The TetraSeed Transformation Procedures are Psycho-Active Memes

The TetraSeed is an intelligence-virus, a "meme" that gives rise to all forms of experience and the consciousness of them. Its two sets of four parts (inner and outer aspects of the same thing) are:


The top row facets are subjective faculties (1st person).
The bottom row points are objective aspects (3d person).

We need both, simultaneously, to have any kind of experience.

(Second person results from combining 1st and 3d person perspectives:
  • 3d person = the sound of words or body-language
  • 1st person = the internal meanings of words or body-language 

The combination and coordination of inner and outer gives rise to the totality of all possible experiences, both subjective and objective.

The TetraSeed Transformation procedures have psychoactive properties that allow self-resequencing of our programming by using the four facets (powers) of the TetraSeed in particular ways. The "programming" in question is all of the belief systems and conceptual structures by which we recognize the world -- inherited from family, social scene, education, and the mass media, as well as by somatic contagion (what makes yawning and laughter contagious).

Psychoactive means just what it seems to mean.

As a meme, the effects of working with the TetraSeed communicate from person to person at both verbal and non-verbal levels.

The verbal form of communicability is, for example, teaching TetraSeed Transformation procedures in which one is proficient, to others.

The non-verbal form of communicability is a kind of contagion: the awakening of higher intelligence merely from being in the company of -- or better, interacting with -- someone who has been activating his or her own intelligence by means of the TetraSeed Transformation Procedures.

Without doing the work, oneself, I think the non-verbally-caused boost of intelligence diminishes with time, though never completely; on the other hand, there may be non-local effects of working with the TetraSeed by means of The TetraSeed Transformation procedures.

Time will tell.

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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