mind uses all four aspects of consciousness in harmony and for expansion of life and love... it can be used to create wars as well... unfortunately

  2. I suspect that wars result when people "aren't playing with a full deck" -- unconsciousness, imbalance, and immature development among the four faculties of intelligence.

  3. example:

    Who can make war on someone while in a state of communion with them?