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    • Lawrence Gold

  • Lawrence Gold
    It gets back to what I've been saying, for a while: People are enslaved by their (and by, "their", I mean, "our") conditioning -- which is to say, their (our) relative competence or incompetence in managing memory (agape), attention (communion), intention (agency), and imagination/emergence (eros), the four elements (Ken Wilber has used the word, drives) of intelligence, the unique "tones" of Unique Self ( or Unique self ) -- which is fundamentally four-part.

    In my view, ALL mental illness is a matter of
    un-evenness of development, unstable integrity (instability), and/or of deformation (through trauma or weird character formation) of the expression of those four faculties of life -- mental illness and chronic dysfunction of any kind. This, I know from personal self-observation (and I should know, seemingly having been saddled with, and having had to transform more personal dysfunction, I think, than most), at times feeling like a struck bell.

    People typically awaken
    those faculties unevenly. One may be good, perhaps, at remembering, but weak at imagining or contacting new possibilities (and so is chronically "traditional"); weak at intention (i.e., "willpower"), but good at feeling-attending (helpless or victim); or bad at feeling attending and strong of intention (the boor, adolescent, and the Sick Capitalist/Businessman); good at imagining, but weak at capturing the gifts of our imaginings and rendering them into tangible accomplishments (the Dreamer). That uneven-ness leaves people more vulnerable to poor self-management, stagnation, and to hiccups in existence.

    Such uneven-ness of development is characteristic of First-Tier development.  Unevenness gets carried into Second-Tier functioning as hitches of development, broken fulra, and flat tires.

    First-Tier has an excuse:  First-Tier stages variously emphasize one or another of the four elements of intelligence. For example, Mythic/amber emphasizes imagining; Power Gods/red emphasizes intention -- though all four of the elements of intelligence must always be present to some degree to experience anything.
    (Experience ceases the moment any one of those four subsides -- and that is how The Gold Key Release works.)

    It seems to me that an integral developmental approach necessarily involves mastery of those four elements of intelligence, which are the underpinnings of ALL lines of intelligence. It occurs to me that the ability to move from stage to stage would likely involve the process of competently awakening and balancing attention, intention, memory, and imagination/emergence at each stage-capacity. (And that is what stages are: increase of development and integration of our capacities around and in line with developing values.)

    I have been practicing a long, continuous process, of awakening, integrating, and releasing all the particular forms of memory-bound consciousness that constitute myself and sense of "my life" -- through the process of enlivening and balancing those four faculties of intelligence, in myself. I have trained a few in procedures I have devised and practiced in myself (subsequent to a spontaneous, intuitive awakening of possibiity in myself). Those who have participated and done the work (including myself, as the first user of the procedures) have realized extraordinary -- which is to say, uncommon, new, and continuing -- and therefore having higher eros-capacity -- changes in the sense of the intuitive field.

    -- or, in the more concise (and so, less windbag) words of others.....

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