The Outlaw Lawmakers, Part 2 - One Neat Little Package

The so-called "Conservative" wing of American Politics is not properly called, "conservative". Nor is it properly called, "regressive", as it once might have been. It appears to me that the proper descriptor and name is, "destructives". They appear not to be conservative, but destructive. They call themselves, Republicans, but that also seems to be a false name; they seem intent upon bringing down the republic called, The United States of America.

Once, the Republican party was a progressive party (Lincoln's time); then, the party of traditional values and of the Religious Right. Now, the Republicans are the party of anarchy and Religious Hypocrisy -- anarchy because they so flagrantly violate the US Constitution.

Evidence of their anarchic values appears in their refusal to hold hearings on a legitimate Supreme Court nominee by the current sitting President and by their overstepping their legislative role by communicating with the government of Iran to disregard the President of the United States. This is a violation of the "separation of power/checks and balances" written into the Constitution of the United States. They are violating the Constitution, and that constitutes anarchy.

They have betrayed such religious values as charity, compassion, family values and protection of the vulnerable; look at their record of behavior and evidence of intent: They repealed legislation that would have led to the prosecution of Wall Street abusers of Capitalism, and the like (grinning like fat cats while we, the electorate, witlessly looked on). They want to cut social service programs, such as Social Security and Medicare; want to undermine family and social health supported by Planned Parenthood, oppose equal pay for women as for men and sane gun control, defund progressive entertainment and educational media such as PBS, want to perpetuate prisons-for-profit and incarceration for victimless crimes to perpetuate and increase wealth disparity by rigging the legal system in favor of the ultra-rich, to promote and protect a business and banking environment that has already brought disaster to many, world-wide. They deny the scientific evidence of geophysical and biophysical changes that point to planetary climate-in-transition.

They appear to be in rebellion against the very religious values they inherited and espouse, the religious values of their electorate, wolves in sheep's clothing.

Their political campaigns commonly involve false allegations and misrepresentations of their political opponents. They are unscrupulous liars operating in a political climate in which many consider that behavior acceptable, "politics as usual", without honor and undeserving of honor. Such people seek the prestige of the political office they hold, rather than bring prestige to it.

They are not progressives; they are destructives.

Sharing the destructive motivation of the ultra-Right are the members of the electorate who support it.

Their motivation for destructiveness is different. Whereas the motivations of the ultra-Right is self-promotion at the expense of many, the motivations of their supporters is destruction of a political/economic system that has failed them. They wrongly identify the cause of their disadvantage as the more progressive movement of American Politics, whereas it is the "political insiders" who perpetuate the dysfunction of the American Political system who should be brought down.

The electorate apparently lack the power of intelligent discrimination, operating instead, with intellectual laziness, on the basis of misinformation fed them by the corrupt political establishment and the emotions set ablaze by it, with emotions inflamed by the dark visions and cheap, violent thrills provided by the entertainment media. They don't look deeper, and that's their fault. If they had truly religious values, they'd see the situation for what it is. But this society has been largely secularized, without the guiding, benign vision of legitimate religious values, before it was corrupted by a self-serving Religious Right, divisive and having compassion only for their own, in the name of religious values -- or lacking the courage to take on the Destructives, in public.

So, they play into the hands of the corrupt political establishment, the "Political Destructives" who call themselves (and would have everyone else call them) "Conservatives", and The Religious Right, who would obey the letter of religious scriptures, as they selectively interpret it, rather than the spirit.

It's time for a righteous re-adjustment of the whole world.

Americans and The Rest of the World Need a Re-Awakening of Conscience

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