New Gentle Spine Waves | for back pain | to elongate your spine

This somatic education exercise progressively develops control of the back muscles, and so relieves the pain caused by excessive tension. It’s relaxing. You should expect to feel changes in how you feel lying down, changes of back curvature, after the second complete practice session. Effects accumulate.

The movements create new muscle/movement memory, which replaces the muscle/movement memory that keeps your back muscles tight and predisposes you to back muscle spasms.
Do the exercise exactly as given, but always work within your comfort zone, as you get more out of it than if you’re cringing from pain or from fear of pain. The key is first to tighten the already-too-tight muscles to get control of them, then to relax in SLOW MOTION to maintain constant awareness of the sensations in the involved muscles.

Disc problems result from too-tight back muscles causing disc compression. |
Most sciatica comes from a combination of tight back muscles and tight waist muscles (side-tilt), which trap the sciatic nerve roots. |
* Relieves tight low back muscle spasms faster than strengthening and stretching
* Relief from low back days or weeks instead of months or years
* Good preparation for sleep (for insomnia). More on sleep:
* a starting move for Lesson 1 of The Cat Stretch exercises — for freeing the muscles of the back of the body

* FULL SELF-RELIEF PROGRAM for back pain: Free Yourself from Back Pain: Make Back Pain Vanish with Nine Movement Sequences that Recondition Your Back when Therapy Hasn’t Worked |
MORE video at

Exercises to End Lower Back Pain | Gentle

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

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