I Have to be at-Least Equal to the Prevailing Conditions Where I am at Any Given Moment

One of the Major Effects of working with the TetraSeed (doing TetraSeed Transformation procedures) is the emergence of higher intelligence. Higher intelligence emerges with the integration and alignment of the four TetraSeed Life-Faculties at our core.


Alignment? Integration? What does THAT do?

It gives you focus.

Focus involves two dimensions
  • location
  • depth
These, you notice, are not mental faculties. They are perceptual faculties. They are not mere ideas; they are the experiences of abilities. Some refer to these abilities as "superhuman abilities" -- but I say, they are natural human abilities that are supposed to come on-line as we wake up, clean up, and show up in life.

Notice "high-functioning" human beings you may have known or know about. Notice that they have all four of these faculties -- ATTENTION, MEMORY, INTENTION, IMAGINATION -- operating at a high level. Wouldn't you like to be able to say, "I'm like that"?

Working with the TetraSeed Transformation procedures brings changes of a completely different order than teachings that have you remembering and believing things -- whether common sense, popular opinion, religious authority or scientific knowledge -- things that are supposed to tap you into the source of empowerment. Working with the TetraSeed Transformation procedures works at and supports the underpinnings of all other teachings and approaches -- practices that require relentless discipline or constant self-monitoring ("mindfulness"). The TetraSeed Transformation procedures clear the way and streamline personal development.

Working with the TetraSeed enables you to put your attention where your intention is (to "look where you're going"), improves your ability to put your intention where your attention is (to get results where you need them), to remember and be able to make your ingenious ideas tangible (instead of losing them because of failure to capture them in creative action); to face and receive every moment of Newness (the moment of Nowness) in a more receptive and intelligently spontaneous way; and to dissolve the grip of what we remember or think we know (which is often wrong, misguided or unnecessarily limiting) so that we may more freely express new, higher intelligence in the moment.

Working with the TetraSeed Transformation procedures triggers, psychoactively, the integration of our native intelligences in a more highly intelligent way. De-focus from The Old and re-Focus in a new way. The procedures cause that De-focus / re-Focus process.

By means of procedures for exploring the TetraSeed, our un-illumined habits of mind and life become known to ourselves in a way that is otherwise fleeting and elusive, beyond reach. The TetraSeed Transformation procedures are powerful introspection techniques that go beyond mere self-knowledge -- to higher self-integration. "Integration" means "Higher Intelligence".

Attitudes and habits tend to come into better balance. Clarifications occur. New spontaneous and more satisfactory behaviors ensue -- satisfactory to ourselves. We require less to become aware of (to notice) changing conditions, not because we are more vigilant, but because we are less buried in memory and mind, more free to notice changing conditions. We are aware, in a more balanced way, of our inner life and of our outer circumstances. A "word", to the wise, is sufficient, and a "word", to you becomes sufficient. Higher Intelligence Emerges in you.

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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  1. This is an excellent description of what I experienced so far by practising the GKR. This is also the most suitable article to translate word by word to Czech language and share with people there. Can we agree on this? I don't need to compile much more information - I have' translated some parts which will be complementary. Thank you, Lawrence!