On Memory

Memory has a saturation point. Every university student knows this!

Consider the memory saturation of a lifetime of events -- particularly those that leave enough impression on us to change our lives.

Memory always involves a state of readiness to act; that's what it's for, evolutionarily.

Readiness to act always involves a rise of tension. "On your mark, get set .....".

Tension also has a saturation point!

The two go together. Saturation prevents new patterns from forming -- memory patterns or tension patterns. They call that, "getting stiff", "aging".

When you've reached the saturation point, either way, there are two ways to go:
1. Stop trying to create a new pattern.
2. Forget (dissolve the old pattern).

The first is, "poor memory".
The second is unavailable to most people (who are untrained). The effort to forget just reinforces the memory because you have to remember what you're forgetting to forget it! However, Nature provides a way to clear the slate: death.

The alternative: People can learn to dissolve the grip of memory patterns, so they still have access to the pattern, but free of the grip, the rigidity that conditioned patterns create. One way to dissolve the grip:
 The Gold Key Release. No kiddin'. The result: enhanced versatility (flexibility).

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