The Unpredictable Mystery of Relationship

The Old Sage oversees the serene meditation
of his students, with stick in hand.

The Fool laughs at the beneficent and peaceful Quon Yin.

We are not, when alone,
as we are when with someone else.
And we are not, with every "someone else"
as we are, with any other "someone else".

Therefore, who can say what are the preconditions
for relationship?

For just as we cannot predict
how we will be with another,
we cannot predict how an other 
will be with us
when we are together.

We enter into mystery
every time we enter into relationship.

And who can say
what attributes will lead to a combination
of two "alone-ness-ess"
into a "we-ness"?

We don't even know 
what "we-ness" might emerge
in any next instant that we converge.

And in the converging,
a meeting of boundaries
and then an opening merging in the moment
with boundaries that may, at any moment
and yielding movements that may, at any moment
move away
with undulatory messages
flickering between.

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