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People who have gone through this course,

Intelligent Self-Empowerment 101
The Gold Key Release

have the distinction of having experienced something not very common among human beings: voluntarily dissolving the grip of hidden, gripping memories that affect their sense of reality and of possibility -- at will and quickly. They have learned to use The Gold Key Release on The Things of Significance In Their Lives to free their attention to go in new directions, to integrate and then dissolve the grip of unconscious conditioning, to get looser, calmer, and likely to behave spontaneously in new ways that suit them. Opens the gates of possibility.

That's what they learned in the course -- an ability -- not just some ideas about "attraction" or the structure of reality, but a way of making actual changes in our experience in a new way -- starting by the end of the first good Gold Key Release session.

For these people, further development along lines of Intelligent Self-Empowerment is available and happening -- in two forms:

  1. REVIEW The Gold Key Release Course | Getting Free of Stuckness and Conditioning
    Intelligent Self-Empowerment 101

    ~~ and ~~
  2. The Wish-Fulfilling Gem
    Intelligent Self-Empowerment 1A

If you know anything about university course offerings, you recognize that 1A is more advanced than 101.

The reason it is more advanced is that it requires sufficient proficiency with The Gold Key Release to have a feel for the way things consolidate and dissolve.. It's a good reason to GET proficient at The Gold Key Release.

However, if you are not be so proficient -- yet, you would do much better either to practice what you have learned, to good proficiency -- or to join us for the next Gold Key Release 101 course for a second pass through. Returning students get special enrollment consideration.

On the other hand, if you are indeed so proficient in The Gold Key Release, you may do The Wish-Fulfilling Gem 1A course.

Oh -- a third option. If you start The Wish-fulling Gem, "1A" course and find it kind of "glancing off" you instead of sinking in and getting absorbed, you can always switch immediately to the "The Gold Key Release 101" course for more practice.

Afterward, both groups would to well, to do The Gold Key Release 102 course, "The Back Door to The Broader Path", when I offer it in December or January, for its expanding influence. Don't be fooled by the "102"; it's not lesser than the 1A course, but just leads in another direction: expansion.

Remember: proficiency in The Gold Key Release "101" course comes first.

Join us for the free, interactive webinar:

Getting Free from Stuckness and Conditioning
Intelligent Self-Empowerment 101

Wednesday, October 7th at noon, MDT
8:00 p.m. Central European Time

Intelligent Self-Empowerment | The TetraSeed Transformation Procedures

The Gold Key Release

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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