Is The World Dream Opposed to Awakening?

Why are actions to the good so often undermined, delayed or frustrated? (You have noticed that, haven't you?)

Spiritual teachers fall in scandal (even petty scandal); potent and worthy teachers remain relatively obscure. Potent teachings fail to be recognized. Teachings degrade in the hands of followers; the Chinese persecute the Tibetans; the Nazis persecute the Jews, the Romans persecuted the Christians, white supremacists persecute Afros. Technological advances are suppressed. People work for their enrichment by acts that lead to the detriment of many.

These scenarios may be said to arise from the acts of individuals, but the acts of individuals are the acts of the World Dream.

I think there's good reason to suspect that The World Dream is opposed to awakening. One of its strategies (or knee-jerk actions) is to employ "inconvenient happenstance" to distract the attention of those who would awaken, and often, increasingly inconvenient happenstance as people awaken from or overcome previous interferences.

It seems to me that the closer I get to issuing a new element of the somatic teaching I have been developing over the years (as a certified practitioner), the more breakdowns, faults, distractions and interferences have occurred. It's what's been called, "the longest yard" effect (football metaphor for the touchdown attempt at the one yard line). Software crashes, software misbehavior, unexpected computer behaviours, crashes, difficulties with on-line services I use to publish the work; itches, bleariness of the eyes that interferes with the clear seeing I need to edit video, the inopportune need to cough in the midst of moments of precision work, onset of periods of illness that delay the work by days, previously accomplished work seeming to disappear. I even noticed the phenomenon when in conversation with one of my teachers -- noisy distractions in the environment occurring at certain moments -- and he commented on it.

So I'm not talking speculatively or hypothetically.

I think the World Dream doesn't want to awaken or to host awakening and seeks to neutralize new developments with various forms of detriment. Look at what happened with Bernie Sanders. Look at the nutcase behavior of so-called (but misnamed), "political Conservatives".

Living beings are "space-time warps" in the fabric of universal consciousness. The warping comes from the delay between events, our cognition of events, memory formation or recognition -- and our responsive actions. Memory makes events last longer than their mere occurrence. We are space-time warps, "bubbles" released into the environment at birth and that "pop" at death, leaving effects echoing behind.

The Gold Key Release

Because we, as living beings, are time-warps, we can and do operate more or less at variance from the tendencies of the World Dream, in various ways. 
Carlos Castaneda wrote of the "luminous egg" of embodied self, of the "bundles of aware luminous fibers" within and outside of the "luminous egg", and of how the alignment of those inner and outer luminous fiber bundles of awareness at the "bubble boundary" of the "luminous egg" conducts attention into the experience of a world.

I think that misalignments may produce the phenomena I have been describing. That much is speculation. But the events themselves, not.

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