"6:19" The Eros of Transcendental Realization

This piece is written with persons in mind who are familiar with the Creative Spiral, taught as The Concept of Meru by Y.Y. Meru in his educational art books and in his many Sculptored Sound(c) opus works; and with Integral Theory, as taught by Ken Wilber, et. al. 

Those not familiar with The Concept of Meru or with Integral Theory will still find the information presented below intuitively  (note that I didn't write, "intellectually") stimulating -- or perhaps baffling. The numerical references (1:6:9) are extra information available to persons familiar with The Concept of Meru.

What is baffling becomes obvious with practice of the TetraSeed Transformation Procedures. BACKGROUND

The thing about, "6", is that it includes and incorporates all memories we may have and heads erotically into the imagining of all life. At Stage 6, scattered and scattering impulses of attention gather and coalesce into a coherent unity. Attention gathers into steady focus that first apprehends and then incorporates all of self-ness and all of other-ness into an equilibrium of unity. "Equilibrium of unity" means that no part of experience gets special attention; attention is balanced. "Equilibrium of unity" is the unity of the transcendental intuition present in all experience, inner and outer, the "one" (consciousness) in intuitive polar relation to "the many" (experience). This is not a mental matter, but an experiential one. Nothing stands as the opposite pole of "the many", except the absence of "the many" -- which is the one consciousness / awareness.

"6" gathers all memory ("Past Experience") into an inclusive unity of attention (agape) that includes all that may be recognized, all that may be experienced, all aspects of self-ness and all forms of other-ness -- in other words, EVERYTHING. In that inclusive unity, attention is balanced or suspended between the all possible attractors (distractors) of attention; all is included -- comprehended or not. The sorting of things into "self" and "other" subsides and so internal "noise" decreases, leaving silent attention. All of what there is to experience in that moment is recognized to be a display happening "before or in front of" an unseen and unknown see-er, which is somehow intuit-able as self. Whatever object of attention may be located by the reference, "Transcendental Awakening", ain't it; this is a field of consciousness disclosed as distraction subsides.

This all-inclusiveness to the point of Transcendental Awakening is "integrating the originality and forming the New Now", the words Y.Y. Meru used to explain "6" in the book, Origination. A "New Now" forms upon integration in all-ness of everything in the field of attention, at the moment that the un-seen see-er is intuited. It is the "agape" of free and unconcerned inclusion. It is not really a "New Now" because Real Nowness is Eternal and exists prior to the formation of a memory of any experience. It is non-mental, non-conceptual, direct experiencing of what IS, before remembering.  It can't get any newer.

The "New Now", as presented in Stage 6 of Origination is really a new integration of memory acting as a new frame of reference. It is the conditional and circumstantial frame of reference that we consider to be "our life".

Real Now is "Original Face"; combined with "New Now", a new integrity freshly emerges. It is the locus or ever-changing frame of reference that Transcendental Awakeness freshly, now (and eternally) experiences as the form of conditional existence. It is "Unique Self" and "Unique Everything Else". Unique self and unique other-ness emerge in every moment in a unified way, as the creative motion of all-ness manifests itself and consumes itself, like the Uroborus, the World-Serpent that swallows its own tail eternally, more and more. The creative flow continues and consumes itself -- and yet eternally, Transcendental Awakeness is ageless, timeless, and undefinable by the indications of words. It appears conditionally as all of the forms of life, which seem tangible and eternal as long as they exist because of the eternality of their source: Real Now.

"6:19" is the integration of memory and imagination-in-anticipation ("Stage 1") of Transcendental Awakening. That anticipation is a kind of eros. The eros of Transcendental awakening "sees" and transcends conditional existence ("9"). It is everything and is beyond everything. It has been sifted out from the forms of experience as the Very Ground Substance of experience, which is Itself.

New integration always brings new emergents. New emergents are the products of eros. Eros is attraction to the newly emergent. There are two "aspects" of eros: conditional and unconditional. Again, these words are not to provide some kind of conceptual understanding, but rather to label a direct experience.

Conditional eros leads to every new integration; unconditional eros is the realization that occurs when integration is successful. Unconditional eros occurs when attention is no longer distracted and rests in its own unconditioned condition. The enjoyment of transcendence is unconditional eros,

The realization of "9" 
is that conditional existence arises from
unconditional intuition: something from nothing.

"9" is always both immanent (conditional eros)
and transcendent (unconditional eros).

Inclusive integration to the point of Transcendental Awakening occurs again and again, perpetually.

The means of this integration is the awakening of the four subjective/internal aspects of the TetraSeed 


in a balanced way, as accomplished via the TetraSeed Transformation Procedures (search term)

with their four objective/external aspects


This integration is Erotic
Again and Again,
On and On.

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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