What You Need to Do if You've Had Your Psoas Muscles Released

If you want to keep the relief of having free psoas muscles, there's something you'll want to do to integrate the change.

"Integrate the change" means alter the rest of your movement habits to fit with and support having free psoas muscles. To understand what that means, recognize that your entire way of moving has been adapted to having tight psoas muscles (and the symptoms that accompany tight psoas muscles -- groin pain, altered walking patterns, altered pelvic position and altered balance). That means you have muscle/movement memory in all of your other movements that is still fitted to having tight psoas muscles -- muscle movement memory that will call the old pattern of having tight psoas muscles back into existence -- unless changed.

  1. pelvic twist
  2. accentuated low back curve
  3. altered walking movements
  4. altered breathing
  5. altered rib cage shape

Freeing your psoas muscles alters that pattern somewhat, right away. But you will need to address the rest of that pattern to create new muscle/movement memory, directly, in the rest of your movement system to "capture" your newly freed condition.  That's how you keep the change.

The muscular tension and movement patterns that maintain those alterations are what you address, next.  You create new muscle/movement memory for each of those alterations, to normalize them -- and the way to create new muscle/movement memory is to cultivate it deliberately through specific coordinated movement patterns until they become second-nature (actually, first-nature). Then, they support your newly freed psoas muscles staying in their free condition.

That's why the program, Free Your Psoas, has nine lessons -- only, those lesson prepare you to free your psoas muscles, then free your psoas muscles, then reinforce that freedom with lessons that change the rest of your movement system, in kind.

That's what you can do.



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