Politicians Guiding the Commonwealth | Being Led by the Mediocre, The Blind, and The Ignorant

What is the Commonwealth?

First off, let us dispense with the legalistic or historical sense of the word. That's politics; that's the exterior.

Though we live in a Commonwealth, we may not recognize what is its interior.

"Commonwealth", in the interior sense, refers to the mindset of a society -- its culture.

Culture exists primarily in the individual as memories of how we do things and how we view things; from how we do and how we view -- and first and primarily from that -- the artifacts of the Commonwealth come into existence and are used for the common good. That is why it is called, Commonwealth. It is the living intelligence of a society.  It is not the accumulation and pooling of dollars; that is entirely secondary because the real worth of dollars is what one can get, or do, with them. All that one can do with dollars is what the social Commonwealth-of-Culture provides.

Around and about that, another viewpoint:
politics,  to control the flow of goods.

Politics seeks to control the Commonwealth.
Politics serves the Commonwealth.

When politics seeks to shape the Commonwealth, it puts the cart before the horse.

When politics seeks to control the Commonwealth, those who are less intelligent are seeking to control those who are more intelligent.  The Commonwealth is hampered.

When politics seeks to control the Commonwealth, it places the status quo over living intelligence; it is a deterrent to the arising of intelligence because intelligence generates change. Politics always lags behind, in "reactive" mode, making laws for things that have already happened; if it were otherwise, then the law-makers would frequently be issuing decrees of such brilliance as to enlighten the population. Is that what we see? So, politics is about regulating change, and politics lags behind, and politics resists change.

So, for politics to control the Commonwealth is the wrong way around.

The Commonwealth are the shared mindsets and unique resources and abilities of a culture, what we share in the omni-cultural culture we call, Country, developed by the emergence of intelligence. It is not "where the dollars are". It's the creative intelligence.

Politics is the "after-the-fact" regulator that chases problems the way a dog might chase a flock of birds; even if it seeks to prevent problems before they arise, that effort to prevent problems comes from a history of past problems. It is not generative and creative, but after-the-fact regulatory. It can never keep up with creative intelligence, even if creatively intelligent individuals populate the political field, because the spread and integration of information among individuals in the political field (as in any other) takes time. However, the resistance can (and really must) be mitigated to permit a smoother flow of change.

In that case:
Politics serves the rising of intelligence, it does not suppress it.

When politics serves the rising of intelligence, a more healthy and wholesome order emerges because actions express and reflect emerging intelligence, and the Commonwealth increases.  Is that plain enough?

How do we influence the morphogenetic field (noosphere)? I have an open secret -- to come.

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