Failing to Recognize, and/or Tolerating Bullshit

What the U.S. election was about was recognizing and tolerating bullshit. Both sides failed to recognize or tolerated bullshit -- the bullshit of their own side.

The American public has revealed how stupid and/or conditioned it is. Both sides are weenie, spineless authoritarians (the opposite of authentic, legitimately authoritative, competent authorities), trained to fail to recognize bullshit or trained to tolerate, condone it, 
and even enforce it (the way authoritarians do, excused because their authorities excuse it).

Hillary's supporters failed to recognize or did tolerate her bullshit: her alliance with Wall Street, her unethical complicity with the unethical behavior of the Democratic Party and the mass media sabotaging Bernie Sanders' campaign, her malfeasance as Secretary of State, and her unwise ideas about warfare.

Donald's supporters failed to recognize and tolerated his counterproductive reactionaryism, his abuse of Capitalism (by stiffing his vendors and claiming it was justified by legalities), his bigotry, and his incendiary speech when what the crises of these times demand is integrity and cooperation.

Neither side deserves the respect of the other until they admit their mistakes and repudiate their previous choices.This election, like the Brexit election, should be dumped and both political parties involved reprimanded and repudiated for the two bullshit options they offered the American Public.

Very often, the people who speak, supposedly as a neutral third party, of "healing and reconciliation" of the two sides are of equally dulled intelligence, equally prone to fail to recognize bullshit and equally prone to tolerate it. "Healing and reconciliation" with any integrity is impossible until the errors of both sides are acknowledged by themselves and to each other -- and they take action to nullify this stupid election and start, again.

Anyone who has observed the content of email spam has observed the predominance of so much bullshit, in it. It's the same strategy as employed by the political parties: profit from bullshit. They know how stupid the American public has become and they see the potential for profit, in it. So, the problem goes far beyond the election and the political parties; it's endemic to American culture.

And the rest of the world knows it.

Two clips from the film, Network.

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