Of Minds and Moods and Waves

The World Stream of minds and moods and ideas passes through us in waves, as we feel and know ourselves in the dream of the waking world, a mind that is not entirely ourselves or our own.

Some minds and moods, we let pass.

Others, we seize upon and go for the ride.

As it passes into our attention,
something in imagination and memory follows it and seizes upon it, and so holds it in memory.

Holding it in memory intensifies it.
Steadying attention upon it densifies or consolidates it, so it becomes a significant "something" in the moment.

We are in favor of it or against it,
regard it as "true" or "untrue",
and so identify with a relative position
and dis-identify from another.

The impulses come from deep within, in subsconscious memory, and make impressions deep within, in subconscious memory.

Thus are selves compounded.

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