The Conditional World is the Domain of Humans' Suffering

The Conditional World is the Domain of Humans' Suffering

To the conditional world
which includes our own state of mind
we may have two responses as options:

to open to The Conditional World and to experience It more keenly
to close to The Conditional World, to mute its effects in us.

The first option is to become sensitized to the world
in a sensory sense
and the second option is to be desensitized to the world
in a sensory sense.

The first option is to open intelligence
the section option is to close down intelligence.

The problem of the more sensitized, open intelligence
is that it is more open to being invaded by prongs of life,
pokey pushings of life that churn us in unpleasant ways.
Prongings and pushings that come both from both outside and from within
pronging pushings that make us want to back down
to avoid being prodded.

The problem of desensitized, densitized, closed or shrunken intelligence is that it is less competent, competent in fewer ways, clumsily regulated and sometimes, obnoxious or hostile. Desensitized, densitized, shrunken intelligence adds to the roughness of life that shock the more sensitized, open intelligence.

Desensitized, densitized intelligence makes things harder on open, sensitized intelligence.

In order for open, sensitized intelligence to continue to flower, to continue to open, to continue to increase in integrity, complexity, and grace, it must overcome both the minimizing effects of desensitized, densitized intelligence on its own flowering -- and -- the internal reaction one may have to being minimized, namely, minimizing oneself. One must also integrate and dissolve the force of complaint against the seeming stupidities of life.

Integrate, because we don't know -- the "seeming stupidities" may be right, after all.
Dissolve, because who wants to be trapped in the dilemma of it all?

Neither one nor the other
neither either nor both --
the unknown Unknown
into which higher intelligence flowers.

The way out of the trap is not to negotiate the possibilities, not so solve the difficulties, but to DISSOLVE them, to dissolve our fixation upon them without residue or backward lingering, to lift anchor and continue of the voyage of developing intelligence. Then, the adversities and adversaries to flowering point the way to transformations instead of to stagnation in the swamp of stupidities.

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